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"Enter the Dragon"
Episode name reference to/pun on: The 1973 film of the same name
Season 1, Episode 22
Airdate: CAN: June 5, 2005
USA: Unaired
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Enter the Dragon is the 22nd episode of the series and the 22nd episode of the first season, which aired on June 5, 2005 in Canada on Teletoon and remains unaired in the United States.

When Jonesy, Wyatt and Jude realize the Jen, Nikki and Caitlin may still have their tickets to a movie they want to see, so they go to Hiro at Super Terrific Happy Sushi to see if he can help them with their "female troubles." Meanwhile, the girls' menstrual cycles have synced up, causing each of them act to differently than they normally do.


Jonesy, Wyatt and Jude are excited to see a martial arts/action-movie called "Dragon Thunder," which they claim that they've been waiting for at least a year to see. The girls were the ones to have gotten all six movie tickets, and the boys go to meet them at the Lemon. But after getting there, they notice that Jen, Nikki and Caitlin are acting really weird--Caitlin's really cranky (the opposite of how she normally she acts), Nikki's getting overly emotional and needy (the opposite of how she normally she acts), and Jen claims that she has stomach crampss (comparing it to what she imagines being hit in the stomach with a bowling ball would feel like). The guys start getting worried, because the group had planned on seeing the movie later, but the girls are acting like they don't want to go. After Caitlin angrily shuts down the Lemon (claiming that people don't respect her work ethic), Jen leaves because her stomach hurts too much, and Nikki leaves (upset that their group is "falling apart").

The guys later meet up in the atrium by the fountain, very confused by the girls' behavior. Jude thinks it's a prank, making Jonesy paranoid and thinking there are hidden cameras everywhere. Wyatt calms him down and the three make a plan: each of the guys will talk to one of the girls to see what's up and talk about their movie plans--Jonesy will talk to Jen, Wyatt will talk to Nikki and Jude, much to his dismay, will talk to Caitlin. Jonesy then says that he'll meet up with the other boys later, as he has training at his new job for Super Terrific Happy Sushi.

Nikki's then shown at the Khaki Barn, helping a man buy a new pair of pants. She then get over-emotional and converses with the man, telling him of her first sale of the clothing and later telling the man that the pants were probably made by a little girl in Indonesia through child labor. This convinced the man not to buy them and run out of the store, leaving Nikki upset.

In the food court, Caitlin's back at the Lemon and is angrily making lemonade. When done with the lemons, she discards by angrily throwing them at Jason and Joanie, who are making out at the table near the stand. An old woman comes up to Caitlin and asks her to calm down nicely. Caitlin retorts angrily, urging and daring the woman "to tell her how to do her job". This scares the woman, who runs away frantically. Caitlin then returns to her violent lemonade-making.

Jonesy eventually arrives at the sushi restaurant and is immediately put into training by the manager. The manager and a fellow worker begin to teach Jonesy of the exercises (resembling fish poses) that he MUST learn. Suffering from extreme discomfort, Jonesy runs off while practicing, irritating the workers.

Back at the Khaki Barn, Nikki new behavior raises question in The Clones, who believe she is up to something. Nikki approaches the trio, expressing how much she liked a customer due to his understanding of cargo pants. She continues by further complimenting the girls' pink sweaters, calling them "cute". Chrissy snaps and asks what Nikki's "sick, twisted game" is. Nikki says she doesn't know and said she woke up this morning wanting to be friends with the three and even have a sleepover. Kirsten exclaims that that would be fun, but quickly snaps out of it and yells at her not to "mess with their minds" and they walk away from her. Wyatt comes into the store, much to Nikki's joy and she runs and gives him a huge hug. Wyatt asks her if she is still up for the movie. She says sure but not before her chocolate bar, which she pulls out of her pocket and starts drooling over. As she starts to munch it down, Wyatt retreats, leaving Nikki alone once again.

At the sushi place, Hiro teaches Jonesy how to use chopsticks and exclaims that he must use of them for one hour. Much to misfortune of Hiro and his co-worker, Jonesy does (though very annoyingly) uses the chopsticks to perform his tasks.

Back at the Big Squeeze, Caitlin's still angrily making lemonade. Jude approaches her to ask about the movie. She retorts back by saying she's busy and hurling lemons (one of which hit Jason, whom let out a shout). She added that she couldn't be bothered about the movie at that time due to the fact that was falling behind and was short on lemons.

Later, Jonesy's asked to practice balancing, which he does on bags of rice. He is not so lucky and falls and is forced to clean the mess (plus a mess that Hiro made due to Jonesy's incompetence).

