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"Boo, Dude"
Episode name reference to/pun on: None
Season 1, Episode 26
Airdate: CAN: October 10, 2005
USA: November 6, 2008
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Boo, Dude is the 26th episode of 6teen and the season finale of the first season. It aired in Canada on October 20, 2005 on Teletoon and in the United States on November 6, 2008 on Cartoon Network.

Halloween is coming on, which means that the guys are going to prank Ron and that Coach Halder is going way overboard with his Halloween fun. Meanwhile, Caitlin tries to get a date with Talon.


The Galleria Mall is decorated for Halloween, and while at the Lemon, Jonesy comes up and tells the gang that he scored a job at the mall's costume shop. Caitlin asks the others if they're going to dress up at work--Nikki claims that the Clones have costumes and stuff covered, but Jen points out that Nikki's at least not being forced to wear a costume. Jen goes on to explain that Halloween is Coach Halder's favorite holiday, and in addition to decorating the store, he makes all the employees dress up in costumes--in Jen's case, he's making her wear a pig snout and matching ears, which the gang and some passing guys make fun of her for.

While watching Caitlin carve a Jack-o-lanter, Jonesy reveals to her that every year on Halloween, he and the other boys play a prank on Ron the Rent-a-Cop--Nikki adds that it's "boys-only" things and Jude also reveals that they've been doing it since the boys' moms told them that they were too old for trick-or-treating. Nikki says that the boys haven't been able to prank Ron very well in the last couple of years. As if in confirmation of this, Ron comes by and states that he's watching them.

As soon as Ron leaves, Jonesy says that it's on: this year, their prank will definitely get him. When Nikki points out that the boys' pranks on Ron the previous were pretty lame, Jonesy states that this year, they're better prepared, and pulls out a book called "101 Great Pranks," and Nikki wonders if there's a prank she could do on the Clones. Jude takes the book and proceeds to call the Khaki Barn; he tells them that the phone company will be passing hot steam through the wires to clean them. The gang laughs at this, and Jude finishes the call by telling them to wrap the phones in towels to avoid any employee scalding. Jen is sure that they won't fall for it, but Nikki thinks they will. Nikki is right; at that moment, the workers of the Khaki Barn are wrapping the phones in towels (comically enough, all three girls are using cell phones, which do not use wires).

The boys then return to discussing what prank they should for Ron--Jude suggests TPing all the trees in the mall and Wyatt suggests using a whoopee cushion, but Jonesy shoots down both ideas, calling them predictable and boring, respectively. Caitlin then suggests an idea: slip a security tag into Ron's pocket, which will cause him to set off alarms all over the mall. The boys think it's a great idea and thank her, and Wyatt goes to get a security from Spin This. Before all three of the guys, Caitlin asks Jonesy for advice on a guy problem she has: she and Talon have gone three dates together, but they still haven't kissed, and wonders what to. Jonesy suggests playing hard-to-get, which he claims will make Talon really want to kiss her. Jonesy then leaves, and Caitlin sees Talon approach. She takes Jonesy's advice, and pretends that she's talking on her phone when Talon arrives. Unfortunately, the phone rings in the middle of her monologue, blowing her cover. Talon then asks if she's going to answer and walks away. Caitlin, unhappy, slams her head onto the Lemon.

Penalty Box Customer is examining shoes when a chainsaw revs behind him. It's Jason Voorhees! The customer turns and runs smack into a mirror. He falls to a floor in a dead faint. Jason removes his mask to reveal the chiseled countenance of Coach Halder. Seeing this, the customer Jen is helping screams and leaves. Jen tries to tell Coach to knock it off, but Halder ignores her. Slowly, the customer rises to his feet, only for Jen's boss to replace the mask and say "Boo!" Once again, he faints, and it falls to Jen to cart him away.

At the same time, the boys are spying on Ron. He walks by, and Jude steps in front of him to say that they aren't planning any pranks. While he says this, Jonesy surreptitiously plants the security strip on Ron. Jude then finishes up, Ron none the wiser as to what went down.

