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George and Gracie Bickerson

George and Gracie Bickerson are an elderly couple that fight and bicker a lot (as evidenced by their name). They are the perpetual old couple at the diner who while fighting with each other are slyly holding hands under the table.

They were first seen in "Smarten Up" as clients of Jonesy when he was working as a mall walker guide. Gracie (who was not originally named, and started out with a grouchy personality) was revealed to be quite strong for her age as she had pounded Jonesy several times when he tried to slack off on the job (abandon her at a distance) and in the end kicked him in the groin for treating them so badly.

They were seen again in "2-4-1", as they both got new jobs at Burger McFlipster's. Nobody at the business was able to put up with their constant bickering, and they were eventually fired. Later, they were seen on another episode of 6teen. This was in essence their episode; in it, they split up after 50 years of marriage. Jude, thinking they were his grandparents and misunderstanding the "grandfather paradox" (describing it in a nutshell, the paradox says that if you travel through time and stop your grandparents from ever meeting, you will stop existing. Jude thought that if the two broke up, he would cease to exist), spent most of the episode trying to get them to forgive and forget, so that he would still exist. His friends tried to convince him that he had misread the situation, as he obviously would still exist, but Jude didn't listen or understand what they meant.


  • George and Gracie's love-hate relationship mirrors the one between the one between Jonesy and Nikki. Jen even commented "They're the same couple, only fifty years apart!"
  • George and Gracie are an allusion to the comedy team of George Burns and Gracie Allen.
  • Gracie's voice seems to be a parody of Phyllis Diller.
  • George is voiced by Harvey Atkin, who is perhaps best known as the voice of King Koopa in the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, and its subsequent spinoffs.


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