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"Deck the Mall"
Episode name reference to/pun on: The popular Christmas song Deck the Halls.
Season 1, Episode 5
Airdate: CAN: December 23, 2004
USA: December 7, 2008
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Deck the Mall is the 5th episode of the series, which aired on December 23, 2004 in Canada on Teletoon and on December 7, 2008 in the United States on Cartoon Network.

A holiday rush is on, and this leads to hard times at work for everyone. Nothing is going anyone's way, and their attempts to celebrate the season all fail, as it seems that nobody is feeling in the Christmas spirit.


The camera zooms into three people playing Christmas songs on a tuba, trumpet, and a trombone while parents with their kids stand in a line asking Santa what they want for Christmas. At the Penalty Box, Caitlin asks Jen what she wants for Christmas. She realizes that Caitlin hasn't even begun her Christmas shopping yet. Then, she tells Caitlin that she'll be "buried alive" due to many shoppers shopping at the mall. Caitlin remembers Jonesy telling her that. She also tells about him buying Jen a gift through a Secret Santa service. Jen says that he's not buying a gift for her himself, and then she calls him a jerk. In front of the box, a customer wants his goalie pad and Jen describes it. He says that he wanted a size 8 and a number 16, then asks that she hurry up because he's on break. Another customer wants his tennis balls to be paid and he makes a face using his tennis racket. Jen accepts the offer and walks back to the register. Caitlin decides that the Secret Santa service should be at Grind Me. Jen tells her that she doesn't have time while Stanley picks up a badminton racket and fires birdies at Jen. She takes the racket and wraps it up for him, hoping that he'll play with it in the house. Coach Halder calls her and tells her that Stuart Goldsteen needs a new jockstrap. He lets go of the ends and it hurts him. Jen is put under pressure thanks to her boss, Stanley, and the customers, so she runs into an elevator and lets her rage out. When the elevator opens, she calms down and acts like nothing happened.

Jude helps Caitlin decorate The Lemon, only for Jen to criticize its appearance. They question her mood, and she admits she is still traumatized by her parents' divorce, then goes on to mention that her mother and Jonesy's father are dating, which comes to a surprise to Jude and Caitlin. Jude, who does not help with the subject, questions if they kiss with their tongue, disgusting the girls. Jen gets back on topic and gripes about herself and her sister having to spend Christmas break with Jonesy and his brothers, then complains about following their traditions. Caitlin feels it will not be terrible as Jen is friends with Jonesy, but Jen goes even further by complaining about having to share a bathroom with him and his brothers. Jonesy meets with the three friends and gloats about his latest job which he thinks is an easy one, and Jen once again complains about spending a lot of time with him. Caitlin attempts to lighten the mood by making their own traditions, and Jude agrees to it. Jen, however, cannot do it, for she has to go home right after work. She sees a Christmas hat and refuses to wear it, only to end up wearing it after being convinced by Caitlin. The girls then go shopping while Jude wraps presents.

While Jude struggles to wrap a basketball, Nikki meets him and complains about working in the mall during the holidays and how the customers have seemingly lost their minds. Jude tells her about Jen's mother and Jonesy's father getting together, and Nikki mentions that Jen and Jonesy will become step-siblings should their respective parents marry each other. Jude accidentally launches the ball at a customer while attempting to get out of his poorly wrapped gift, then mentions that the ball was for himself. Nikki tells him that he should be shopping for others and not himself, then goes on to mention that she must get a gift for her mother. She claims that her mother hates everything she gets, then Jen suggests getting a gift certificate as she and Caitlin meet at the table. Jude, once again changing the subject, asks Nikki if she thinks Jen's mother and Jonesy's father kiss with their tongue, which disgusts the three girls. A disgusted Jen tells her friends that Jonesy and his brothers have a turkey eating contest, which draws an off-topic response from Jude. Nikki asks Jen why she won't reveal her true feelings to Jonesy while Caitlin gets a call and answers. Jen responds to Nikki's question by noting she's being forced to by her mother, and Caitlin tells the gang that Jonesy got the job at Santa's village. Jen gives a sarcastic remark about Jonesy's job, and Caitlin suggests that they see Jonesy in action even after her friends show no interest. Nikki ponders on Wyatt's absence, and Jen tells her that Wyatt is in line at Grind Me.