Later on, Jen spies Tricia, Mandy and Gwen looking at some skis. She thinks it's going to be a sale, but before she can start to sell them on the products, a skeleton pops out, scaring them. Because of this, she goes over and declares to her boss that he has to stop. Coach Halder asks her where her Halloween spirit is and puts her in the penalty box. This gives her a clear view of what happens next: Ron walks in, setting off the alarm. Coach Halder charges the rent-a-cop, chainsaw raised, and gives him two options: being held for questioning or having his arm cut off. Ron asks who will do the questioning, and Halder replies that it will be the law. Ron calmly replies that he is the law, and that Coach Halder is violating it, specifically a subsection about improper use of gardening tools. He then reaches for his ticket book and takes it out. With it comes the security tape. Ron notices this and is unperturbed (noting it as being rather unoriginal). He then writes Halder a ticket and leaves the store. The boys see him leave and realize they need a new prank.

Jude puts on a fake mustache and a police uniform and enters the mall's security headquarters. He says that he's from the precinct, and that word is he's being too tough on young people. Ron, not fooled, asks him to quote section 64, subsection D to him. Jude guesses incorrectly three times before Ron tells him: no impersonating an officer. As he states this, he rips off Jude's mustache. Jude takes off.

Nikki and Caitlin are at the Khaki Barn. Nikki is eating candy from a bowl. Her coworkers are dressed up as Barbies. Caitlin is eating a spinach wrap and reading about how to read a guy's body language. She says that if a guy stares at your lips, he's thinking of kissing you. Talon then calls her and asks her to meet for frozen coffee. Caitlin takes one last bite and leaves. The Clones then point out that Nikki's been grazing on candy all day. Nikki then says it's a fab new diet where you can lose ten pounds by only eating Halloween candy. This causes the Clones to rush the bowl and begin scooping candy into their mouths.

Caitlin is talking to Talon about Halloween costumes. Talon then notices that she has some spinach stuck in her teeth. Caitlin notices him staring and says she knows what he's thinking about. Talon, who is focused not on kissing her but on what's stuck in her teeth, replies that he's pretty sure she doesn't know. Caitlin then suggests that he wants to kiss, and he's says it's not true–what he was focusing on was some green stuff stuck in her teeth. This causes Caitlin to run away crying.

Later, Jen's now helping the boys prank Ron--this time, they have a remote-controlled toy mouse and are ready to send it around to scare him. Unfortunately, the mouse simply goes by him twice before running out of steam and flipping over, dead. The mission is aborted, and Ron declares that today is going to be quieter than he thought if that's the best they have. After he leaves, they walk over and Jen asks why nobody thought to check the batteries. Jonesy ignores this and points out that, the way things are going, the gang is going to utterly fail at pranking Ron in any way, shape, or form. He then states that they are going back to the drawing board and they are going to come up with a great plan.

Jen goes back to the Penalty Box just in time to see everyone leaving. Coach is menacing everybody once again. He comes up to Jen, laughing at the fear of others. Suddenly, he screams. Stanley has entered the store in a mouse costume. Jen then asks if her boss is scared of mice. Coach Halder initially denies it, but when Jen asks him to prove he's not afraid by helping the customer, he admits that he's terrified of mice--a mouse got into his jockstrap once, and he's hated/feared them ever since.

Later, Nikki and the boys are at Grind Me, where Jonesy is outlining the latest plan. Since they know that as soon as he gets off work Ron goes to the bathroom, their plan is to shut down all bathrooms but one–the one they control. Next, they will convince a bunch of people to hide inside it and turn out the lights. When Ron goes in, he'll stumble into a stall in the dark. Suddenly, the lights will snap on, the door will fly open, and the gang will get a picture of Ron with his pants down. All compliment Jonesy on this plan, but then Jude asks about what to do in the case that Ron doesn't have to go to the bathroom. Wyatt holds up a large coffee and says that he will, as they're bringing him a big frozen coffee as a peace offering.

Jen is still working at the Penalty Box. At this point, Coach Halder has scared a customer into climbing the giant display mountain. This pushes Jen over the edge, and she full-out yells at her boss. This leads to her getting a penalty. While in the box, she complains to her co-worker, and he agrees, stating that he wishes they could give him a taste of his own medicine. This sparks an idea in her mind, and she tells him to let her out.

Nikki and Caitlin are talking on the phone. Caitlin confirms that she's dressing up and that she's getting a costume from Jonesy. She then sees Jonesy and hangs up before Nikki can tell her to avoid the loathsome washrooms. She runs up to Jonesy are receives her costume. When Caitlin asks what they are doing, she gets told that they are setting up their prank. Caitlin says she wants to hear the details later and rushes off.