Later, Jen is seen at the Penalty Box on penalty (that she put herself on) with Nikki. Coach Halder approaches her and she tells him she took a penalty for taking a hot water bottle for her "FEMALE cramps," which makes him immediately disappear, due to feeling awkward. Caitlin comes barging in demanding a tampon. Jen replies that she doesn't have to do anything as she "is on a penalty." She and Caitlin argue back and forth about it until Nikki intervenes, saying her chocolate craving is far worse than their problem. Jen then comes to the realization that their menstrual cycles have synced up, much to Caitlin's joy. Caitlin says that her "irritability" must be due to her PMS and apologizes to the other girls for how she's been acting. She, Nikki and Jen all decide to go shopping, not before Stanley walks by, giving Caitlin a "strange look," which triggers her PMS and left her to attack him.

The guys are all concerned about the girls behavior, and realize that the girls probably still have their tickets for the movie. With their behaviors, it was rendered impossible for them to get the tickets by merely asking, so Jonesy suggest they go to Hiro for help. Hiro agrees to help them with their girl troubles through ancient meditation and quick reflex exercises that will help them "find the answer." Jonesy find "the answer" and comes to a realization that the tickets are in one of the girls' bags. The three rush out of the restaurant, angering Hiro and ultimately leading him to fire Jonesy.

Meanwhile, the girls are at a market buying the essentials needed for their periods--cramp medication for Jen, chocolate for Nikki, and tampons for all three of them. When about to check out, they notice the cashier is a cute guy and it would be embarrassing to check-out with their "products". It is decided amongst the girls that Caitlin check out the products. Caitlin tried to be discreet by buying magazines with the stuff. When the boy gets to her tampons, he begins to look at them up and down, which angers Cailtin, leading her to call him a "squeamish little baby." But the cashier explains that he was "just looking for the price tag" while quivering behind the counter, much to Caitlin's embarrassment.

Jude, Jonesy and Wyatt stalk the girls while the three are shopping and while in a store (and not paying attention), the guys quickly seize the bags and retreat out of the store to a nearby bench. While going through the purse, they stumble across the girls' tampons and freak out. Seeing the tampons makes Wyatt realize why their female friends have been acting so weird, but before he can explain it to the other boys, the three are caught by an angry Jen, Nikki and Caitlin. The girls chase after the guys and eventually stop at the Lemon. The girls demand their bags while the guys demand their share of the movie tickets. Realizing that that was what the guys wanted, the girls calm down and Caitlin says, "Why you didn't guys just ask? I gave your tickets to Jude this morning." Jude then reaches into his pockets and finds the movie tickets, and upon finding them, Jonesy and Wyatt become furious and start chasing after him, with girls eventually joining in.

Much later, the six come out of the theater, pleased with the movie's outcome (Jen even says that they left it open for a sequel). Jonesy spots Darth and approaches him, challenging him to a duel. Darth accepts and the two battle it out at the Lemon. Atop a table in front of the fruit stand, Jonesy uses the techniques he learned from Hiro to defeat as well as humiliate Darth. Upon his victory, he pays tribute to his teachers, only to be reminded that he is still fired, much to Jonesy's dismay.


