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Leftarrow "Role Reversal" "Bye Bye Nikki" - Rightarrow
"Bye Bye Nikki"
Episode name reference to/pun on: The phrase "Bye Bye Birdie."
Nikki and friends
Season 4, Episode 92 (Part 1)/Episode 93 (Part 2)
Airdate: CAN: February 11, 2010
USA: June 14, 2010 (Part 1)
June 21, 2010 (Part 2)
Directed by: Karen Lessmann
Written by: Nicole Demerse (Part 1)
Alice Prodanou (Part 2)
Story Editors: Alex Ganetakos (supervising)
Episode Guide
Bye Bye Nikki is the two-part series finale of 6teen. The two episodes were shown in Canada on February 11, 2010, on Teletoon, as a single show. In the United States, however, they aired separately, with the first part airing on June 14, 2010 on Cartoon Network and the second part airing on June 21, 2010 on the same channel.

Nikki just found out that her dad got a job in Iqaluit, which means she has to move! The gang does everything they can to make sure Nikki doesn't leave.


Part 1

Main Plot

Everyone besides Nikki is gathered around the regular table. Jen and Caitlin are watching a movie about backpacking across Europe, and Jen mentions that it would be fantastic if the entire gang could do so, going across France, Italy, Spain, and Hungary. At the mention of this last one, Jude agrees, as he is indeed hungry. At that moment, a man passes by with a burrito, and Jude chases after him, hoping to get in on it. As soon as Jude leaves, Nikki arrives, and drops a bombshell: her family might be moving. Her dad has a big interview the next day, and if he aces it, her family will have to move up north for the job. The whole table is stunned by this information, and Jude comes back soaking wet with the announcement that he lost his house key and his parents are on vacation, so he needs a place to stay.

Once Jude is filled in, though, his problems seem rather small. The rest of the gang is broken up about Mr. Wong possibly getting a new job, as good as it may be, except for Jonesy, who seems to be taking it all in stride. While Wyatt is unable to truly savor coffee in Grind Me, Jonesy's reaction is to celebrate his independence. However, Wyatt thinks that something else is going on: Jonesy's going through the seven stages of grief, and has skipped the first step (panic) and gone straight to anguish.

Despite Jonesy not taking the news as hard as might be expected, the rest of the gang is broken up in many ways. Besides being unable to properly appreciate coffee, Wyatt is also writing sad songs about Nikki leaving, and Caitlin is constantly on the verge of tears. Jen, meanwhile, is testy at work, accusing everyone around her of wanting to move and leave everyone who cares about them behind.

Soon, though, Jonesy starts going through the next few stages of grief. It starts when he bargains with Julie at Wonder Taco for something extra, but only gets hot sauce. From there he heads to Gametorium to play some Rock Maniac but soon is hit with the next stage: guilt. He feels guilty for not doing more for Nikki, and soon becomes angry at the world for taking Nikki away. After that, he heads to the Gigantoplex and starts watching a kung-fu movie, where he sinks into the depths of depression.

However, when he hears a kid behind him suggest that acceptance is next, Jonesy bucks up. He has never accepted anything–not failing at every job he's had, not being rejected by numerous girls–in fact, his inability to accept failure has made him tenacious and kept him upright. This causes the patrons of the theater to cheer him, and Jonesy gets up, determined to keep Nikki around.

His plan involves making Mr. Wong flunk the interview. He plans to do this by pulling a double-reverse: he'll rebook Mr. Wong's interview to instead be with Jude and Caitlin, who will refuse to hire him, while he himself will dress up like Mr. Wong and take the actual interview with the goal of failing it. In order to get this to happen, however, he needs Caitlin to call Mr. Wong and reschedule the interview. Caitlin does it, reads through the script, and gets Mr. Wong to agree to go to Grind Me for an earlier interview instead. She also gives him explicit instructions to not call back to confirm, which Mr. Wong agrees to do.

Jonesy tells his friends that they have to keep Nikki from finding out about the plan, just in case she lets slip what they're doing. Nikki has problems of her own, however, because she's afraid that she'll be a friendless loser at her new school due to being a mid-term transfer. Her friends assure her that that won't be the case, and they'll do everything they can to help her stay, no matter what it takes. They then all ask their parents, but most of them refuse. However, Emma Masterson is willing to consider taking Nikki in for the rest of the school year, which leaves Nikki a lifeline to work with. When Nikki asks, though, her parents refuse, on the grounds that they don't want her living in the same house as her boyfriend at sixteen. Caitlin has a suggestion, though: Jonesy and Nikki should break up. At first they're aghast at her suggestion, but when she explains the logic–that the Wongs objection to her staying will disappear–Jonesy and Nikki swiftly agree, and begin fighting with each other. This fight ends with a breakup, and leaves Mr. and Mrs. Wong smiling at each other.

