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Darth Mall
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black
Relationship Julie
Nicknames Vader (Ron), Yoda (Nikki)
First Appearance Breaking Up with the Boss' Son
Voiced by Darren Frost
Darth Mall is the geeky, light saber-wielding assistant manager of Stereo Shack, and a true fan of Star Wars. He is voiced by Darren Frost.


Darth is first introduced in "Breaking Up with the Boss' Son" as the geeky manager of Stereo Shack. When he's first seen, Blade and Christo are picking on him and steal some discount cards. Overall, he is portrayed as wimpy and ineffectual initially. Jonesy makes fun of him for this, but when he accidentally breaks an expensive speaker, he agrees to work the charge off. Once he's alone with Darth, it is revealed that Jonesy bullied him a lot in middle school, including multiple counts of physical abuse, the most notable of which was when Jonesy pantsed him in front of the entire school and followed this up with an atomic wedgie where his underpants were hiked higher than his shoulder blades. Darth then proceeds to challenge Jonesy to a lightsaber battle which ends when Darth defeats Jonesy and wedgies him. The entire battle is captured on camera, and Darth uses his power against Jonesy to wrangle a date with Nikki. While Jonesy is able to get her to go on a blind date, as soon as he leaves it turns out that Nikki thinks he's a creep. Darth accepts this, and mentions the videotape in passing. After Nikki hears this, she manages to convince him to play it on the mall jumboscreen; Darth does so, humiliating Jonesy in front of his date and the entire mall.

He next appears in "Cecil B. Delusioned" when Jonesy needs to buy a camera to spy on Nikki as part of his TV show. Darth is willing to sell one, and shows some expertise in them; in fact, his behavior highly suggests that he spies on girls with these types of cameras. He's next seen in "Enter the Dragon," when Jonesy fights another lightsaber battle with him, this time winning thanks to Hiro's helpful instruction (given while Jonesy was working at Super Terrific Happy Sushi). Upon winning, Jonesy claims his honor was avenged.

Darth's next major appearance comes in "Welcome to the Darth Side." Here, he hires Nikki, once again hoping to woo her. Although he is unsuccessful, Caitlin and Nikki feel sorry for him and decide to help him get a girlfriend (although Nikki's role in this is more because she wants to get rid of Darth). Eventually, they pair him up with Julie, and the two start a relationship. Ironically, this leads to Nikki being fired, as 1. Darth doesn't need her now that he has a girlfriend and 2. Nikki sucks as much at her job here as she did in her previous one.

He is seen again in "The New Guy," where it is revealed that he has the technical know-how to set up a device that can trigger every fire alarm in the mall to go off simultaneously.

Darth and Julie's relationship suffered a blow in "Snow Job," as they were having relationship troubles. This became one of the subplots of the episode. In the end, Darth repaired his relationship by making a Star Wars-themed gesture of love towards Julie at the big dance. This also led to Jonesy realizing that Tara was a real jerk, dumping her (much to her shock), and restarting his relationship with Nikki.


  • Oddly, Darth calls himself a Jedi Knight, but he carries a red light saber and calls himself "Darth", which is a title for Sith Lords, the opposite of a Jedi Knight. This could be an ironic joke that the producers are trying to show, could just be a mistake or goof, or he could be color blind.
  • Darth does impressions of people from Star Wars such as Yoda.
  • Darth wears a Darth Vader helmet without the mask so you can see his face. He also wears a black glove to resemble Darth Vader's robotic hand.
  • His full name, Darth Mall, is a play on the Star Wars character Darth Maul. It is also possible that his last name is a reference to the fact that 6teen usually takes place in the Galleria Mall.
  • Darth's counterpart in Total Drama Island is Harold because they both have orange hair, wear glasses and have freckles on their faces.
  • He is the assistant manager of Stereo Shack (a parody of Radio Shack).
  • Darth is very skilled with a lightsaber. This is referenced multiple times.
    • This is first seen in Breaking Up with the Boss' Son, when he easily defeats Jonesy.
    • Although it's a dream, Darth also shows off his skills in "Dude of the Living Dead" when he decapitates and otherwise destroys several zombies with his lightsaber.


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