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Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
First Appearance A Lime to Party
Last Appearance Bye Bye Nikki

Charmaine is the main (and likely the head) barista at the Grind Me coffee house and a friend of Serena's. Jonesy once tried flirting with her, but Wyatt revealed that he was unemployed, leading to her slapping and rejecting him.

Charmaine's first major appearance was in "Deadbeat Poets Society". There, Wyatt suspected that she was giving him less foam in his coffee now that he and Serena had broken up. His friends all thought he was being paranoid, so to prove it, Wyatt took measurements. When he came to them with the measurements that proved he was right, his friends ignored him, and Jude suggested he go see Starr about his paranoia. When he did so, Starr told him to chill out, and to assist with this, she suggested that he go and read poetry. Starr then took him to the coffee shop, where Charmaine was heading the open poetry sessions. The two then were some extent able to bond over poetry (even though Wyatt's poems bashed Serena for dumping him).

Besides this, Charmaine has not had any large roles. In fact, she is simply Serena's friend in most of her appearances. Numerous times, such as in "Insert Name Here", she has only appeared as a girl with Serena. In these roles, she has not spoken or done much of anything besides walk around with Wyatt's ex-girlfriend.

The other episodes in which she appears portray her simply as a barista. She is the girl who serves characters coffee (most commonly Wyatt, but other members of the gang are served by her). The only official acknowledgement of her in those episodes is usually notice that she is serving them coffee.

Charmaine appears to be the manager of Grind Me, much as her friend Serena is the manager of Spin This. Evidence that she is indeed in charge of employees is provided in "Jonesy's Low Mojo", where she threatens Stone with job termination because he is being lazy.

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