The next day, Jonesy has his interview with the company, while Mr. Wong interviews with Jude and Lola (Caitlin's disguise). Jonesy does his best to throw his interview, proclaiming that he'd ban kids, not allow any bathrooms or bathroom breaks, and be out of his office frequently due to his irritable bowel syndrome, which acts up frequently–and to punctuate this last one he farts loudly. However, the VP interviewing him loves these answers, as he believes that they will attract a richer clientele, cut down on building costs, and lead to increased oversight. At the end of his rope, Jonesy states that there will be no sugar or cream in his break rooms because there will be no breaks, and so saying, dumps an entire container of cream on the man's head. This only makes the VP even happier, however, as this will (according to him) cut overhead down immensely. Jonesy is hired on the spot.

Jude doesn't do well at his assignment, either. When he asks odd questions about favorite color and space aliens, Mr. Wong answers in ways that Jude enjoys, and when Jude asks a question about how Mr. Wong would respond if a skateboarder came into his store and did an impressive trick on the counter, Mr. Wong responds that he would probably start applauding. Upon hearing this, Jude instantly hires him, much to the displeasure of "Lola."

Later, the table is discussing the failure of Jonesy's plan when Nikki arrives, father in tow. Jonesy acts disgusting, and Nikki's reaction (combined with her harping on how important her studies are) convinces her father to grant her a trial sleepover with Jen to see if she can stay. This cheers the gang up, as it seems that Nikki just might be staying after all.

That night, Jen and Nikki have their sleep over. Unfortunately, the two immediately begin having trouble. When Nikki opens a soda, Jen instantly puts a coaster under it. When Nikki begins eating chips in bed, Jen begins vacuuming up any and all crumbs. To make matters worse, Jen is still obsessed with cop shows (much to Nikki's surprise), and she talks in her sleep.

The stress of the possible move combined with their incompatibility as roommates causes Nikki to sleepwalk, and she wakes up in the pool out back. Jonesy lets her in when he finds her in the morning, but this sets Jen off, as Nikki is dripping all over the floor. Nikki starts to worry as she realizes that whether she moves to Iqaluit or not, she'll end up in a worse situation.

Sub-Plot: Jude Gets Locked Out

Even though Nikki may be moving, Jude still has to deal with his lost key situation. His first choice is the Big Squeeze, so he gets skateboarding magazines delivered to the lemon and sets up a welcome mat outside. Caitlin is not pleased with this state of affairs, especially since Jude is doing his laundry there, but is willing to take in a friend while his place of business is being sprayed for roaches.

Ron isn't so accepting of this living arrangement, however, and he kicks Jude out of the Big Squeeze. As a result, Jude ends up heading across the mall, looking for places to sleep. He first tries Super Terrific Happy Sushi, but Hiro threatens to slice Jude in half when he catches Jude bathing in the fish tank. His next attempt is inside a pyramid at the museum store, but he leaves that behind when he finds it to be too crowded. Ron sees him in the store, though, and adds another strike to Jude's record.

The next night, Jude sleeps in a beach store. Ron finds him there, and adds a third strike to his record. This means that if Ron can get ahold of Jude just once, Jude will be banned from the mall.

Part 2

Main Plot

Nikki and her parents are scouting houses in Iqaluit while her friends worry about her. Jonesy in particular is a wreck, so worried that he can't eat or sleep–although he proves the former false when he bites into Jude's burrito. However, Nikki soon calls with news, and her friends huddle around to hear. Apparently, Iqaluit is full of snow that just blows and blows.

Later, Nikki comes back to the mall, and disseminates more news. Iqaluit is cold and flat. The sun almost never comes up in the winter, and almost never goes down in the summer. At this last piece of information, Jude's eyes light up, as he thinks that an endless day means an endless party. Nikki has already moved on, however, as her parents have made her a bargain: if Nikki can come up with 100 reasons not to move before moving day comes, they won't. She's already up to 23 reasons, but isn't sure that she'll be able to make 100.

