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The Escalator Girls are a gang of mean girls that hang out at the escalator near The Big Squeeze. They steal from and bully people that invade "their territory." Some of their many enemies are Jude, Jen, and Nikki.

In the episode "Dirty Work", they stole Jen's house keys and Jude's skateboard and refused to give them back. When Caitlin paid Jonesy to tell them that Jen was a champion kickboxer who had killed someone in a fight, they handed over the stolen stuff as soon as Jen angrily demanded it. In the same episode, Caitlin had bought a container of new makeup called SmashFace that caused her face to darken and break out in zits. Jen tried to get her to give it up, but Caitlin foolishly refused to give it up, claiming that it was "too expensive to throw out". At the end of the episode, Nikki threw the makeup toward the Escalator Girls, who promptly tried it on and achieved the same disastrous results as Tricia and Caitlin. Without the makeup, Caitlin's complexion returned to normal, while the Escalator Girls became mocked for their hideous faces.

In the episode "Kylie Smilie", they pick on Jude by giving him a wedgie, pantsing Jude and tying knots in his clothes and putting a rose in his mouth, and literally tying Jude's arms and legs altogether. Nikki insults them and the Escalator Girls throw Nikki in a trash bin and the infuriated Nikki declares war. Jude distracts the Escalator Girls while Nikki gives each of them a wedgie. Ron then banned the girls from the mall. One of the Escalator Girls can be seen helping an old man with a theater ticket machine in "All Pets Are Off". One of the Escalator Girls has been heard to speak with a Brooklyn-style accent, while another one has been heard with a British accent. One of the Escalator Girls can be seen in a line leading to the Big Squeeze in "Fashion Victims". In "The One with the Cold Sore", two of the Escalator Girls can be seen in line at Grind Me, ready to audition for a movie shooting. In "2-4-1", two of them can be seen in the background as Blake reads Caitlin a poem. Two of the Escalator Girls are seen at an art show in "Blast From The Past".


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