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"Career Day"
Episode name reference to/pun on: The school event where students decide what job they might want to do as adults.
Stanley shoots Jude with his lemon gun
Season 2, Episode 30
Airdate: CAN: November 17, 2005
USA: July 23, 2009
Directed by: Karen Lessmann
Written by: Hugh Duffy
Story Editors: Jennifer Pertsch
Tom McGillis
Episode Guide
Career Day is the 30th episode of 6teen and the 4th episode of the second season. It aired in Canada on November 17, 2005, and in the United States on July 23, 2009.

The group gets their aptitude tests back from the school and find out their suggested careers. As a result, all of them start trying to train for the advised careers–except for Nikki, who hates her suggestion, and Jonesy, who doesn't want to know and is busy with his new job as the mall's PA announcer. Meanwhile, Jude accidentally tapes over Wayne's favorite movie of all time.


It is a normal day at the mall when Jonesy's voice comes booming over the loudspeakers. Jonesy has a new job as the man in charge of the mall PA. Jude comes up to visit him and announces that he has the gang's aptitude tests. Jonesy happily says that they should go take them to the gang, and announces over the PA that Nikki, Wyatt, and Jen should meet them at the Big Squeeze. They are about to leave when Ron bursts in and angrily asks Jonesy what he's doing. Jonesy confesses that he's been hired to run the mall PA, and Ron angrily moves him to a corner of the office. Ron then puts tape all around the corner and instructs Jonesy that anywhere outside the tape is enemy territory. Jonesy receives this message and becomes scared, but accepts it and leaves with Jude to deliver the tests.

Caitlin is serving a customer when she spills lemonade on him. At that point, she makes a Freudian slip, stating, "Let me squeeze you." The boy runs away, frightened, and Nikki mentions that he was a satisfied customer. Jen then arrives, and Jude and Jonesy pull up. Jen complains about how hard it was to get away, but the gang ignores her. Jude then makes a speech, but Jen, impatient, leaps on him. The gang swiftly pick up their envelopes. Jen looks at hers and cheers. She got Olympic snowboarder or running a snowboarding gear company. Wyatt got the job of food critic. Jude's job is to be a product spokesmodel. At first, he is excited, but he then realizes he doesn't know what it is. Caitlin explains, and Jen then asks Nikki what she got. Nikki opens the envelope and gasps. Her eyes widen and she states it says she's going to be a retail specialist. In the background, she can hear her friends comforting her. Suddenly, a voice cuts through the background: "I'm gonna be a travel writer!" Nikki slams her head on the table; Caitlin somehow tested into the job she wanted. Jonesy then says he has to leave. Caitlin asks if he's going to open his, and he states he doesn't want to get depressed about some office job and throws his envelope on the table. After he leaves, Jen opens it and reads. Jude and Wyatt look over, and all three laugh. Jude then says he has to go to work. Caitlin asks herself what the first thing she'll write about will be, and Wyatt states that words are power. To prove it, he hands her his first review: a scathing put-down of the Big Squeeze. Caitlin reads it and looks at him angrily. Wyatt then takes off after Jude.

Wayne is dressing down a customer who brought in a disc with a problem. The customer is unworried, but Wayne is complaining about the customer not complaining. Wayne then says that if he were the customer, he'd demand free rentals for a year! The customer complies with Wayne, and demands the free rentals. Wayne then states that the man makes him sick and bans him from the store. As he leaves, he passes Jude and Wyatt, and states that he's been banned for not complaining. Starr then skates up to Jude, and Jude tells Wyatt to cover for him. Wyatt walks in and goes over to Wayne, who is worshipping at a shrine. Wayne tells him that at the top of the shrine is a tape of his favorite movie, The 77th Samurai. He gives Wyatt instructions not to touch it, breath on it, or even think about it, then says that the last guy who disobeyed him slept with the fishes. He then leads Wyatt out so they can get lattes and puts Jude in charge. As soon as he leaves, Jude and Starr resume their conversation. Jude says that he keeps his copy of Board Warriors 3 on him at all times in order to protect him from wipeouts and vampires. He then offers to make Starr a copy. Starr agrees and skates off. Jude enters the store and grabs Wyatt's favorite movie, thinking it just a worn-out VHS tape. He then says it's going to make Starr very happy and records over it.

Nikki is at the Khaki Barn, morose. The Clones appear at the checkout counter and gladly tell her they heard the news. They then cheer Nikki on her score on the aptitude test.

At Grind Me, Wayne and Wyatt are debating the pros and cons of various coffees. The conversation gets heated, and Wayne tells Wyatt maybe he'd like to be fired. Wyatt, afraid, gives up and goes back to work. When he gets there, he finds out the bad news and states to Jude that they need a plan. The one they come up with? Hide.

