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"Cecil B. Delusioned"
Episode name reference to/pun on: Film director Cecil B. DeMille
Season 1, Episode 20
Airdate: CAN: May 15, 2005
USA: Unaired
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Cecil B. Delusioned is the 20th episode of the series. It aired on May 15, 2005 in Canada on Teletoon and remains unaired in the United States.

Jonesy's uncle gets him a job at the local TV news, and Jonesy uses his position to talk his way into getting a TV camera which he then uses to film his friends in an attempt to make a pilot for a reality TV series.


As a reporter shows off the mall in her interview, and it turns out that Jonesy's working with her and her crew. When Wyatt asks Jonesy how he got the job in the first pace, and Jonesy claims that he got it through hard work, good looks and talent, which makes Wyatt laugh, disturbing the interview--the reporter glares at Wyatt before going back to the interview, and Jen reveals that the real reason Jonesy got the job is because his uncle works at the station, which Wyatt finds much more believable. After the interview, the reporter demands Jonesy to get a coffee with soy milk and points out how uncomfortable four-inch heels are. Jonesy offers to take shots of the mall for the crew while lying about his ability to work the camera and being a filmmaker, so the reporter gives him the job before departing the mall. However, Jonesy has no idea how the camera actually works and repeatedly presses a single button, which works to no avail.

At The Big Squeeze, Jonesy tapes the girls and Wyatt sitting at their table while fooling around with the camera, and Wyatt questions his position and the camera's safety. Nikki questions if he is really filming them, and Jonesy tells her about his job while panning the camera toward Nikki's chest until being interrupted by Nikki, claiming it is a "get-rich-quick scam." After the gang snickers, Jonesy claims that he could be the next big director and offers to star the gang, but Nikki does not take the opportunity. Jen feels that Nikki would look great on camera while Caitlin offers to give Nikki a makeover, but Nikki is reluctant to get one. Nikki then shoves the camera out of her way, making it film Caitlin, who is eager to partake in Jonesy's scam but worries about her outfit. As Caitlin runs to go shopping, Jonesy questions why the gang does not want to be filmed, then leaves to film Jude. At Stick It, Jonesy interviews Jude, who explains how to cook stick-its, but they catch fire while Jude turns the burner up. Jonesy films the fire while Jude runs and panics, and Jude puts out the fire while Jonesy wraps up the filming. After being complimented by Jonesy, Jude asks what to do next, so Jonesy tells Jude to be a commentator for the interviews. Jude tries to be a commentator, but bumps into the lens mid-sentence. Jonesy then tells Jude to get a latte with no foam, and Jude asks if he will be filmed while doing so, drawing a simple "no" from Jonesy.

Jonesy returns to The Big Squeeze, where he sees Caitlin in a dress for the camera, only to claim he wants to see more of Caitlin and less from the dress, much to Caitlin's dismay. Wyatt returns to the Lemon and asks how many days of high school are left, to which Jen replies "a lot," but questions why Wyatt wants to know. Wyatt reveals that he's failing a class, which is greatly upsetting. Jonesy doesn't see what the big deal is, revealing that he himself is failing two classes--he and the rest of the gang question what class Wyatt is failing, but Wyatt doesn't want to say which one. After Jonesy snatches Wyatt's progress report and reads it off, it turns out that Wyatt's failing gym. Caitlin returns in a new outfit, but Jonesy criticizes it because he feels it is too boring and serious, much to Caitlin's dismay. As Jude returns to The Big Squeeze, he asks why he has to get Jonesy a coffee, to which Jonesy claims he is paying his dues. Jonesy reveals that he has an idea for a show, which is reality cop shows, and admits that he did not want the coffee Jude brought him. As Jen drags Wyatt to help him with physical education, Jonesy tapes Jude while he talks about rent-a-cops on patrol. Jonesy then films Ron the Rent-a-Cop in action, but are grossed out by his way of eating a taco, for he chomps it and lets the excess spill onto his uniform.