Jen and Caitlin decide to take her out for comfort food while they try to come up with more reasons. They take her to El Sporto's for food and friendship, and Caitlin brings up a reason she thought of: Iqaluit probably doesn't have an Albatross & Finch. According to Nikki, though, it's much worse than that: Iqaluit doesn't even have a mall!

That night, she's in the Masterson-Garcia house, talking to her boyfriend. Nikki is of the opinion that, if she moves, they should agree to break up, as she doesn't want them to end up hating each other if a long-distance relationship goes sour. Jonesy reluctantly agrees to the deal, and they know that if worst comes to worst, at least they'll still be able to date.

The next day, Nikki finds that Jude has rigged up a hat of lights to try and find out what eternal day is like. However, she has work to do, so she heads off to the Khaki Barn. After she leaves, Jonesy puts his new plan to keep Nikki around into effect: tell her parents lies about Iqaluit so that they won't want to move. Unfortunately for his plan, Nikki's parents call her to ask about the rumors, and she tells them that the rumors are obviously crank calls.

That night, she's in the Masterson-Garcia home again, listening to music in Jen's room with Jonesy. However, the music on the radio isn't any good, so Jonesy suggests that they "make their own music." Nikki and Jonesy begin making out, but Jen bursts into the room. Soon an argument starts between the three about where Nikki and Jonesy are allowed to kiss, with Jonesy settling it by claiming that since they'll be rooming together, it's Nikki's room as well as Jen's.

The next day, Nikki is up to seventy-eight reasons but is of the opinion that there's no way she'll complete the list by that night. Jen takes this opportunity to snipe at Nikki for making out with Jonesy in her room, and an argument breaks out. Caitlin calms it down by reminding them that they're all friends, but Nikki points out that this won't be the case if she and Jen keep rooming together. Even though they make good friends, they make horrible roommates. The three embrace, but accept that Nikki will really be moving.

Nikki realizes that there's still one thing about her moving away, and invites her friends to watch. She then proceeds to stand on the counter at the Khaki Barn and insult all the customers, all the clothes, and most especially Chrissy for pushing conformity on everyone. Having finished her rant, she definitively quits her job for the very last time.

The gang then realizes that they need to plan her a going-away party. Upon hearing this, Jen reveals that she prepared for this just in case by booking Grind Me. She then gives instructions to the rest of the group: Jonesy will get the word out, Jude will keep Nikki away from Grind Me, and Caitlin and Wyatt will make an excellent video to send her off with well-wishes from everyone.

That night, Nikki is on her way to have her final coffee at the mall and wants to share it with her friends, but none of them are picking up their phones. She gets within range of the store, but that's when Wyatt notices that Nikki is nearby. Because an asleep Jude is being dragged off by Ron, Jen sends Wyatt and Caitlin out to stall her for the last few minutes. They manage to do this so that Jonesy and Jen can enter the store with the last few balloons. At that point, Jen gives them a thumbs-up, and they enter the store. Once inside, everyone cheers for Nikki, and a video where many people in the mall wish her goodbye plays.

After the video ends, Nikki's friends give her a laptop so that they can always stay connected. Nikki is astounded by her friends' generosity, and reveals that she has presents for all of them too. For Caitlin, Nikki has the cut-up credit card that forced Caitlin to get a job; she's giving it to her to remind her that she can rise above any tribulations life puts on her. For Jen, she has the flier for Jen's first snowboarding competition, to remind Jen to never give up on her dreams. For Wyatt, she has a copy of the first demo he made; she's not going to give it back, but she wants him to know that she still listens to it. For Jude, she has a woolen hat, with her reasoning being that Jude is the only one who can pull such a look off. And finally, for Jonesy, she wants him to know that no matter what happens, she'll always love him.

At this declaration, Jonesy runs over and gives her a hug, and the rest of her friends join in. As they hug, a slow, sad version of the theme plays, with a montage of good memories playing over it.

When the hug breaks up, Mr. and Mrs. Wong take the stage in the corner of the coffee shop with an announcement: the going-away party is over. Nikki is let down until the Wongs add some extra information: it's instead going to be a "staying-here" party! This is because the bonds that Nikki has with her friends are so strong that her parents are convinced that they should stay instead. At first, everyone is overjoyed to hear this, most especially Nikki. However, when Nikki looks back at the stage, she sees her father's shoulders slump, as he realizes he'll be going back to a job he hates. Upon seeing this, Nikki stops them, as she doesn't think that this is right. Her parents have sacrificed a lot for her; she can afford to sacrifice something for them so that her father can follow his dreams. Her friends are behind her, and Nikki says that she'll move on one condition: her father pays for unlimited texting and phone calls for her and all of her friends. Her dad agrees, and Nikki turns back to her friends for one last goodbye hug, which she beckons her parents into as well.

