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"Blast From The Past"
Episode name reference to/pun on: The idiom of the same name referring to someone or something that induces nostalgia.
Season 4, Episode 84
Airdate: CAN: October 1, 2009
USA: April 26, 2010
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Blast From The Past is the 84th episode of 6teen and the fourth episode of the fourth season.

A boy from Jen's past comes to visit the Galleria Mall and Caitlin explores life without boys.


A saddened Caitlin blends lemonado while crying, but she won't explain to the guys why she's so upset to the guys, claiming "they have to much testosterone to get it." She explains to Jen and Nikki that a guy named Spencer broke up with, but the rest of the gang isn't even sure if they even met Spencer (with Jonesy claiming, "Who can remember? Caitlin's dated more guys than I've had jobs"). During this, a guy named Travis Gibson comes up and tries talking to Jen (who he calls "Jenny"), but she tries ignoring him. After he leaves, it turns out that Travis is actually a top athlete who's nickname is "The Arm." However, Jen reveals that back in elementary school, Travis bullied her a lot (such as throwing rocks at her in 2nd-grade, one of which left a scar on her forehead)--Jen claims that the day he transferred out of their school was the best day of her life. A still sad Caitlin continues wailing while blending.

Later, Caitlin gripes to the girls that she thinks all boys are jerks but notes how Jonesy and Nikki are still together, leaving Nikki to admit that she's got low standards when it comes to boys and dating. Suddenly, Jude pops out of the fountain, prompting Caitlin to start growling at him before Jen questions why Jude's swimming around in the fountain. Jude explains to due to getting fired from his the mall ice rink, he has no money to buy videogames, so he's resorted to stealing coins from the mall fountain (which Jen points out is technically illegal). Ron the Rent-a-Cop comes up to take Jude's sock full of coins and gives him a ticket, and Caitlin leaves to buy a new wardrobe while Jen leaves for work.

After shopping, Caitlin meets Nikki by the Lemon and complains that shopping for a new wardrobe didn't make her feel any better about Spencer breaking up with her. Nikki advises Caitlin to find a new hobby, and Caitlin decides to take up painting as a hobby after hearing some artists talking about paintings. Travis then comes up to the Lemon and asks if Nikki and Caitlin know where Jen is--he wants to tell Jen that he qualified for the Olympic shot-put tryouts. Nikki asks Travis for his stance on chocolate, and he says he loves chocolate, especially when it's shaped like sports equipment, which make Caitlin think that he's copying off of Jen. Nikki then tells Travis where Jen is, but Caitlin reminds her how they promised not to do that, but Nikki points two things about Travis: 1.) He's obviously really into Jen and 2.) They seem to have a lot in common--both Nikki and Caitlin claim that's never happened before (even though it has). Later, Travis arrives at Jen's place of work while Jen hides, prompting Coach Halder to ask him to sign his arm. Coach Halder asks Jen to meet Travis, who asks her to have lunch with him in celebration for his Olymics qualification. Jen, however, thinks that he is asking her out, so she pretends to have a contagious disease, only for Coach Halder to assign her twenty pushups for not knowing what she is missing. Coach Halder tries to take Jen's place in the celebration, making Travis feel uncomfortable.

Back at The Squeeze, Caitlin tries to paint something but gets interrupted by a customer, prompting Caitlin to warn him that no boys are allowed by The Squeeze. Jen feels that Caitlin is going a bit overboard, only for Nikki to admit that Caitlin is being interesting for once. Nikki asks Jen what happened with Travis, so Jen admits that she declined the date with Travis, much to Jonesy's shock. Jonesy tries to achieve fame by simply hanging out with Travis, only for Nikki and Wyatt to remind him about his job. However, Jonesy forgot where he was working, so he relaxes, thinking he will eventually remember where his job is. Travis arrives and asks Jen if she reconsidered the lunch, but Jen still feigns being contagious, only for Travis to admit that he will keep asking. Jen profusely rejects by pretending that she will be busy, but Wyatt points out that she and Travis are perfect for each other, causing Jen to become enraged.