  • Wyatt: I am so stoked!
    Jude: I know! I've been waiting a year for this day to come. (thinking) This day is today, right?
  • Wyatt: (laughing) Okay, stop. You're killing me.
    Caitlin: Is that what you want? Because I can arrange that.
  • Old Lady: (watching Caitlin struggle to make a drink) Oh, my. Be careful, dear!
    Caitlin: (meanly) You wanna tell me how to do my job? Go ahead. I dare you.
  • Hiro: (seeing Jonesy's nose plugs) You! Remove! Now! (seeing Jonesy's reaction to fish) You are afraid of the fish.
    Jonesy: No, I'm afraid of the barf.
    Hiro: Then you must learn the way of the sushi.
  • Hiro: First, you must join our daily practice of Hi-Ya! Karashi.
    Jonesy: Uh, do you mean karate?
    Hiro: No. Karashi! It's where karate and sushi join force to conquer ordinary North American buffet menu.
  • Huni: Next time, I do hiring!
  • Chrissy: What kind of sick, twisted game are you playing?
    Nikki: I don't know, I just woke up and thought how nice it would be if we were all friends.
  • Hiro: For the next hour, you must use these chopsticks and not your hands to accomplish all tasks.
    Jonesy: Cool.
    (Jonesy accepts the chopsticks, and the staff get to work. Jonesy taps Hiro's assistant with the sticks.)
    Huni: What?
    Jonesy: Just making sure these things work.
    (The assistant gets back to chopping vegetables. Shortly thereafter, he receives another tap.)
    Huni: What?
    Jonesy: Sorry for disturbing you before.
  • (Jonesy pops up by Hiro's assistant, chopsticks in his mouth like tusks.)
    Huni: Aah!
    Jonesy: Where are the walrus?
  • Hiro: Before you can cut the fish, you must become the fish.
    Jonesy: Dude, you're kinda asking a lot for a minimum wage job.
  • Hiro: Now, clean this mess.
    Jonesy: Can I take a break first? See, there's this movie tonight, and–"
    Hiro: HAI! (He spins his broom furiously.) HAI!
    (Hiro stops and thrusts the broom away from him. He accidentally shoves it into a shelf of vases. He and Jonesy look at it, stunned.)
    Hiro: You clean other mess now too!
  • Coach Halder: Masterson! What are you doing in the box!?
    Jen: Gave myself a penalty, Coach.
    Coach Halder: What for?
    Jen: (holds up hot water bottle) Borrowing the merchandise?
    Coach Halder: What are you doing with that hot water bottle?
    Jen: It's for cramps.
    Coach Halder: (stares blankly)...
    Jen: Uh, FEMALE cramps?
    Coach Halder:...uh, well, uh...right! Well...uh...ahem! Keep it up! Very nice! Good good! I'm off to go over there.
    Jen: Yes sir!
  • Jen: Think we can keep the mood swings under control?
    Caitlin: What mood swings? (spotting someone looking at her) Hey! Come back here! I'm talking to you!
  • Jonesy: That's it! That's where the tickets are! In their bags! C'mon, guys! (They run off.)
    Hiro: No! That's not it! Come back here! Jonesy! You're fired!
  • Jonesy: GAH TAMPONS! Retreat! Retreat!
  • Jonesy: (seeing Darth go by) Yo Darth!
    Darth: (taunting) Would you like me to explain the story for you? I'll use small words so you'll be sure to understand.
    Jonesy: Silence! I challenge you to a duel. Food court, ten minutes. My honor shall be avenged.
    Darth: Well then. I accept.
  • Jonesy: Jedi Knight, your butt is mine!
    Darth: You don't frighten me, sushi boy!
    (They clash.)
    Jonesy: I know what you're thinking! How did this novice get so good with a sword? Has he been training in secret? Or does the force run strong in this one? No! It is–the way of the sushi!
    (Jonesy knocks Darth's sword away, and he begins to cry. Jonesy then pantses his opponent.)
    Darth: No! Not again! (pulling his pants up) I'll be back!
    Jonesy: And that, my friend, is the way of the sushi.
    Hiro: You are still fired, Jonesy!


  • The title has the same title as the final episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
    • The title is also the same as that of a martial arts movie starring Bruce Lee.
  • Jonesy's job: Super Terrific Happy Sushi employee
    Reason for firing: ditching Hiro's training and not getting the meaning behind it
  • "The Way of the Sushi" is perhaps a stealth pun on the part of the writers, as the Japanese samurai code is known as "bushido". This literally translates into "The Way of the Warrior." So, "The Way of the Sushi" would literally translate into "sushido".
  • The girls' period cycles sync up in this episode.
  • This episode is one of the rare times that Jen is put in the Penalty Box not by Coach Halder, but by HERSELF, as she was taking a timeout due to taking a hot water bottle for her cramps.
    • Also, this marks one of the occasions in which Nikki or Caitlin come and keep Jen company while she is in the box (in this case, both of them).
  • It is hinted that The Clones may actually LIKE Nikki (albeit secretly), as when Nikki asked (while on her period) if they wanted to have a sleepover with her, they seemed to get excited and one of them said it sounded like fun.
  • Breaking Up with the Boss' Son is referenced when Jonesy says to Darth that his honor will be avenged.
  • The Sushi Connection is referred to when Wyatt mentions "Caitlin's sushi puke-a-thon."
  • The name of Hiro's assistant is revealed to be Huni.
  • When the girls realize that their cycles have synced up, Jen asks if it's Caitlin's time of the month. It should have been obvious that it was, as her opening statement in the scene was that she needed a tampon.
    • Caitlin states that cycles syncing up is the first sign of close friendship. If this is the case, shouldn't the cycles of Nikki and Jen have linked up long ago?
      • However, Caitlin could've been referring to her friendship with Jen and Nikki, since Jen and Nikki have known each other a lot longer than Caitlin has known either of them.
  • Dragon Thunder is the second movie franchise seen in the show.
  • Jen calls back to The Five Finger Discount when she tells her friends why she knows Carson.
  • This is the first episode where one of the plots focuses on a film. The others are Career Day (The 77th Samurai), Awake the Wyatt Within (Life's Little Wrinkles), The One with the Cold Sore, Double Date (War Star Galaxy Force), and Out Of This World (Blue Alien Vortex).
  • Jen gets bad stomach cramps when she has her period while Nikki and Caitlin basically swap personalities.
    • Nikki gets overly emotional and needy and eats a lot of chocolate (which Caitlin likes but Nikki usually hates).
    • Caitlin gets short-tempered and overly cranky (it's unknown what her views on chocolate are during her period).



This clip was provided by 6animestar14 on YouTube.

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