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"Date and Switch"
Episode name reference to/pun on: "Bait and switch"
Marlowe and Wyatt Fight
Season 3, Episode 79
Airdate: CAN: April 20, 2008
USA: December 1, 2008
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Date and Switch is the 79th episode of 6teen and the 25th episode of the third season. The episode aired on Teletoon on April 20, 2008 and on Cartoon Network on December 1, 2008.

While Wyatt and Marlowe fall into a rut in their relationship, Caitlin tries to avoid a creepy guy she met at a costume party.


Wyatt and his girlfriend, Marlowe, have been spending an awful lot of time together lately (such as watching movies together for ten nights in a row). While hanging out at the Lemon with the rest of the gang, Caitlin tells Marlowe and the gang about a guy named Callum she met at a party the previous night, but Jonesy, Nikki, Jen and Jude are too focused on Wyatt and Marlowe's relationship problems. After Wyatt claims that he and Marlowe are in a rut, this gets Marlowe mad, and Caitlin tries lightening the mood by offering up some gum.

Wyatt goes to Grind Me with Jonesy and Jude, and confesses to them that while he really likes Marlowe, they've been getting on each other's nerves with how much time they've been spending together--Jude even notes that Wyatt and Marlowe have been fighting a lot lately. Jonesy suggests that Wyatt should hook up with someone else even though he and Marlowe are still technically dating, but Wyatt refuses to do that. Wyatt feels that he and Marlowe should simply spend less time together, but just then, Marlowe calls him on his cellphone. After hanging up, Wyatt tells the guys that Marlowe told him "we need to talk," which Wyatt realizes means that Marlowe's probably going to break up with him. Wyatt then runs off to hide, claiming that she can't dump him without finding him first.

Caitlin continues talking about her good day, proclaiming that she has finally filled her Khaki Barn frequent shoppers card and can get a cammie she always wanted. She suddenly sees Callum, but he does not look the way she expected and acts like a klutz. Caitlin gives him a lemonade and her number, only to find out she gave him her Khaki Barn card. After Nikki gives Caitlin advice on how to retrieve it, Caitlin hugs Nikki and runs off in hopes of getting her cammie.

Jonesy gets the high score on a game in the arcade, and find Wyatt hiding behind the game he's playing. Wyatt admits that he's scared of getting dumped, but Jonesy points out that he can't hide forever and tells him something Nikki once said, "A relationship is a two-way street--you have a say in it too," ("you" meaning Wyatt). Wyatt takes the advice, and decides to meet Marlowe in Cafe Coeur Brisé--but Jonesy advises him not to go there, and goes on to explain how the café is the breakup place in the mall (they actually have tissues on the menu), and explains that the place recently opened after Wyatt wonders why Serena didn't take him there. Wyatt then goes back to his original plan of simply hiding from Marlowe.

Later, while strolling through the mall, Jonesy runs into Marlowe, who, after some prodding from Jonesy, admits that she wants to break up with Wyatt--Marlowe goes on to say that while Wyatt's a great guy, he's not the guy for her. She also says that she plans on breaking up with Wyatt in person, pointing out that she's not like Serena (who had broken up with Wyatt via text message), and feels that breaking up is what's best for both her and Wyatt. Jonesy, after some more prodding, convinces Marlowe to let him break the news to Wyatt.

Caitlin goes to The Gigantoplex to find Callum and retrieve her Khaki Barn card. She explains to a ticket salesman her story of giving Callum her Khaki Barn card by mistake and tells him to give Callum her real number should he call the Gigantoplex. The salesman consents, and goes on to flirt with her. She meets with the gang (minus Wyatt) back at the Lemon, and hears of Jonesy's plan to break up with Wyatt for Marlowe. Jen disagrees with it, and points out that someone needs to tell Wyatt--but the rest of the gang reminds her of what they had to go through with Wyatt after Serena had broken up with him. Regardless, Jen points out that someone really should tell Wyatt--they draw straws, and Caitlin ends up being tasked with break the news to Wyatt, but fails. Jude and Jen both then try breaking the news to Wyatt, but they end up failing as well. Nikki gets mad at them for failing to tell Wyatt that Marlowe wants to break up with him, but she ends up failing as well after she attempts breaking the news to him. Later, Jonesy finds out that the gang chickened out of breaking up with Wyatt, so he proceeds to tell Wyatt himself.

Caitlin and Jen read various teen magazines when telling Jonesy on how to break the news Wyatt, the main thing being to not give him the whole "let's be 'just friends'" speech. They warn Jonesy not to break Wyatt's heart when he breaks up with him on Marlowe's behalf. Jen asks Caitlin if she heard from Callum yet, then Caitlin reveals she gave the ticket seller the number for The Penalty Box. Jen insists on not answering to Callum, leaving Caitlin to answer the call herself. Afterwards, Jen and Nikki find Jonesy telling Wyatt about Marlowe in Cafe Couer Brise. Wyatt unintentionally shouts out that Jonesy is breaking up with him for Marlowe, which stirs up turmoil from several girls nearby.

Caitlin waits for Callum to call the Penalty Box, but gets a call from a customer and is reprimanded by Coach Halder. She gets a text from Nikki saying "Jonesy broke up with Wyatt," so she shouts it out to Jen. Coach Halder gives both of them five minute penalties, even though Jen's on break and Caitlin's not an employee at the store. Caitlin gets an employee named Crusher to answer the phone in case Callum calls. He consents, but accidentally hits Coach Halder with a label, which leads him to giving Jen, Crusher, and Caitlin penalties.

