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6teen is a Canadian animated teen sitcom first aired on November 4, 2004. It is created by Tom McGillis and Jennifer Pertsch. It is set in the fictional "Galleria Shopping Mall" and follows an ensemble cast of six sixteen-year-old friends as they explore their first part-time jobs and lives as teenagers. It is a Fresh TV Inc., Nelvana Limited and Teletoon Television Production.

The show has also been re-airing in the USA on Cartoon Network after having been dropped from two other television channels, though is airing episodes in random order. For example, Cartoon Network would air a first season episode as a "new" episode, then the next "new" episode would be from Season 3, and the one after that could come from Season 2, causing much confusion. Due to the slightly more lenient Canadian TV ratings system, the series is always rated G there, but Cartoon Network's rating for 6teen is either TV-PG or TV-PG D.

Since its debut, the program has aired 91 episodes over four seasons, as well as two one-hour specials. The fourth and final season debuted on September 10, 2009, and included 13 episodes, ending on February 11, 2010. A Nelvana Limited production, the series' characters are voiced by young Canadian actors, and the show continues to draw positive response, with critical reception from sources like the Pucinella Awards and the Alliance for Children and Television.


The show is about a group of six sixteen-year-old high school students who go on misadventures throughout the Galleria Mall, where much of the show itself takes place (with a few notable exceptions).

While the show takes place in Canada, it's never revealed where in Canada the Galleria Mall is--it seems to resemble either the West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Alberta (the largest shopping mall in North America) or the Toronto Eaton Centre in Toronto, Ontario (the fifth largest shopping mall in Canada).

Seeing as how there are frequent references to the Toronto Maple Leafs and none to the Edmonton Oilers, it is probably safe to assume that the Galleria Mall is in Toronto (or somewhere in the greater Toronto area).


Main Characters

Wyatt Williams

Wyatt is a 16 year old who wears a maroon t-shirt, cargo pants, sneakers. In Season 1, he worked at a place called Spin This but got fired for bothering Serena, the manager (who is now his ex-girlfriend). He then started working at Underground Video in Season 2, but got fired after accidentally destroying one of the videos, and as of Season 3, he currently works at Burger McFlipster's. He hates country music, but ironically had to work in the country section at Spin This when he worked there. Wyatt likes playing his guitar and writing songs, and has been shown to be quite talented at doing both.

Jude Lizowski

Jude is a 16 year old male who wears a peach shirt, jean shorts, a black beanie, and blue sneakers. In Season 1, he worked at a place called Stick It, but the store ended up closing due to a health violation. Later, he worked at Underground Video, but Jude's reason for leaving the store was never explained. Later, he began working at the ice rink as the Zamboni driver, but lost his job when Jonesy and Jen's baby half-sister, Emma Jr., was found driving the Zamboni around the mall. Currently, he works at Gameatorium. Jude speaks with a strong "skater dude" accent, which makes sense, since he likes to skateboard through the mall. He has had only one girlfriend so far in the series, Starr; they break up in Lights Out, but stay friends.

According to a count Jude made one day when he was bored (prior to the series' pilot episode), the Galleria Mall has a total of 936 businesses.

Caitlin Cooke

The youngest of the group, Caitlin only turned sixteen in the episode Sweet 6teen. Despite being younger than everyone else, she has been in more relationships than anyone, and as such is good at giving dating advice. However, because of her frequent breakups, she is the character who cries the most throughout the series. Usually, Caitlin is seen wearing a pink sleeveless shirt, an aqua skirt, and pink heels. Since the first episode, Caitlin has worked at the Big Squeeze.

Jonesy Garcia

Jonesy is a 16 year old who wears a burgundy shirt and jeans. He is hinted to be a jock and is the most immature member of the group. A running gag throughout the series is Jonesy losing his job nearly every episode, usually because of his laziness or immaturity. Jonesy has been in several relationships, and suggests that his success at getting dates with women is comparable to Caitlin's success with men. Despite this, whenever Jonesy asks someone out, he is usually seen striking out with her. He was in a relationship with Nikki for the second half of Season 1 and the first third of Season 2, but they ended up breaking up in order to not spoil the friendship between the gang. However, they got back together in the Season 2 finale, and have been together ever since.

Nikki Wong

Nikki is the most independent of the group and is heavily pierced. She wears a white sleeveless shirt, a necklace, purple shoes, and grey cargo pants. Despite being cynical and sarcastic much of the time, she has a good heart and cares for her friends deeply. She is also oftentimes the most sensible of the group. Nikki works at the Khaki Barn, which she hates, as the store endorses conformity. She is currently in a relationship with Jonesy.