Meanwhile, at the Penalty Box, Jen is daydreaming daydreams of snowboarding glory. Nikki comes up behind her and asks what she's doing. Jen replies, and tells her she's thinking of not working so hard, as she's not going to be a retail clerk forever. This, predictably, sours Nikki, but before Jen can soften the remark, Coach Halder comes up behind Jen and gives her 10 minutes in the penalty box for slouching, citing that nobody likes a sloucher. Nikki follows her in and describes her problems with the clones. Jen's phone rings. It is Wyatt, and he tells her what happened. Jen tells them to put another tape in its place, and she'll be right over. Jen leaves the penalty area, and Nikki points out that her penalty isn't over before realizing that she has no reason to be in the box.

Jen comes to the video store and tells them all they need to do is find another video. She leads Wyatt all over the mall, looking in stores for copies. When they can't find one, they search on the internet and find a fan site. The site lists the location of all copies of the video. One is at the mall, in Super Terrific Happy Sushi. Coach Halder then comes by and tells Jen that her break is over. Wyatt remarks that she must have to go back to work now, but Jen says she doesn't; the Penalty Box will survive without her for now.

Meanwhile, Jonesy is working the PA. He wonders to himself how Blade and Christo are doing. He then switches on the microphone and announces an 80% off sale at Taj Mahome Video The mall immediately bull rushes the store, swamping it with customers and making the lives of the help much harder.

Nikki is working at the Khaki Barn when Caitlin comes in. She asks where the cargo pants are, and Nikki reluctantly helps her. Nikki then suggests a hoodie, and her jaw drops as she realizes the infection is taking hold.

Wyatt calls Jonesy. He tells Jonesy that they found another copy of the video. Jonesy sees Ron approaching and calls over the mall PA that the nurse's office needs Mall Security to help patch up some victims of a stampede on Taj Mahome Video. Ron walks away suspiciously, and Wyatt notes that Jonesy is going to get fired.

When they arrive at Super Terrific Happy Sushi, Hiro tells them they have to mop up the kitchen. Jen says this is going too far for her and calls Jude. Jude arrives, and Hiro tries to give him the mop. Jude denies it, saying that he's been thinking of himself as more of a spokesmodel. This interests Hiro, and he grabs Jude. A short time later, Jude is advertising the store by handing out leaflets while wearing a plastic fish head.

Later, Caitlin says to Jen that she still can't write anything. Wyatt comes up, hears of Caitlin's predicament, and suggests they go to a restaurant and hog a table. Caitlin agrees. Meanwhile, Jonesy is using the PA to announce minor crises to an increasingly irritated Ron. When Caitlin and Wyatt get to the restaurant, they find seats in a booth. Caitlin thinks and thinks, but finally admits that she cannot think of anything to write. Wyatt states that it will come, then reads his review of the restaurant. It states that the soup is cafeteria quality, and that the wait staff "has the charm of a linebacker with a groin injury." Unfortunately for him, the waitress hears him and proceeds to toss him out the door. Caitlin comes up with something when she sees this and calls to Wyatt that she found the flow.

Nikki is in the Khaki Barn with all the symptoms of shock. She is staring straight ahead blindly, seeing a horrid future. The clones cannot wake her. In her dream, she is seeing herself and the clones as best friends in old age. Suddenly, she snaps out of it, screams, and runs to hide in a corner. Jen enters the store, sees Nikki hiding, and goes over. Jen says that there must have been a glitch in the test and then remembers Jude dropping the envelopes. She then says that Jude must have mixed up the tests. This makes Nikki very, very relieved, and she then asks herself whether she should burst Caitlin's bubble before or after she kills Jude.

Nikki and Jen walk towards the Big Squeeze when they see an impossible sight. A Greeter God is getting lemonade, and Caitlin is ignoring him to write. At this point, she is good enough at making the drinks that she can do it while distracted, but it is very surprising that the boy wouldn't distract her. Nikki then notes that they can't burst her bubble, and Jen says that Caitlin might even be a decent writer. At that point Coach Halder comes up behind Jen and blows his whistle. He tells her that this is her fourth break on shift so far and that she's fi– until Jen interrupts him and says she's going back to work now, and that she'll tag all the jockstraps for next week's sale. Halder accepts this and walks off, and Jen goes back to the Penalty Box.

Jonesy is working the mike once again when Ron walks in and tells him he's cried wolf one too many times. Ron proceeds to fire him and throw him out of the office.