The next day, the remaining five are seated around the table, noting that Nikki should be on the plane at that moment. Jonesy is feeling horrible, as he doesn't think he should have broken up with Nikki. His friends agree, and Jonesy calls, but gets her voicemail, because Nikki is calling him. Upon hearing that Jonesy is only getting voicemail, all of the friends pull together and call Nikki. Eventually, though, Jonesy and Nikki connect, and admit to each other that they don't want to break up. With this done, Nikki and Jonesy hang up, as Nikki has to take off. As Nikki flies away, Jonesy contemplates that maybe everything will be okay, and the camera pans out to show that life is going on as usual in the mall, right down to to Ron arresting a teenager.

Sub-Plot: Jude's Eternal Day

After Nikki mentions that the sun almost never goes down in summer, Jude decides to rig up a ring of lights around his face to ensure an eternal day for him. However, he's only able to last two-and-a-half days before passing out from exhaustion, and when he wakes he finds that he's in mall jail. Ron has put him there for his trespassing due to his homeless situation.

Jude has to get out to see Nikki off, so he pleads with Ron, reminding the mall cop what it's like to be sixteen. He reminds the man that life becomes strange, as your responsibilities multiply and everything changes. And yet, through all this, your friends are all around, and are the most important people in your life. And that one of them is moving for him, and he has to see her off. This speech convinces Ron, and the adult breaks down in tears and releases Jude from mall jail to attend Nikki's going-away party.


Part 1

  • Jonesy: I may have gone through the first six stages, but the Jonesmiester doesn't accept anything! Not rampant failure at my many jobs, not rejection at the hands of too many girls to count, and I will not accept that Nikki is moving away! Watch out, world, you've unleashed the beast!
  • Ron: This is a food stand, not a flop-house, maggot!
  • Jonesy: (disguised as Mr. Wong) No sugar and cream in my break room because there are NO BREAKS!
  • Jonesy: Ahh! Quick! Somebody pull my finger!

Part 2

  • Jonesy: Smooth move, Dorkerella!
  • Ron: Here, maggots, maggots! Come to Ronnie...
  • Nikki: Number 78: White makes me look bloated.
  • Nikki: I love you, Jen. But we're totally incompatible roommates.
  • Nikki: Step right up and dress like a tool right here at the Crappy Barn. (to a woman) That skirt makes your butt look like a sack of bricks. (to a young man) Take that sweater off if you ever want to date again.
  • Nikki: Chrissy, you can take this job and stick it where the sun don't shine!
  • Jude: No offense, dude, but I think maybe you forgot what it's like to be 16. It's, like, the scariest zombie flick you'll ever live through.
  • Nikki: No. You guys make sacrfices for me, now I'm making one for you.
  • Ron: (speaking the final words of the series as he drags a teenager to jail) "You're coming with me, punk!"


  • On Teletoon, parts 1 and 2 aired on February 11, 2010 as a hour-long television special, but on Cartoon Network, part 1 of the episode aired on June 14, 2010 and part 2 aired on June 21, 2010.
  • This is one of the only two 2-part episodes in the series. The other is Labour Day. Both 2-parters are in season 4.
  • Several stores make their final appearance in this episode. In order, these are:
    • Wonder Taco: Jonesy bargains for extra toppings on his taco during his final visit there.
    • Gameatorium: Jonesy plays a final round of Rock Maniac and becomes guilty, and then angry, about Nikki's imminent move.
    • Vegan Island: Nikki and Wyatt pass it while talking about her possibly moving.
    • Stick It: Nikki freaks out in front of it when she starts thinking about a mid-term transfer.
    • Super Terrific Happy Sushi: Jude tries to take a bath in the fish tank, but Hiro stops him.
    • Things That Beep: Jude watches a horror movie inside the store after it closes.
    • The Khaki Barn: Nikki quits in the most outrageous manner possible.
    • Grind Me: Nikki's going-away party is held here.
    • The Big Squeeze: The camera pans out from this store at the end of the episode. It is the final store seen in the series.