As a long line forms at The Squeeze, Caitlin paints a picture, but it reminds her of Spencer, prompting her to kick a hole in it while Nikki arrives with coffee. Caitlin pulls out her Spencer painting to show Nikki that she is not a good artist, then leaves to clean up. While Nikki tries to calm Caitlin down, she gets an idea for the Spencer painting Caitlin threw away. Meanwhile, Coach Halder asks Jen to get Travis to do an autograph session, only for her to refuse until he threatens to put her on inventory. Jen leaves to find Travis to do sign autographs, but Travis insists that she has dinner with him, only for her to refuse and show her scars from grade 2. Travis apologizes and agrees to sign autographs and never ask Jen out. As Travis walks away, Jude arises from the fountain with another stash of coins from the fountain.

Jude goes to Gameatorium, only to find one group of teenagers role-playing and two seniors playing chess. Jude asks where to find Game Guy games, but he finds out that the store manager, one of the seniors, only has games from before 1977. The manager rudely commands Jude to leave, only for him to say a speech about video games. The manager challenges Jude to beat him in any game in the store, leaving Jude to accept the challenge. Meanwhile at an art show, Caitlin finds her painting of Spencer on a shelf courtesy of Nikki, leaving Caitlin to greet her audience. Later, Travis participates in the autograph signing at The Penalty Box by signing balls and throwing them at his fans. He throws one at Jen, prompting her to throw it back to him in anger and it hits his throwing arm. Travis gives up on his Olymics dream because of the pain, prompting Coach Halder to faint right on top of Travis. At the mall clinic, Travis walks out of the room wearing a cast, leaving Jen to accept his dinner date out of guilt.

Walking through the mall, Jonesy stops at a directory to see if it can help him remember where his job is at. Since he still cannot remember, he turns around, then sees Jude losing a board game against the manager, who has just completed his 10th victory over Jude. Jude explains that he needs to beat the manager in order to get some games he want, so Jonesy starts a bet of five to one odds that Jude will win one game. The other senior and the two role players accept. Meanwhile, Caitlin paints another picture of a guy and kicks a hole in it, and as a guy approaches her, she scares him off then slams the Lemon shut. A nearby Nikki calls Jen to say that Caitlin has gone from interesting to psychotic, then Jen admits that she accepted a date with Travis after breaking his arm.

Jude and the store manager are still battling by playing a game of Twister while Jonesy reluctantly admits that the manager is now up 15 to zero. Wyatt brings up Jonesy's job, even though Jonesy still cannot remember where he is working. Meanwhile, Jen and Travis have cake together, but Jen is cringing at the fact that Travis cannot even eat properly with his broken arm. Shockingly, Jen learns that Travis had a crush on her, which is the reason he was throwing rocks at her; it was him attempting to get her attention. Feeling happy about the connection they're having, Travis decides to throw a biscuit, which unintentionally hits a nearby patron. After seeing this, Jen realizes that Travis still has a shot at qualifies for the Olympic shot-put tryouts: his left arm is just as strong as his right arm--all he needs to do is improve his aim. Jen decides to train Travis to make up for breaking his right arm.

Back at the game store, Jude has been defeated by the manager in every game there, but Jude then points out that he has his Game Guy console, which is technically a game inside the store. The manager is shocked by the lights and sound effects, weakening his heart. As the paramedics wheel the manager away, he gives Jude the keys to the store until he returns. After Jonesy takes his winnings from the bet, Nikki texts the guys for an intervention. Since Jonesy has to find his job and Jude's now in charge of the store, Wyatt's forced to go by himself. Meanwhile, Jen trains Travis by making him do push-ups and throw fruit at a target. As the two have a brief romantic moment, Jonesy tries to find his job by asking clerks if he works at a particular store. However, he has no luck and keeps getting rejected by each clerk.

Travis tells Jen that he was accepted into the Olympics, but it means he has to go out of town (specifically two time zones away) to train even harder. The two have another romantic moment in the Penalty Box, only to be interrupted by Coach Halder. Elsewhere, Wyatt meets with Nikki to help Caitlin with her issue since the art show is over. Nikki tells Caitlin that she can go back to liking boys, but Caitlin is reluctant to go back until Nikki shows Caitlin what she looks like.

Later, Caitlin officially goes back to liking boys and talking about them while Jen keeps daydreaming about Travis and talks about their relationship. Jude mentions that he is in charge of the game store, but Jonesy complains about his failure to remember where his job was. He notices that Caitlin's customer is his boss, but is told he was already fired. Wyatt points out the man is the manager for a jewelry store called Immortal Diamonds, which is the highest-paying job for regular joes in the entire mall. Jonesy cries over having remembered too little, too late.


