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Cory Halder
Gender Male
Hair color Red
Eye color Blue
Relationship Jen (broken up)
First Appearance Breaking Up with the Boss' Son
Last Appearance A Ding from Down Under
Voiced by Dan Petronijevic

Cory Halder is the son of Coach Halder. In his first major appearance, in "Breaking Up with the Boss' Son", he worked at the Penalty Box and dated Jen.

In "Breaking Up with the Boss' Son", he was coerced into joining the Penalty Box staff by his father. While there, he developed a crush on Jen and asked her out. Jen, who had a return crush, accepted, and they went out on a date. After the date, Jen had to conclude to her friends that Cory wasn't really her type and that she planned to break up with him. But her friends talked her out of it, pointing out that if Cory's the vengeful type, he could convince his dad to fire Jen. This worried Jen, but Caitlin suggested that she try to make him break up with her. Jen liked this idea and decided to try it on their next date.

On that second date, Jen took him to Frilly and Pink and made him try on girly clothes. Oddly enough, Cory liked this, and even though Jen tried to make him break up with her, he never did so. Eventually, she accidentally revealed that she wanted to break up with him, and Cory told her that he wanted to break up with her after the first date, but his dad said he couldn't, as it was possible that Jen would sue the store for harassment. He also wasn't having a very good time; he was just acting like it for her. They broke up and parted on mutual terms.

He appeared again in "A Ding from Down Under", where he and his dad used Jen for paintball target practice. Although this made Jen very angry, she couldn't do anything; in fact, when she tried to complain, Coach Halder dismissed her, stating that he and his son were in a paintball tournament and needed to practice. In the end, she got a paintball rifle and shot both Coach Halder and Cory Halder for revenge.

In addition to this, he appeared as a zombie in "6teen: Dude of the Living Dead" and in the game made for the special as a zombie.

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