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Courtney Masterson
Gender Female
Hair color Red
Eye color Blue
First Appearance It's Always Courtney, Courtney, Courtney!
Last Appearance Labour Day - Part 2
Voiced by Tracey Hoyt

Courtney Masterson is a character from the Canadian animated sitcom 6teen. She is Jen's attractive and more appealing older sister. She was first shown in "It's Always Courtney, Courtney, Courtney!"


As a teenager, Jen's big sister Courtney was known as a hot babysitter, and the guys in the gang recall often asking their parents to hire Courtney when a babysitter was needed.

She came back from university and Jen was angry when she started hanging out with the gang. As usual, Jen is in her sister’s shadow - but she is prettier, more stylish, and better traveled. Jen's grown to be used to guys falling all over her sister but is dismayed to see that Nikki and Caitlin can't get enough of her stories about dating, traveling and university. Determined to prove that she is more fun than her sister, Jen uses a fake ID that Courtney made her and sneaks into an over-21 club. She meets her friends there wearing a beautiful dress (which belongs to Courtney), but has to run to the bathroom to fix her dress when the strap comes undone and expose Jen's breasts.

However, it isn't until Courtney leaves Jen's friends to get put in mall jail by Ron that the gang all realize that they already had the cooler sister's affection -- Jen (she ended up being the only one interested in actually bailing them out in the first place). After blackmailing Ron to get her friends out of jail, Jen and Courtney make amends after Courtney reveals that she's always been secretly jealous of Jen.

Courtney is Jen's older and hotter sister, who came back home from university after she flunked out. Guys adore her looks and girls love to listen to her boyfriend adventures, so Jen feels abandoned by the rest of the gang when Courtney steps into the Mall in the episode "Its always Courtney, Courtney, Courtney!". She has a good reason to feel like that; Courtney is a famous friend- and boyfriend- stealer. Courtney's also quick to belittle Jen. Despite their differences, they actually do still love each other (as shown in the episode "The Wedding Destroyers," and for a brief time in the episode "Opposites Attack"). Courtney is supposedly 19 years old. She is voiced by Tracey Hoyt.


  • She is one of five prominent characters on the show who have red hair (the others are Starr, Jen, Marlowe, Emma Masterson and Lydia). Coincidentally, all of them are female.
  • It has been mentioned that she once won a beauty pageant.
  • She is very skilled at basketball as she mentioned that her basketball team in high school won the city championship.
  • It is unknown if Courtney has enrolled in another university after being kicked out of her previous one, but it is shown that she's apparently still living at home.


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