Part 1

  • Goof: Mr. Wong thinks that Jude looks familiar, as if this is the first time he's seen Jude. However, Nikki asserted in The Big Sickie that she'd been friends with everyone in the group besides Caitlin since kindergarten, so Mr. Wong should know Jude pretty well. Not only that, but in The One with the Text Message, Jude was the one who distracted Mr. and Mrs. Wong and kept them away from Nikki.
    • However, it's possible that despite not recognizing Jude when Jude interviewed him, the recency of the interview triggered him to notice similarities between his interviewer and Jude.
  • Goof: Ron fumbles with his keys when he tries to roust Jude out of the beach store, but in Deck the Mall he was supposed to have a master key that would open any door in the mall.
  • Jonesy's job: Selling sunglasses and scarves from a cart
    Reason for firing: he deserted the cart when he saw he wasn't selling anything in order to get a coffee. While he was busy inside Grind Me, a bunch of people stole all of the merchandise.
  • Jen's love of cop shows, first seen in "The List," is brought up once again in this episode.
  • "The Sisterhood of the Backpacking Shorts" is a parody of "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants".
    • This is the second time "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" has been referenced, as in "Midnight Madness" Jude asked for a copy of "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Khakis" while at Taj Mahome Video.
  • Apparently, before this episode Mr. Wong was the senior manager of Discount Dave's Fashion Cabana. (The job he took was as Vice-President of Ruts, which is an extremely cool clothing brand in the 6teen world.)
  • Wyatt mentions that he is drinking a blended coffee from northern Sumatra at one point, but can't savor it due to Nikki's leaving.
  • Jonesy is seen playing the Rock Maniac game from "Quit It" again in this episode when trying to have fun.
  • Jonesy says that the speech he wrote is worth an Oscar, or at the very least a Gemini. His voice actor, Terry McGurrin, has been nominated for four Gemini Awards, and the cast of 6teen was nominated for a Gemini Award in 2008.
  • The name of the game store Jude has been working at is revealed to be Gameatorium.
  • Apparently, one of Julie's friends is a Texan immigrant named Tessa who moved to town in the middle of a term and is even reviled by Darth.
  • In an attempt to throw the interview, Jonesy says that there will be no washrooms in his stores. Canadian law mandates that there be at least one washroom for employees (although not necessarily the public) in all stores.