Jen and Caitlin meet Wyatt at Grind Me, who is grumpy due to his lack of caffeine. Charmaine gives him his cappuccino, but a customer accidentally knocks the coffee onto his shirt, rendering Wyatt in pain. Making their way to Santa's village, the gang sans Jonesy help him, then sees Jonesy dressed as an elf. The gang remains largely speechless but soon burst out into laughter, which draws a complaint from a humiliated Jonesy. Later, Wyatt and Jude have difficulties communicating courtesy of the band players next to them, so Wyatt donates a sum of cash to make them stop playing. Wyatt and Jude browse The Khaki Barn to find a present for Caitlin and soon find The Clones advertising their "Somebody Loves Me" sweater. Jude attempts to buy one for Caitlin and another one for himself, but only gets one for Caitlin upon being confronted by Wyatt. Nikki is found by Jude in one of the change rooms, and she tells Jude that the sweater is perfect for Caitlin. Jude is pushed off by Nikki, then she slams the door so she can remain hidden from the Clones, who squeal once again, much to Nikki's annoyance.

While Jen attempts to wrap a gift during her shift, Caitlin talks about the gifts for herself and Jen. Jen complains about the difficulty of gift wrapping, so Caitlin takes over while Jen answers a call from Jonesy about his Christmas party and becomes frustrated due to the changes in her life. A customer dressed as Santa asks for shoes in a different size but leaves when Jen blurts a sarcastic reply drawing a comment from Caitlin about Jen's bitterness. Jen goes on about how Jonesy has not asked what she wants to do, so Caitlin attempts to lighten the mood by claiming Jonesy has Christmas spirit. Contrary to her statement, Jonesy has almost no spirit and confiscates Stanley's candy cane after one of his snarky remarks. Jonesy sees Yummy Mummy and hits on her after giving back Stanley's candy cane but is pantsed by Stanley. Yummy Mummy gets the wrong idea and reports Jonesy to Santa, getting Jonesy fired from his job. As he tries to appeal to Santa and earn back his job, Stanley taunts Jonesy, prompting the angry teen to charge at the mischievous boy. As he gets stopped by Santa, he gripes about how his holiday is going so far.

By The Lemon, the friends mope due to their unfortunate situations. Caitlin asks if any of them got presents, but only Wyatt and Jude have them and hold them in the air while Wyatt gripes about how he had to acquire his gifts. In hopes of cheering her friends up, Caitlin hands them smoothies, which causes them to cringe upon tasting. After a critical remark from Nikki, Caitlin sadly takes a seat, disappointed that she failed to lighten the mood. After apologizing, Nikki gripes about last-minute shoppers and claims she'll kill herself if she hears "Deck the Halls" again. Just then, the band plays the song, and an aggravated Nikki throws her glass into the tuba, stopping the song. After Caitlin claims Nikki's actions weren't very "Christmas-like", Wyatt notes that working right before Christmas has worn out his spirits. Jonesy mocks Santa upon seeing him walk with kids, then Caitlin suggests having fun to negate their sadness. Jonesy suggests sneaking into a movie for free, and Caitlin begs the rest of the gang to participate. While Jonesy returns his elf costume, the gang go to The Gigantoplex but do not realize that the gifts are being left unattended.

By The Gigantoplex, Wyatt sees a new coffee shop and walks over to it but is cut when customers rush in front of him. The friends feel they can agree on a movie, only to start bickering about which movie to watch. Caitlin settles the argument by having them draw straws, and they end up watching a movie called Torque II: More Torque thanks to Jude's victory. Nikki complains about not finding seats, but Jonesy reminds her that he never promised seats. They decide to sit in the aisles, only to cause a lot of commotion and get escorted out by the usher. While walking out, Nikki intentionally spoils the ending, drawing much hatred from the audience. Strolling through a quiet corridor with her friends, Caitlin suddenly realizes she betrayed the presents, and Nikki is doubtful that they're still there. Wyatt questions Jonesy's navigation skills, and Jonesy assures him he knows a shortcut, only to have the gang circle the same halls several times before finding the food court.