Meanwhile, Wyatt is giving Ron the coffee. Ron is initially suspicious, suspecting a trap, but he does accept it in good faith. After he walks away, Wyatt cheers, as Ron is going to be pranked in just a little while.

Later, Halder is still scaring customers. Jen and her co-worker set up a prank: the toy mouse, now with recharged batteries. They send it off, and it bumps into Coach Halder's foot. He looks down, and it goes scurrying up his pant leg. Halder screams and freaks out as the mouse whirs around his body. When it finally gets free, he notices his employees laughing. Jen then picks up the toy and points out to her boss that it was just a toy. Jen and Charlie admit that while they do honestly appreciate him trying to make the store a fun place for teens to work at, they ask to tone it down--Jen even points out how some of the customers got scared so badly that the paramedics were called in twice. Coach Halder, realizing that he really has taken things too far, apologizes and promises to cut down on the scares. Jen then says that if he wants to scare someone, she knows a guy who deserves it and isn't a customer. Coach Halder agrees right away.

Caitlin steps into a theater dressed like a showgirl. She sees that nobody else is dressed up and asks if she's in the right theatre.

At this point, the boys are decorating the bathroom--Jude's poring fruit crystals into a fountain to make it look like blood, but Wyatt points out that it doesn't look like real blood, and Jude says it could alien or monster blood. Wyatt then asks where Jonesy is, and Jonesy calls from a one of the stalls, saying that he's putting the finishing touches on the prank. He is buttering the toilet seat, saying that when you sit on it you slip down into the bowl--Jonesy explains that he learned the trick at a rugby camp he once attended. Wyatt and Jude both express gratitude at not being athletes like Jonesy is after hearing that pronouncement.

In the theater, the waves of laughter are rolling down. Talon comes up to her, and Caitlin apologizes, saying she thought everyone would be dressed up. Talon then says that he was going to dress up, but he was afraid she'd think it was lame. As proof, he holds up a bag with a costume inside. Talon then encourages everyone in the theater to cut loose and relax a bit. This is greeted with cheers, and everybody does.

Later, Caitlin and Talon leave the theater. They compliment each other on their costumes. Caitlin sees a long line in front of the restrooms and mentions she has to pee. Talon suggests that she use the ones by the food court.

In the restroom Ron is scheduled to use, the gang and assorted friends have gathered. Coach Halder asks if this is where he gets to scare someone, and Jen tells him to do his worst, because this guy can take it. Coach Halder laughs happily.

Caitlin comes to a bathroom and finds that it's closed. She asks Talon what to do now, and he mentions that the guys' bathroom is still open. He then says he'll stand lookout. Caitlin enters. The bathroom is dark, deserted, and disgusting. She crosses the floor and enters a stall. She sits. Outside, the thud of heavy footfalls is heard, and Caitlin's eyes widen in fear. Suddenly, the door to her stall swings open. Jason Voorhees runs in, holding a chainsaw! Caitlin screams, and Jude pops up and takes a picture. At that moment, the butter does its stuff, and Caitlin falls in, screaming. Jen realizes it's Caitlin, and she gets Halder to stop. Caitlin then calls for help. The boys laugh and go to help, but she pushes them out, saying she needs the girls. As the girls help her out, Jude asks the obvious question: where is Ron the Rent-a-Cop?

Ron is in the Khaki Barn's bathroom. He leaves and thanks one of the Clones for helping him out today.

Later, Caitlin is wearing a towel. She tearfully confesses to Talon that she fell in. The guys laugh, and she tells them it's not funny. Talon then leads her away, and Jonesy mutters that it was "so funny." A man then calls from the restroom for help. The boys laugh at his predicament and leave.

At the end of the episode, Talon and Caitlin are sharing a lemonade. Caitlin says she had a good time before she notices Talon staring at her mouth. She asks if she has anything stuck in her teeth. Talon says she doesn't and pecks her on the cheek. Ron then comes by. The gang asks what he's doing, and he says to call it a "peace offering." Ron then proceeds to dish out tickets for unauthorized closing of public washrooms, disturbing the peace, and attempted drowning by toilet of a uniformed officer while on duty. He then tells them he doesn't want to hear from them for the next month and leaves. After he's gone, Jonesy asks Jude if he took care of things, and Jude replies that he did.