Jen Masterson

Jen is a 16 year old who wears a light purple hoodie and a white skirt with light purple stripes. She is the most responsible member of the group, but because of this has a tendency to take control and, at times, be bossy. Despite this, she is one of the more sensible members, and is actually a decent leader. It is stated in the first episode that Jen had been working at the Big Squeeze for a year. In that same episode, she ended up getting a job at The Penalty Box and has worked there ever since. She is the only member of the group to be continuously employed.

Ron the Rent-a-Cop

Ron is the mall security guard and a war veteran. His uniform consists of a light beige double-pocket shirt, lime green pants with red stripes, and black suede shoes. He is one of the primary antagonists of the show, mainly because of his strong distrust of teenagers. Despite his gruff demeanor, though, Ron is shown to have a kind heart underneath, and he seems to be very lonely due to his job taking up most of his life.

Coach Halder

Coach Halder is the manager of The Penalty Box. Like the employees, he wears a referee shirt and black pants. He has several rules, many of which are nonsensical or seemingly made up on the spot, and he is quite often heard yelling at Jen and ignoring her hard work. One of his traits is that he calls everyone by their last names.

Secondary Characters

Big Steve

Big Steve is the owner of The Big Squeeze. He speaks with a stereotypical Texan and is seemingly very rich.

The Clones

The Clones are Nikki's three semi-identical coworkers at the Khaki Barn. They are obsessed with the store at which they work. All of them wear red t-shirts, blue jeans, and blue shoes. In addition to this, they are all blondes, and are only identifiable through their hairstyles and eye color (Chrissy has blue eyes, Kirsten has green eyes, and Kristen has brown eyes).

Courtney Masterson

Courtney is Jen's more attractive older sister. Jen has somewhat of an inferiority complex when it comes to Courtney, as Courtney is always better than her at everything. She is supposedly 19 years old.

Darth Mall

Darth is a geeky, lightsaber-wielding Star Wars fan, and the assistant manager of Stereo Shack. He wears a blue shirt with a tie, a black cape, and sometimes Darth Vader's helmet. Julie is his girlfriend.

Emma Masterson

Emma is the mother of Jen, Courtney, and Emma Masterson, Jr., and is the step-mother of Jonesy.


Gwen is one of Tricia's snobbish friends.


Hiro is the owner of Super Terrific Happy Sushi. He claims that he is of samurai heritage.


Julie is a geeky girl who works at Wonder Taco. She is known to spit in the tacos of people she dislikes. She is currently dating Darth.


Lydia is an attractive but crazy woman. She has an obsession with chickens and has stalked Wayne, Wyatt, and Jonesy on many separate occasions.


Marlowe is Wyatt's former girlfriend and is the bassist for Wyatt's band. Despite no longer being a couple, they ultimately decided that they're better off as friends.

Penalty Box Customer

The Penalty Box Customer is a regular at the Penalty Box. He is short, bald, overweight, and is frequently seen suffering misfortunes.

Pokey the Panda

Pokey the Panda is a panda mascot used to entertain kids at the mall. He is the unofficial mascot of the mall.


Serena is Wyatt's first girlfriend and the manager of Spin This. She broke up with him via text message in The One with the Text Message and got back together with Chad, who she had dated before going with Wyatt. As of Love At Worst Sight, Serena apparently still feelings for Wyatt, but by that point in the series, he's gotten over his feelings for her and moved on to other girls.


Stanley is a little boy and the son of Yummy Mummy. He is a delinquent who enjoys shooting people with his ball gun and generally causing mayhem.


Starr is a redheaded vegan teenager who works at Vegan Island. She dated Jude for the first half of the second season, but they broke up when she became a goth.


Stone dated Nikki for a short time in Season 2. He's kind of a jerk.

Stuart Goldstein

Stuart Goldstein is a bald-headed man who works as a pharmacist. Like Penalty Box Customer, he seems to be a target for mishaps, as he is quite often seen getting injured or humiliated.


Tim is Wyatt's manager at Burger McFlipster's. He seems to largely run the store. Tim speaks in a monotone, and often makes odd statements and contradicts himself. Tim also apparently dances with the meat.

Travis Gibson

Travis Gibson is an Olympic shotput thrower who went out with Jen for a short time in Season 4.

Tricia Holmes

Tricia is formerly Caitlin's best friend and currently her worst enemy. She is very mean and also apparently very popular. Her best friends are Gwen and Mandy, and her father is apparently rich enough to be able to afford to donate a gymnasium to her school.


Wayne is a film buff and the manager (later owner) of Underground Video. He is snarky and sarcastic, and is frequently seen belittling others' taste in films.

Minor Characters

One-Time Characters

The Hot Girls


Main Characters

Recurring Characters

Minor Characters

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