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Blade and Christo
Blade and christo
Gender Male
Hair color Brown (Blade), Blonde (Christo)
First Appearance The Five Finger Discount
Blade and Christo are the co-managers of Taj Mahome Video, and formerly worked at Things That Beep. They are former co-workers of Jonesy, who they fired from Things That Beep for stealing a plastic pen. Known for their black t-shirts and shades, they resemble Elwood and Jake Blues from the 1980's film Blues Brothers. Blade is the thin one and Christo the big, muscular one. They especially don't like Jonesy.

Blade was also the cause of Stick It being closed down after finding a roach in his food. This was in Going Underground, and is in essence where the rivalry starts. Blade complained about the roach to Ron, who closed down the restaurant stand, effectively putting Jude out of work. As both he and Jonesy were out of work, they needed a job, and Jonesy suggested Taj Mahome Video. When they got there, however, Blade and Christo (now working at Taj Mahome Video) attacked him for stealing the aforementioned pen and refused to hire either of the two. At this, Jude pointed out that Blade fainted when he saw a cockroach, which angered the pair enough to throw them out.

This rivalry is furthered in Major Unfaithfulness when Taj Mahome buys Underground Video. The employees of the store all hate the new uniforms and rituals, but while their new bosses (Blade and Christo) could cut the employees of their new acquisition a break, they choose not to do so. This is in large part because the two enjoy tormenting Jude, whom they have considered an enemy, and they don't mind foisting some of the torment on Wyatt and Wayne in the process.

The tensions between them also extend to realms outside of the mall. In Midnight Madness, they refuse to invite any of the guys to a party they are throwing. In retaliation, Jonesy steals their list of invites and cancels the party, instead directing all the female guests that he deems "hot" to a party he is throwing. This backfires when the two find out; Blade and Christo threaten him, take back their list, and effectively end any chances Jonesy might have had to actually throw said party and make it a big event.


  • While they obviously hate the guys of the gang (mainly Jonesy), Blade and Christo have never been shown interacting with the girls of the gang.
  • They both have very cocky personalities, indicated by each always having one eyebrow raised.
  • It is never explained why they left their jobs at Things That Beep and started working at Taj Mahome Video.
  • The two have been shown as bullies, as in Breaking Up with the Boss' Son, they pick on Darth for no reason other than that they're bigger than he is.


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