  • Jen: "Hey guys, what's up with Caitlin?"
    Jonesy: "She won't tell us. Says we have too much testosterone to get it."
  • Caitlin: "It's not just Spencer; all boys are jerks and bums!"
    Nikki: "But necessary to the food chain."
    Caitlin: "I get dumped," (to Jen) "you get scarred," (to Nikki) "and you—well you and Jonesy actually seem okay."
    Nikki: "That's 'cause my standards are low."
    Caitlin: "I'm just sick of them all!"
    Nikki: "Well, maybe a little time off from boys will do you good."
    Caitlin: "You're right! From this day forward, I've got a new attitude and a new motto: no boys allowed!"
  • Travis: "Hey, aren't you Jenny's friends?"
    Caitlin: "The name is Jen! Get it right!"
  • Jen: "Purgatory, Jen speaking."
    Nikki: "Yeah, that guy who scarred you for life? He's kinda on his way over."
    Jen: "Travis is coming here?! Gotta go!"
  • Jen: "I, uh, yeah. I've got this really contagious disease."
    Travis: "Oh. Okay."
    Coach Halder: "Masterson, drop and give me twenty for not having a clue what you're missing."
  • Nikki: "Aren't you supposed to be at work?"
    Wyatt: "Where you working at right now?"
    Jonesy: "At the, you know. Down the, next to, um—okay, I can't remember."
    Wyatt: "You can't remember where you work?"
    Jonesy: "Hasn't anything ever slipped your mind before?"
    Wyatt: "Not a job!"
    Jonesy: "It was a quick interview. It'll come back to me. Just gotta give the old brain a little room to breathe."
    Nikki: "Give it anymore room, and it'll die of loneliness."
  • Wyatt: "You do realize you and Travis are perfect for each other?"
    Jen: "Ugh! Never in a million years will I date Travis Gibson!"
  • Nikki: "I've created a monster! Caitlin just went from interesting to psychotic in ten seconds flat!"
    Jen: "Well, I'd come and help, but I'm on my way to dinner... with Travis."
    Nikki: "Oh really?"
    Jen: "Yeah! It's the least I could do since I broke his arm."
    Nikki: "What?!"
  • Caitlin: "Guy-free zone, Wyatt! Leave a message with the hand!"
    Nikki: "Oh, come on. Wyatt hardly counts."
    Wyatt: "Hey!"


  • Jonesy's job: working at a jewelry store
    Reason for firing: He could not remember where his job was until he found his boss, who ultimately fired him.
  • Camp Wawanakwa is clearly shown in a painting in the art gallery.
  • The title refers to two blasts from the past:
    1. Travis Gibson, a boy from Jen's past.
    2. Jude being stuck in a game store with nothing but board games, something he considers a relic of the past.
  • Jude's "GameGuy" is a parody of the real world's GameBoy.
  • Goof: After falling over with his chair, Jonesy is in his upright chair before he would have had time to get up and fix it.
  • Ax makes a cameo as one of the art show viewers.
  • This is the third time the hospital is seen. It had previously appeared Parts 1 and 2 of "Labour Day."
  • Inside the hospital, the PA system can be heard saying "Paging Dr. Venture. Paging Dr. Venture." This is a reference to the cartoon The Venture Bros., where the main character is named Dr. Rusty Venture.
  • One of the games that Jude is seen playing against the game store owner is an obvious parody of the game Clue. Another one they play parodies Twister.
  • The place Travis and Jen go to on their date is Cafe Coeur Brisé. Interestingly, though, this date starts off one of Jen's more successful relationships, comparable in length only to the one she had with Charlie Dobbs.
  • The school sports field from The Slow and the Even-Tempered reappears in this episode.
  • Some of the stores Jonesy checks to see if he works there include Not Quite Naked (where he worked in Dude of the Living Dead), the perfume department of Huntington's (where he worked in Fish and Make Up), and Spin This (where Wyatt worked for the first season).
  • Caitlin mentions that Jen likes chocolate skis. This was first mentioned in Mr. and Mr. Perfect.
  • According to Wyatt, a job at Immortal Diamonds is the highest-paying job for "regular Joes" in the entire mall.



This clip was provided by JDD6214 on YouTube.

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