Back at the Lemon, Jude and the girls try cheering up Wyatt by giving him food and videos, but neither helps him, and he's now basically going through a repeat of what happened with Serena. Jen and Caitlin return the Penalty Box, and the phone rings, with Callum finally being the one who's calling. He agrees to meet Caitlin by the Lemon in ten minutes.

Wyatt and Marlowe meet in an ice cream parlor, where Wyatt's eating a sundae by himself. They both agree that they could've handled the breakup better. This time, they both talk about how they've been spending too much time together, and that breaking up is what's best for both of them. And rather than saying they'll "just friends," Marlowe that she and Wyatt will be "the best of exes," before giving him one final kiss (on the cheek) and leaving.

Jen and Caitlin return to the Lemon, and Caitlin finds Callum. Caitlin asks for her card, but Callum forgot it at home and gives her his number. The number turned out to be a number for a colon cleanser, which greatly upsets Caitlin, so the girls take her out for retail therapy.

At the end of the episode, Wyatt meets with the rest of the gang at the Lemon--Wyatt admits that he is kind of bummed that he and Marlowe, but explains that they talked and agreed that's it's ultimately for the best, with Wyatt finishing it off by saying, "If there's anything I've learned from Serena, is that there's life after breaking up." The gang is happy for Wyatt, and Jonesy that there's plenty of girls in the world, and Wyatt goes off to flirt with some after two girls walk by the Lemon.


  • Caitlin: "You believe in love at first sight, right?"
    Jonesy: "Totally. Happened to me when I saw that new turbo-powered jet ski at the boat show."
    Nikki: (slaps Jonesy) "Nice."
  • Jude: "So, dude, you listen to that CD I burned you?"
    Wyatt: "Nah. Marlowe and I rented a movie last night."
    Jonesy: "Isn't that, like, the tenth night in a row you guys have watched a movie?"
    Wyatt: "I guess we're kinda in a rut."
    Marlowe: "A rut?! Nice thing to say in front of your girlfriend!"
    Wyatt: "Well, it's sorta true, isn't it?"
    Marlowe: "It is, now!"
  • Marlowe: "You? You can't be serious."
    Jonesy: "Serious as a zit on prom night."
  • Jonesy: "Abso-freakin-loutely!"
  • Jude: "You know that boa constrictor at the pet store?"
    Wyatt: "Yeah? What about it?"
    Jude: "Well, every so often, it's gotta shed its old, scratchy skin so it can get some hot new better skin! Know what I'm saying, dude?"
    Wyatt: (slurps his drink) "Not really."
    Jude: "Be the snake, bro. Be the snake."
    Wyatt: "Riiight." (slurps drink)
  • Nikki: "I don't believe you people! What is so hard walking up to the guy and saying 'Wyatt, Marlowe doesn't wanna see you anymore!'"
    Jen: "You think it's so easy, go tell him yourself. He's hiding from Marlowe behind the potted plant."
    Nikki: "Wyatt, I have something to tell you."
    Wyatt: "Sure, Nikki. Shoot."
    Nikki: (hesitantly) "I, um, it's just that, uh, you need to know that, uh, I love your music."
    Wyatt: "Uhh, thanks, Nikki. Sorry, I just spotted a better hiding place."
  • Wyatt: "So, are you going to say you just want to be friends?"
    Marlowe: "Nope. I think we're going to be the best of exes." (kisses Wyatt on the cheek)
  • Jonesy: "There's plenty of hot chicks out there, including those two right over there." (to two girls walking by) "Hello, ladies."
    (Nikki elbows Jonesy, who screams in pain)
  • Jonesy: "I think he's gonna be okay, though I can't say the same for my gut."
    Nikki: "I think your stomach will be just fine, though I wish I could say the same for your big mouth." (shoves pizza in Jonesy's mouth)


  • The guitarist in Wyatt and Marlowe's band is named Pete, leaving the keyboardist the only band member to not be named.
  • This is the second time Jonesy and Wyatt were mistaken for being gay, the first being in "Mr. Nice Guy".
  • This is the first time that Cafe Coeur Brisé is seen.
  • Caitlin apparently has a friend named Andrea.
  • Callum mentions that he plays the "Tony Hawk video game". He is most likely referring to the Tony Hawk's series of videogames.
  • It is revealed in this episode that Jonesy has broken the vow he made in Jonesy's Low Mojo to give up the arcade.
  • This episode is the last major appearance of Marlowe. Her only other appearance after this episode is a cameo at the very beginning of Quit It.
  • Cafe Coeur Brisé appears for the first time in this episode. It would reappear again in Great Expectations.
  • Jonesy says that Wyatt washes his hands religiously after going to the bathroom. This was first brought up in Silent Butt Deadly.
  • Each of the friends tried different ways to break the news to Wyatt.
    • Caitlin: Shopping metaphor
    • Jen: Hockey metaphor
    • Jude: Hard-to-understand snake tale
    • Nikki: Was unable to spit it out
    • Jonesy: Flat-out told Wyatt
  • Among the couples seen parting are Stone breaking up with Mimi and Brianna (Wyatt's date from Spring Fling) being dumped by Owen (from Waiting to Ex-Sale).
  • Jonesy doesn't hold a job in this episode.



This clip was provided by 6teen on YouTube.

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