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Big Steve
Gender Male
Hair color White
Eye color unknown
First Appearance A Lime to Party

Big Steve is the owner of the Big Squeeze. He is likely an older man, judging by the color of his mustache. He is short in stature and is likely from Texas.


Big Steve was introduced in "A Lime to Party". Prior to this episode, Caitlin did not know whom her employer was, but obviously found out who he was between "The Big Sickie" and "A Lime to Party", since she knows who he is at this point.

In contrast to his nickname, Big Steve is quite short. He wears an oversized cowboy hat to compensate for this. Big Steve is likely from Texas, possibly a cowboy and/or someone involved with livestock, possibly even a cattle rancher, because he has mentioned to Caitlin an interest in cows and farming. In addition, he mentioned a cow lottery in one episode, promising Caitlin a bonus if he wins.

He is quite friendly towards Caitlin and at one point gave her a bonus check for working so hard. Oddly enough, his personality in "Out Of This World" is quite rude, as he is curt towards Caitlin and threatens to fire her if she doesn't fix the broken blender. This instance stands in direct opposition to his earlier appearances; in fact, when he learned the blender died in "Awake the Wyatt Within", he was perfectly ready to buy a new one, as he knew that blenders do wear out. It could be that in the season 4 episode he thought that the lifespan of the blender was far too short to be possible, and as such Caitlin must have messed it up somehow. (If this was his assumption, he was correct because one of Caitlin's earrings fell in, causing it to malfunction.)


  • Despite being the owner, Big Steve doesn't appear to be heavily involved in the operation of the Big Squeeze, as the people who're employed there do so with no real supervision, similar to when Jude Lizowski worked at Stick It.



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