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Connie is a minor character from the show 6teen. She has purple, unruly hair and is often seen wearing a green tank top. Connie appears in the episodes "Snow Job", "Selling Out To The Burger Man", and "Role Reversal". She is also the drummer for Wyatt's band.

Connie's first and most major appearance came in "Snow Job", which was also the only episode in which she spoke. There, she was introduced as Marlowe's best friend and study partner. She inadvertently got in Wyatt's way when he tried to ask out Marlowe, although this was largely due to Wyatt's ineptitude when it came to asking out girls. She was first seen studying German with Marlowe; when Wyatt walked up, he enquired as to what they were doing, and upon finding out tried to speak German. This only caused the two girls to laugh at him, as none of what he was saying were real words. After Wyatt slunk off, Connie professed an opinion that Wyatt was kind of a dolt, but Marlowe mentioned that she liked him.

Later in that episode, she and Marlowe discovered Wyatt rooting through Marlowe's purse on a bad tip from Caitlin. This further solidified Connie's poor view of Wyatt, and it also brought him down a notch in Marlowe's books. This was Connie's last speaking appearance in the episode, although she did appear onstage playing drums for Wyatt's band at the dance.

Connie, along with the rest of the band, later appeared in "Selling Out To The Burger Man". Like the others, she had to dress up in a stupid, fast food-based uniform to shill for Burger McFlipster's (she was the corn dog). It is presumed that she was one of the members who kicked him out of the group. She did not speak in this episode.

Connie also made a cameo in "Role Reversal". She was Jean's date to the dance in that episode. This heavily implies that Connie is either a lesbian or a bisexual.


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