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Gender Male
Relationship Jonesy (attempted)
First Appearance The Big Sickie

This cowboy appears in several episodes, most notably "Stupid Over Cupid". He is unamed and it is unknown who he is voiced by.

Physical Appearance

He is shown as a middle-aged man with a white cowboy hat with a brown strip across it. The hat's brim always covers his eyes. He is fairly tall. He wears a reddish-pink shirt tucked into his trousers, a dark blue scarf round his neck, a belt, and blue trousers with brown fringe.


The cowboy first appears in "The Big Sickie". There, he has a minor appearance with no lines. He appears when Wyatt is nervous about the big sale on country music, as he's been having dreams about a cowboy mistaking him for the man who seduced said cowboy's wife and ran away with her to the big city; the cowboy appears across the food court from Wyatt and scares him.

His next appearance is in "The Slow and the Even-Tempered". There, he shows up as Wyatt is mourning the loss of his lucky jacket, and offers to lend Wyatt his lucky bull's tail. Wyatt predictably turns it down.

The cowboy's most major appearance is in the episode "Stupid Over Cupid". There, he initially appears at the Stick It, where he purchases one of Jude's "Hearts O' Meat" and a pork bouquet. Later, he spots Jonesy's dating booth and signs up for a date, much to Jonesy's chagrin. In the end, he was one of three possible dates competing for Jonesy, alongside Julie and Vendor Girl. Jonesy was quite unhappy about all of these, for various reasons (Julie was ugly but didn't hate him, Vendor Girl was hot but planned to make him do many unpleasant things, and the cowboy was male).

He doesn't appear again until "Dude of the Living Dead", when he arrives at Stick It as a zombie. Jude, unable to communicate with him, serves the cowboy some of his incredibly hot stick its, and thus learns that the sauce he uses destroys zombies. This is later put to good use when the survivors fill squirt guns with the sauce and go on a zombie-killing rampage.


  • The cowboy is apparently a fan of country music, as he is often seen in the country section of Spin This looking at albums.


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