Ron enters his office. The boys peek in. Ron sits on his chair. On his chair is a chocolate cupcake. Seeing him squash it, the boys giggle. Ron notices, and they duck away. Ron exits the office and looks around. Seeing nobody, he bends over to tie his shoe. Yummy Mummy and Stanley come up behind him and get a good look at the chocolate on his backside. They chuckle, disturbed by the apparent crap on his pants. Ron doesn't notice, and he stands, thinking he stopped the gang from pranking him for the third year in a row.


  • Guy: Yo Miss Piggy, digging the snout man!
  • Ron: I've got my eye on you, punks.
    Wyatt: Glad to know we're safe and sound.
  • Caitlin: (pretending to talk on the phone) I know, it's gonna be such a kicking party! I'm so glad you're coming out. You have to wear that super-cute red– (Her phone rings.) ...dress.
    Talon: Are you gonna answer that?
  • Coach Halder: Yes! I love it when they drop like that! Gosh Halloween is fun! Yeah!
    Jen: Um, he really likes Halloween. (Her customer runs out of the store screaming.)
    Coach Halder: (patting his chainsaw) Nice work, Sally.
  • Ron: I eat worms like you for breakfast.
    Jude: Right. Right then. Have a good day.
  • (Ron walks into the Penalty Box and sets off the alarm.)
    Coach Halder: Ah. Fresh meat.
    (Halder charges the rent-a-cop in his full Jason-Voorhees style glory.)
    Coach Halder: AAH! You have two choices! I can hold you for questioning or cut off your arms!
    (Coach Halder pokes his chainsaw at the mall cop. Ron doesn't flinch.)
    Ron: whom?
    Coach Halder: By the law. You set my alarm off.
    Ron: I am the law. And you're breaking Section 48, Subsection B: Improper use of gardening tools.
  • Ron: You're from the precinct?
    Jude: That's right dude.
    Ron: Then you won't mind quoting Section 65 Subsection D of the Mall Security Act.
    Jude: That's an easy one. No uh, spitting in the fountain?
    Ron: Mmm.
    Jude: No loitering?
    Ron: Mmm.
    Jude: No stealing cookies.
    Ron: (pulling off the fake mustache) No impersonating an officer.
  • Jonesy: The rat is dead! The rat is dead!
  • Coach Halder: Aah, smell that fear. I love the smell of fear.
    Jen: Yeah. Great.
  • Penalty Box Customer: (on top of a fake mountain) AAAH!
    Jen: I promise, if you come down, he will not saw your arms off with a chainsaw.
    Coach Halder: I might!
  • Wyatt: Why is this blood blue?
    Jude: We don't know if alien or werewolf blood is the same as ours. Who's to say it's not blue?
  • Coach Halder: AAAH! TIME TO DIE, SISSY BOY!


  • This is one of the holiday specials. The others are the earlier Deck the Mall and Stupid Over Cupid, and the later 6teen: Dude of the Living Dead, Snow Job, How the Rent-A-Cop Stole Christmas, and Midnight Madness.
  • It is revealed that Coach Halder has a fear of rodents in general and mice and rats specifically.
  • At least two customers were scared so badly by Coach Halder that they needed to be attended by the paramedics as a result.
  • Some of the characters wear costumes to celebrate Halloween. In order of appearance:
    • Jen - a lame pig costume (given to her by Coach Halder and later discarded)
    • Coach Halder - hockey mask, coveralls and chainsaw
    • Charlie Dobbs - a mummy
    • Caitlin - Vegas Showgirl (although when asked what she is, she doesn't know, as the costume was given to her by Jonesy)
    • Talon - a Batman-style costume
  • It is a tradition for Jonesy, Jude and Wyatt to prank Ron the rent-a-cop on this day. However, according to Nikki, they have failed in this task for the past two years.
  • This is the first time Jude's last name is said in the show. Jude uses it when trying to trick Ron, introducing himself as "Officer Lizowski, city police."
  • It appears Ron is a step ahead of the ultimate prank, since he uses the Khaki Barn employee washroom and thanks Chrissy for "assisting him in this matter". He also issues tickets to all three of the guys, indicating he knew exactly what happened the night before.
  • This is the first time the pregnant lady appears on the show. She returns in Welcome to the Darth Side  when Jonesy is selling "environmentally-friendly" plastic wrap and later shows up in Smarten Up, when Jonesy delivers her baby.
  • Goof: When It's Always Courtney, Courtney, Courtney! is on Cartoon Network's schedule, this episode airs in it's place.



This clip was provided by 6animestar14 on YouTube.

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