Part 2

  • Goof: Blade apparently works at Things That Beep, despite having been shown to work at Taj Mahome Video since Going Underground.
  • Goof:Nikki says that white makes her look bloated, but her normal shirt is mainly white, with only a small splash of olive green around the neck.
  • Jonesy's job: Sales associate at the Bubble Box
    Reason for firing: popping bubble wrap.
  • It is revealed that Jen uses a trampoline when she exercises.
  • The reprise of the Theme Song that was heard was sung by Brian Melo, winner of the 2007 Canadian Idol competition.
  • This is the only time Ron the Rent-a-Cop is seen crying.
  • This is the second time Nikki has quit her job at the Khaki Barn, and the third time she has stopped working there. She quit earlier, in "Quit It," and was fired from the store temporarily in "Welcome to the Darth Side."
  • The pictures on the board are taken from different episodes. Counterclockwise from the top, they are:
  • Nikki's presents to her friends are (in order) Caitlin's broken credit card from when she first started working at the mall, a flier from Jen's first snowboarding competition, a copy of the first CD Wyatt ever made, a furry hat (for Jude), and a promise to Jonesy that she'd always love him.
  • In the background of Nikki's going-away party can be seen Marilyn and Morgana.
  • The memories that play over the revamped version of the theme are:
    • The gang dancing at the fogged-up ice rink ("Sweet 6teen")
    • Jonesy looking at Fish ("[[Fish and Make Up]"])
    • Fish's funeral ("Fish and Make Up")
    • A group hug ("The Journal")
    • Nikki and Jonesy happily exiting the loathsome washrooms ("The List")
    • Jonesy holding Emma Jr. ("Labour Day - Part 2")
    • Jude and Jonesy making a bowl ("Unhappy Anniversary")
    • Nebula leaving Judas behind ("Lights Out")
    • Jonesy and Nikki slow-dancing in the food court ("Role Reversal")
    • Jen as a giant baseball glove being hugged by Travis Gibson ("Great Expectations")
    • Jen and Jane laughing and then hopping off ("J is For Genius")
    • Wyatt with his hair braided and Jude in Wyatt's clothes ("Unhappy Anniversary")
    • Jonesy as a walrus inside Super Terrific Happy Sushi ("Enter the Dragon")
    • Jen and Jude wearing glasses ("Love At Worst Sight")
    • Jude and Jen in a crashed car ("The Slow and the Even-Tempered")
    • Jonesy wearing a rooster hat ("Dirty Work")
    • Ron badly playing a guitar with Wyatt ("Mr. and Mr. Perfect")
    • Caitlin's friends abandoning her on an escalator ("Fish and Make Up")
    • Jen using a hot-water bottle while on a penalty as Nikki eats chocolate and Coach Halder looks uncomfortable ("Enter the Dragon")
    • Caitlin looking at a horrible baby picture ("Baby, You Stink")
    • Wyatt running through the mall wearing nothing but a thong, cowboy boots, and a drawn-on mustache ("Oops, I Dialed It Again")
    • Jonesy giving Nikki a bowl that looks a lot like a breast ("Unhappy Anniversary")
    • Stanley laughing as he passes the friends being punished in the penalty box ("The Five Finger Discount")
    • Jen angrily taking a costume from her sister ("It's Always Courtney, Courtney, Courtney!")
    • Jonesy getting wedgied by Darth on the mall jumboscreen ("Breaking Up with the Boss' Son")
    • Coach Halder chilling out in a tie-dye t-shirt ("Opposites Attack")
    • A horrified Wyatt watching Chad and Serena make out in a room before falling through the door ("Going Underground")
    • Wyatt having a guitar duel with Wendell ("Losing Your Lemon")
    • Jonesy messing with a nerd ("J is For Genius")
    • Jude playing with puppets ("A Ding from Down Under")
    • Darth chewing off Jen's shoes ("Labour Day - Part 1")
    • Caitlin screaming right before her credit card gets cut up ("Take This Job and Squeeze It")
    • Caitlin and Jonesy tossing down pure lemon juice ("Bring It On")
    • Jude dressed as a giant alien bug ("Out Of This World")
    • Wyatt in a drawn-on mustache, a pink sundress, and cowboy boots ("Oops, I Dialed It Again")
    • Jonesy dancing over to Nikki ("Clonesy")
    • Jonesy and Nikki smiling at each other ("The Fake Date")
    • Wyatt dancing excellently with Caitlin ("Sweet 6teen")
    • Wyatt dancing haphazardly with Tim in the Burger McFlipster's meat locker ("Sweet 6teen")
    • Caitlin patting her crush while dressed in a penguin costume ("Snow Job")
    • Jen stopping Wyatt from getting a tattoo ("One Quiet Day")
    • Jen trying to dance with the Taj Mahome dancers ("Kylie Smylie")
    • Jude and Starr about to kiss ("The Khaki Girl")
    • Starr running out of the movie theater covered in puke ("The Khaki Girl")
    • Jude pulling himself through the mall with his lips ("Clonesy")
    • Talon licking Caitlin ("Going Underground")
    • Jude and Jonesy kissing ("The Khaki Girl")
    • Jonesy handing Jude, who is in drag, a napkin ("Mr. Nice Guy")
    • Jonesy rapping poorly ("Idol Time at the Mall")
    • Wyatt winning Star Contest ("Idol Time at the Mall")