In The Penalty Box, Jen attempts to teach tennis to Wyatt, even though he has no hand-eye coordination, by starting off with hitting a ball to her. Wyatt, however, smacks the ball too hard, giving Jen a black eye. Meanwhile, Jonesy continues to film Ron in action, who tackles an elderly man, claiming he was littering when he threw something into an overflowing trash can, causing it to fall out. Ron takes the tape Jonesy filmed, claiming it as official evidence, forcing Jonesy to restart filming. Jude tries to think of another idea, but cannot think of anything as he returns to The Big Squeeze. Wyatt reminds Jen that he cannot play tennis, only for Jen to command him to get some ice for her bruised eye. As Wyatt leaves to get ice, Caitlin returns while wearing a pink dress, drawing a wolf whistle from Jonesy, who loves her new outfit. While Jonesy still tries to think of an idea, Jen sarcastically recommends filming a show about people who cannot play tennis as Wyatt returns with some ice. Jonesy asks for something with more drama, and Jude recommends tricking and filming someone, which Jonesy finds a great idea. He makes the show "Prank TV" starring Caitlin and Jude, and feels that they should prank Nikki.

Afterwards, Jonesy tells Caitlin to hang out with Nikki and somehow convince Nikki to get a makeover, but Caitlin reminds him that Nikki will never submit to one. Jonesy recommends tricking Nikki into one, only for Caitlin to warn Jonesy that Nikki will kill her if she finds out about it, so he tells her that Nikki has a girly-girl deep down inside her just dying to get out, and that Nikki will thank her for it. Caitlin finally agrees to it, but Jen feels that those type of shows are evil, to which Jonesy tells her to play along. After Jonesy and Jude do their "dude, Jude" handshake, they start filming "Prank TV" at The Khaki Barn, where Caitlin will trick Nikki into getting a makeover. They start filming Caitlin while she feigns crying about an ex-boyfriend in front of Nikki, who finally, albeit reluctantly, agrees to a makeover after several minutes of Caitlin's crying.

After many attempts, Jen finally accepts the fact that Wyatt really cannot play sports, and Wyatt points out that he did not like to play sports as a child. Jen gets an idea when Wyatt admits that he likes video games, such as a game where he blocks martian bombs from hitting Earth. She hands him a hockey stick, realizing that the position was what affected Wyatt's skill in sports. Meanwhile, Caitlin drags Nikki to a spa for a makeover while Jonesy asks Darth for a lens designed for spying on someone. As Nikki tries to get her makeover, Jonesy spies on her, only for an employee to notice the wire and destroy it, mistaking it for a snake and trying to kill it. Nikki soon makes sarcastic remarks to the worker, who is bewildered with her use of language. Jonesy and Jude hide behind a towel trolley while filming Nikki, but a disgusting substance is spilled on Jonesy's arm while they try to move the trolley to film Nikki. As Nikki tries to chose between two jeans, Jonesy tells Caitlin to get a bikini for Nikki, but Nikki refuses to wear it, causing Caitlin to feign crying again, getting Nikki to wear it. As Jonesy and Jude crawl into a vent to see Nikki in a bikini, Nikki calls Jen, frustrated due to Caitlin's desire for her to get a frilly makeover. Jen tells her to keep playing along while training Wyatt, who manages to stop every puck from reaching the goal. Jen then tells Wyatt to rescue Nikki, then congratulates him for stopping every puck from going in.

Caitlin asks Nikki to "strut her stuff," only for a Greeter Goddess to criticize Nikki's pale appearance in her bikini, greatly upsetting Nikki as she attempts to get the bikini off. Jonesy and Jude continue to crawl through the vent, but Jonesy keeps farting because he had chili fries, much to Jude's disgust. Nikki struggles to get her bikini off because it is too tight, forcing her to call Caitlin for help. Jonesy sees Nikki in a bikini while Caitlin and a Greeter Goddess struggle to get the bikini off of Nikki. The Greeter Goddess questions how Nikki could've fit into such a small bikini, much to Nikki's offense, who gives her a death threat. When Nikki says that they need to get a pair of scissors to get the bikini off, the Greeter Goddess offers to go find a pair, but discovers that the door to the change room is stuck, so none of them are able to get out. The Greeter Goddess calls for help, and Wyatt soon comes--he explains that Jen figured that Nikki would probably need some rescuing. While Wyatt struggles to get the door open, Caitlin tells Nikki to hold still so she can get the bikini top off--Jude's holding Jonesy by his legs so Jonesy get a better shot with the camera while this is happening. Suddenly, the ceiling breaks, causing Jonesy and Jude to fall into the change room just as Wyatt gets the door open. Nikki then realizes Jonesy's scam while Caitlin realizes that Jonesy was filming them in the air vents, which makes Nikki realize that Caitlin was in on Jonesy's plan--Jude reveals that Caitlin had made up the story about her "ex-boyfriend." The Greeter Goddess informing Nikki that she's going to have to buy the bikini if she can't get it off is the last straw for her, and she forces everyone out of the change room while throwing hangers at Jonesy, Jude and Caitlin. Caitlin's somewhat upset and Jonesy's angry about Nikki's reaction.

