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Coach Halder
Coach Halder Full
Gender Male
Hair color Red
Eye color Green
Nicknames Coach (Jen)
Voiced by Jamie Watson
Coach Halder (simply known as "Coach" to Jen and many other employees of the Penalty Box) is the manager and owner of the Penalty Box. He gives out "penalties" for the smallest of infractions, or even for idiotic reasons (he once sentenced Jen to the penalty box for fighting with a customer, and he added time because she lost). Halder's trademark quote on the show is "MASTERSON!", which he yells whenever Jen has caused some mischief.

He is a regular at Grind Me's poetry reading. He has a dislike for giving himself penalties and push ups, but is not above doing so to others. His one weakness is that he is terrified of mice (as a result of finding one in his jock strap) and spiders. He has poor eyesight, but in the short branch of time he gets glasses, his vision is that of a hawk.

His favorite holiday of the year is Halloween, and he enjoys dressing up in a jumpsuit and hockey mask and scaring the customers with a chainsaw. He is seen with a girlfriend when they both left the baby maker machine. Coach Halder also has a son, Cory Halder. He is voiced by Jamie Watson.


  • Coach Halder has a tattoo on his left upper arm, which appears to be a coat of arms. This could indicate he has seen military service at some point with a unit who uses the coat of arms. Alternatively, it could be a Fraternity Pledge emblem.
  • Coach Halder's Stoked counterpart is Mr. Ridgemount.
    • Interestingly enough, they both share the same voice actor, Jamie Watson.
  • In "Labour Day - Part 1", Coach Halder claims to have been born inside the store.
    • He also claims that the day of his birth was also the day on which he made his first sale.
  • Coach Halder has musophobia.
    • This phobia supposedly began when a mouse entered his jockstrap as a young man.


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