Finding their way back to The Lemon, Caitlin realizes that the mall is closed. The entrances are locked, and Nikki remembers that the mall closed at three, leaving them stuck in the mall. Caitlin wails at the fact that the presents are stolen, and Jen calls out Jonesy for his scheme and poor navigation skills that got them locked in. Jonesy retaliates by noting that they could've watched the whole movie had Jen stayed quiet, and Caitlin gripes about the current standing of the holidays and how she endured her friends' complaints while shopping for their gifts. As Jen and Jonesy fight once again, Caitlin points out how lucky they are, noting that she's wanted to have a big family to celebrate Christmas with, even with seemingly stupid traditions. Due to the last remark, Jonesy finally realizes that Jen refuses to participate in his turkey-eating contest, and the friends patch things up and set aside their differences. Nikki reminds the gang that they are locked in the mall, but Wyatt reminds Jonesy that he has the master key to every door in the mall thanks to Ron never taking it back. Jude becomes excited about leaving the mall but ends up staying with the gang and having fun in the mall. After taking pictures, Jude finds the present Caitlin lost, and Wyatt points out they were in a donation box and will be distributed to those in need. The friends decide to surrender the presents, and they leave the mall.

The gang hangs out by The Lemon the next day, then Jen announces that she won with Jonesy's family Christmas cup for winning the turkey-eating contest. Jonesy claims that he will win it next year, then claims the bathroom Jen used afterward smelled horrible. The gang jeers, causing Jen to hide her face in her hood. Caitlin claims that it was her most memorable Christmas and feels like getting locked in the mall should be a Christmas tradition for the gang with Jonesy in agreement. After the clock strikes ten, customers rush into the mall while the gang fearfully remembers that it is Boxing Day.


  • Jen: (drops her inventory) I'll be right back. (runs to the elevator) I don't think so. (elevator closes) (as scenes of the mall flash past, showing that everyone can hear her) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! I HATE WORKING CHRISTMAS! I HATE WORKING CHRISTMAS! STUPID, ANNOYING, PUSHY, LAST-MINUTE CUSTOMERS! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!! (elevator opens) Merry Christmas!
  • Jude: I wonder if they kiss with tongue?
    Jen and Caitlin: EWWW! JUDE!
    Jude: What? Did you think they were gonna stay your innocent little parents forever?
  • Jude: You're gonna make someone very happy tomorrow, Mr. Ball! (later as Jude fails to wrap the basketball properly) Okay, you're starting to get on my nerves, dude!
  • Wyatt: (near band) Where should we look next!?
    Jude: What did you say!?
    Wyatt: I said where should we look!? For Caitlin's present!?
    Jude: Huh!?
    Wyatt: (pulls out cash and faces band) I'll give you $6.75 if you stop playing!
  • Caitlin: So, did you guys find your secret Santa presents?
    Wyatt: I had to fight off six psycho bargain hunters for that.
  • Jen: (slurp) Mmmph!
    Jude: (slurp) Hmmmph!?
    Wyatt: (slurp) Mrrrgh!
    Nikki: (slurp) Pppttttttt!!!!! That's awful! What is that!?
    Caitlin: The eggnog candycane smoothie...
  • Jonesy: Meet you guys out front. I've got to go return this costume.
    Nikki: Oooooh, but it's so sexy.
    Jonesy: Back at you, Rudolph.
  • Nikki: Vin Diesel gets in an accident and dies at the end! Enjoy!


  • The episode's name is a pun on the Christmas song "Deck the Halls".
  • Jonesy's job: "Santa's Little Helper Elf"
    Reason for firing: Tried to hit on Yummy Mummy and got pantsed by Stanley.
  • In both air dates, Cartoon Network and Teletoon first aired the episode in December.
  • Here, Courtney is first mentioned by Jen as being her sister.
  • Goof: Wyatt orders an extra-tall no-foam cappuccino in this episode; however, in the episode Awake the Wyatt Within, he is ordering double-foam cappuccinos, and one plot point is his paranoia about not getting as much foam from Charmaine.
  • Goof: Here, Jen's mom and Jonesy's dad dating is treated as a new thing, but in the first episode, Jonesy casually mentions it to Jen loud enough for the whole group to hear.
  • Torque 2: More Torque is a reference to 2 Fast 2 Furious, the second installment in the "The Fast and the Furious" series.
  • In this episode, it's mentioned that Jen's parents split up. However, in The Wedding Destroyers, it's implied that her father is dead. It's possible that Jen's dad died between It's Always Courtney, Courtney, Courtney! and the wedding.
  • Since the pilot episode Take This Job and Squeeze It took place in the summer, and there was already talk of Jen and Jonesy's parents dating, if this is their first Christmas since the split, that would mean that Jen's parents divorced some time in the previous spring.



This clip was provided by Official_6Teen on YouTube.

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