At The Big Squeeze, Nikki is still giving Caitlin the cold shoulder, but soon warms up when Caitlin admits that she thinks Nikki is great the way she is. Jonesy arrives and admits that he got fired, and Jen shows off Wyatt, who can be the new goalie for Jonesy's Sunday night hockey league. Wyatt notices the stuff that spilled on Jonesy's arm, and when Jonesy says it was warm when it spilled on him at the spa, Caitlin and Nikki get an idea for revenge on Jonesy. At the spa, a worker waxes off the substance on Jonesy's arm while Caitlin and Nikki laugh at his pain.


  • Wyatt: "How did you get a job assisting on WVIEW TV?"
    Jonesy: "Hard work, talent, and good looks." (Wyatt bursts out laughing.)
  • Caitlin: "Ooh, I could give you a makeover!"
    Nikki: "Listen closely. I will never willingly submit to a makeover."
    Caitlin: "Oh."
    Nikki: "Ever!"
  • Greeter Goddess: "Excuse me. You're blinding everyone in the store with your whiteness."
    Nikki: "UUUUUGH!! That's it."
  • (Jonesy farts.)
    Jude: "Aw, dude. Did you have a chili bowl for lunch?"
    Jonesy: "Nope. Chili fries! Heh heh heh!" (farts four times)
    Jude: "Aw, dude!"
    Jonesy: "No one said being famous was easy." (farts again while Jude backs away)
  • Greeter Goddess: "How did you ever get such a small size on?"
    Nikki: "Do you want to die in a change room?!"
  • Jude: "This is so not worth dying for, dude."
    Caitlin: (to Nikki) "If you hold still, I could get your top off."
    Jude: "Okay, so maybe it is worth it."
  • Greeter Goddess: "Um, if you can't get that off, you're gonna have to buy it."
    Nikki: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Everybody out, out, out!"
    Jonesy: "Okay, I think that's a wrap." (runs out with Jude, Caitlin, Wyatt, and the Greeter Goddess)
    Nikki: (throwing hangers with each makeover part) "Pedicure. Leg wax. Bikinis!! Shiatsu! Mud bath! Seaweed wrap!"
    Caitlin: (as Nikki goes on) "So, when exactly do you think Nikki will be thanking me?"
    Jonesy: (hanger hits him) "Ah! Ow! This is the thanks I get for trying to make her a star."
  • Caitlin: "Can I at least buy you a smoothie?"
    Nikki: "Oh, it's gonna take more than that to make up for what you've put me through!"
    Caitlin: "You're right. You know, I don't really think you need a makeover."
    Nikki: "Really?"
    Caitlin: "Oh no. You look totally hot the way you are!"
  • Jonesy: "So you can get this stuff off or not?"
    Worker: "There is only one way. Don't worry. It's quick. Just relax."
    Jonesy: "Cool!" (rip) "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" (Caitlin and Nikki laugh.)
    Nikki: "Welcome to girlydom, Jonesy!"


  • Jonesy's job: cameraman
    Reason for firing: getting caught in the ladies' change room and breaking the camera.
  • This is the first episode where Jude is disgusted with a fart.
  • The episode title is a reference to the critically acclaimed film director Cecil B. DeMille.
  • This is the only time Nikki is seen in a bikini.
  • Jonesy refers back to "The Girls in the Band" when he said that Nikki was afraid to do something girly.
  • The character of the cameraman is a reference to the Chris Elliott's character in Groundhog Day.
  • Wyatt claims to Jen that he has no hand-eye coordination, but hand-eye coordination is an integral part of playing the guitar.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of the Galleria Mall Spa.
  • Caitlin's pink dress from "The Sushi Connection" and "The Swami" is seen again here.
  • It is heavily implied that Darth spies on girls.
  • It is also heavily implied that the cameraman has worn 4-inch heels before.
  • The episode was banned from airing in the United States due to depictions of Jonesy being a paparazzi, and he looked at Nikki wearing a bikini, which may have been considered sexual harassment by Cartoon Network standards.



This clip was provided by 6animestar14 on YouTube.

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