    • The district manager of the Khaki Barn cheering ("The Khaki Girl")
    • Caitlin looking shocked after she eats wasabi ("The Sushi Connection")
    • Caitlin spitting out a lump of wasabi ("The Sushi Connection")
    • Caitlin barfing while on a rollercoaster ("The Sushi Connection")
    • Jen huddled under a table ("The New Jonesy")
    • Jude overdosing on caffeine ("Smarten Up")
    • Wyatt slapping Jude ("Smarten Up")
    • Little kids escaping from Wyatt, Jude, and Jonesy ("Bring It On")
    • Caitlin with an atrocious pink mullet ("Major Unfaithfulness")
    • Jude skating through the mall with his eyes shut ("The Journal")
    • The girls pigging out on junk food with a Jason standee ("Stupid Over Cupid")
    • Jonesy wearing a bat hat ("The List")
    • Jonesy wearing a banana suit and handing out fliers ("Another Day at the Office")
    • Jen advertising chocolate-covered jellybeans before Jonesy gives her a wet willy ("Welcome to the Darth Side")
    • Caitlin using a pay phone to contact Jen ("Labour Day - Part 2")
    • Jude vacationing by the fountain ("Mr. and Mr. Perfect")
    • Wyatt catching a baby and several possessions before sneezing and turning into a snot walrus ("Oops, I Dialed It Again")
    • Nikki stuck in Jonesy's bathroom as Jonesy pretends not to hear her ("Silent Butt Deadly")
    • Nikki destroying Jonesy's bathroom ("Silent Butt Deadly")
    • Jonesy running into his bathroom door and falling onto the destroyed bathroom floor ("Silent Butt Deadly")
    • Kevin and Caitlin connecting their lemon hats ("Bicker Me Not")
    • Jonesy taking glamour shots of Darth and Julie ("Selling Out To The Burger Man")
    • Jonesy showing off his cellophane-wrap pants to Chrissy ("Welcome to the Darth Side")
    • Jude, Jonesy, Wyatt, and Wayne wearing the uniforms of the Taj Mahome dancers and dancing outside Underground Video ("Major Unfaithfulness")
    • Tricia and Caitlin fighting each other over makeup ("Dirty Work")
    • Jen slapping Caitlin with Talon's zombie arm ("Dude of the Living Dead")
    • Caitlin slapping a brainwashed Nikki ("Employee of the Month")
    • Jude popping out of a trash can by Melinda Wilson ("Silent Butt Deadly")
    • Jonesy opening the Party Lime ("A Lime to Party")
    • Jonesy being beaten up by an old lady ("Smarten Up")
    • Jonesy fronting a Rock Maniac band ("Quit It")
    • Jude dancing on a table at the deserted Grind Me as his friends watch ("Deck the Mall")
    • Wayne dancing amazingly ("Role Reversal")
    • The Clones dancing in Look-at-Me dresses ("The One with the Text Message")
    • Darth and Julie dancing together ("Snow Job")
    • Jonesy and Nikki doing a victory dance ("Mr. and Mr. Perfect")
    • Caitlin dancing and accidentally knocking Pokey the Panda down an escalator ("The Girls in the Band")
    • Ron dancing on a table in the food court ("Life Slaver")
    • Julie playing the drums for Rock Maniac ("Quit It")
    • Jen cheering her test results ("Career Day")
    • Ron fronting a Rock Maniac band ("Quit It")
    • Caitlin leading a conga line at the Party Lime ("A Lime to Party")
    • The cowboy dancing over to Jonesy and holding him close ("Stupid Over Cupid")
    • Jude skating up to the table wearing infrared goggles and watching Jonesy fart ("Cheapskates")
    • The Clones cheering ("Over Exposed")
    • Nikki getting her dress ripped off by an escalator ("Wrestlemania")
    • Jonesy and Wyatt grabbing a seaweed-wrapped Jude ("Girlie Boys")
    • Kristen being perky around Nikki until Nikki chokes her ("Another Day at the Office")
    • Coach Halder, dressed as Jason Voorhees, scaring Caitlin, who is trapped in a toilet ("Boo, Dude")
    • A glasses-wearing Caitlin using Jen and Nikki to feel her way around ("Smarten Up")
    • Wyatt crashing into Jude when he tries to skate "(The Lords of Malltown")
    • Caitlin breaking a hair dryer when she uses it on her wet skirt ("Snow Job")
    • Wyatt playing for his friends and the goths in the darkened mall ("Lights Out")
    • Jonesy running into the ice rink and meeting up with a saddened Nikki ("Snow Job")
    • Jonesy and Nikki kissing ("Snow Job")
    • Everyone inside Jude's room, counting down the seconds to the new year ("Midnight Madness")
    • Everyone but Nikki making a group pact ("Bye Bye Nikki - Part 1")
    • The friends hugging inside Grind Me ("Bye Bye Nikki - Part 2")
  • When Nikki uses her phone on the plane, she is told to turn it off by a flight attendant. However, in the two previous episodes where she used her cell phone on a plane ("In a Retail Wonderland..." and "Midnight Madness"), she did not get reprimanded.
    • It is possible that she was allowed to use her phone in those instances because the plane was not in operation at the time.
  • The flight attendant who reprimands Nikki looks exactly like Rebecca, from "Another Day at the Office."


Part 1

Part 2


Part 1

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Part 2

This clip was provided by YTV Direct on YouTube.

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