Jude and Wyatt are in Underground Video. Wyatt asks Jude to check the tape and make sure it's in mint condition, and Jude scratches his head. He then reveals he doesn't have it. Starr rides up and thanks him for the extra tape, and then states that she used it to make another copy of Board Warriors 3. Wyatt screams at this news. Wayne then appears, and asks what's going on. Jude says he can't lie, and explains that he copied over The 77th Samurai twice. Wayne asks what he used to copy it over, and Jude says he copied over it with Board Warriors 3. This causes Wayne to shake his head in despair at Jude's poor taste. Wayne then reveals that he has a moron-proof copy at home, and since they're already on double-secret probation, he should fire them. Unfortunately for them, he has another plan in mind. Wayne marches him down the hall, and Jude asks what he's going to do. Wyatt replies he's going to make them sleep with the fishes, and Jude hysterically asks if Wayne is going to kill them. Wyatt replies that he's not, but Jude better hope his fish head floats.

The gang, minus Jen, is lounging next to the Big Squeeze. Jen runs up and asks for a lemon whip. Caitlin makes it, and Nikki asks if Jen's still clinging to her job. Jen replies that she is. Wyatt then states that he's staying out of the food critic business, due to its physical damages. Jude states he doesn't want to be a spokesmodel, as the head gives him a scaly wedgie. Jen asks Caitlin how her projected job is going, and Caitlin says that she liked the travel page she wrote so much that she handed it in instead of a Shakespeare essay. The teacher failed her, but did say that her writing style was excellent. Jonesy then states that he got fired from a job he liked, and Nikki notes that things are back to normal. Jen then asks Jonesy if he's even a tiny bit curious about his test results. Jonesy says that since she wants to spill the beans so much, she should go ahead. Jen tells Jonesy that he's going to be a floral designer.


  • (Nikki slams her head onto the table after realizing that her career test told her she was going to be a retail specialist.)
    Wyatt: Had to hurt.
    Nikki: (raising her head up) I feel nothing. (slams head onto table again)
  • Caitlin: I don't even enjoy English class. Those career people must see something in me that I don't.
    Nikki: All I see is black. All black. Oh wait! There's a cliff.
  • Kirsten: We totally get it now. You've been in denial all this time and that's why you were such a bi-
    Chrissy: Big party pooper!
  • Chrissy: Nickster? Nikkikens? Nick-a-rama-ding-dong?
    Nikki: (gasp) AH! (runs out of Khaki Barn)
    Jen: (walking by) Nikki?
    Nikki: (shivering and hiding in corner) How did I end up with retail specialist?
    Jen: There must have been a glitch in your aptitude test. (gasp) Jude! He must have switched yours and Caitlin's results! You should have gotten travel writer!
    Nikki: (hugs Jen) Oh thank you, thank you, thank you! Now what should I do first? Burst Caitlin's bubble, or kill Jude? Decisions, decisions.


  • Jen's results are either an Olympic snowboarder or a snowboard gear company owner. Jude is a product spokesmodel. Wyatt is a food critic. Nikki was meant to be a travel writer and Caitlin a retail specialist before Jude accidentally switched the results. Jonesy landed floral designer.
    • Interestingly, he did work in a flower shop in the episode Baby, You Stink. He was fired because his B.O. killed all the flowers.
  • Jonesy's job: mall public announcer
    Reason for firing: Repeatedly leading Ron on wild goose chases all over the mall to keep him away from his office as long as possible.
  • This is the second time Jonesy has worked alongside Ron. Before this, he was an assistant security guard.
  • Nikki's nightmare was to still be working at the Khaki Barn in her senior years. She had stated in her first interview that in five years, she'd see herself "not working at a mall".
  • If Wayne truly wanted to idiot proof the copy of The 77th Samurai in the store, he would have removed the erase protection tab, which would have prevented Jude from recording over it (the VCR would have ejected the tape when Jude tried to record on it because the tape was protected).
  • Jude says he's a daily deodorant user. This is interesting, as according to him, he doesn't bathe very often, so this as a habit seems somewhat unlikely.
  • Wayne's statement about how he "loves the smell of toddler puke and sawdust in the morning. It smells like...the food court" is a reference to the famous quote "I love the smell of napalm in the morning. Smells like...victory." This quote comes from Apocalypse Now.
    • In the same scene, he mentions that Wyatt and Jude are on double-secret probation. This is a reference to the movie "Animal House".
  • Nikki says that The 77th Samurai is one of cinema's finest moments. There are two possibilities as to why she said this. The first is that, since she knew Wayne liked it, she knew that he would have called it "one of cinema's finest moments". The second possibility is that she has heard of the movie from her parents, who praised it. It's also possible that in tandem with this review from her parents, she had seen it herself and agreed with the assessment.
  • Wyatt's usage of lemons to get the smell of fish off his skin may be a reference to the film "Atlantic City", wherein a major plot point is a young woman performing the same procedure.
  • Nikki says that she wants to kill Jude, and Jen blames him for messing up the test results. Jen is actually at fault, however, as she jumped at him and mixed up some of the envelopes and their results.



This clip was provided by 6animestar14 on YouTube.

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