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"Girlie Boys"
Episode name reference to/pun on: The term "girly men", which is derogatory for men who do feminine things.
Season 2, Episode 53
Airdate: CAN: April 27, 2006
USA: November 25, 2008
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Girlie Boys is the 53nd episode of the series and the 26th of the second season. It aired on April 27, 2006 in Canada on Teletoon and on November 25, 2008 in the United States on Cartoon Network.

When Jonesy finds out he has a unibrow, he goes to the Galleria Mall Spa to get it waxed. He realizes that the spa is a great place to pick up girls. He, Jude and Wyatt end up going there everyday and working there.

Meanwhile, Caitlin gets a second job at Chocoholics Anonymous in order to pay for a pair of jeans that she wants to buy--however, she ends up gaining a bunch of weight after going overboard on the store's "eat all the free chocolate you want" benefit they have for their employees.


As Jonesy's walking through the mall, everyone (most of whom are girls) he walks by either gasps or giggles (or both), and when he gets to the Lemon, we can finally see why the people before were like that: Jonesy's got a unibrow on his face now (which he doesn't seem to realize that he has). When the girls excuse themselves from the table, they start talking about how someone has to tell Jonesy about it, Jen takes it upon herself to tell him. First, she asks her stepbrother if he's looked in a mirror lately, and when Jonesy says he hasn't, Jen (very bluntly) tells him about his unibrow. Jonesy's shocked and disgusted by this, but Caitlin tells him that he can get rid of it at the Galleria Mall Spa. Jonesy at first refuses to do it, feeling that going to a spa is way too feminine, but agrees to go after two girls walk by and mock Jonesy for his unibrow.

Jonesy's in pain after having gotten a wax, but Caitlin tells him that the swelling will go down soon. At that moment, Jonesy notices that a lot of beautiful women come to the spa, and he suddenly loves the place. Jude skates through the mall. He pulls a few stunts before he skids to a stop by some other skaters. They compliment him on his moves, and he tells them he has to get going, as he has to practice for a speed-skating competition. Jonesy and Caitlin are walking through the mall when Jonesy states that he loves the spa. He especially loves how many women there are there. Jude then skates past, complimenting Jonesy on his eyebrows.

Jude meets up with Nikki and Wyatt by the Big Squeeze. He tells them that the training is going well before he pulls out a sticker, which he says is for Sally (his skateboard). Wyatt then reminds him that he's training for a speed-skating competition, and points out that anything Jude adds to himself or his skateboard could potentially slow him down--using the fact that many competitive swimmers often shave basically their entire bodies before athletic events as an example, which amazes Jude. Another skater then walks up and makes fun of Jude. Jude, angry, ends up challenging him to an after-hours race on Friday. The skater agrees and makes fun of them some more before leaving. Jude then mentions that he hates the guy, and Jonesy arrives, asking who the guy is. Nikki points out that it's Mike Dent, and Wyatt remembers him as the bully who stole his cookies in Kindergarten. Jonesy then comes by and tells them about the spa and mentions that he saw a bunch of women there who were practically naked, and points out some examples as they walk by. Nikki thinks that Jonesy's bragging is unbelievable, but before she can intervene, Caitlin comes by needing her assistance and drags her away. Caitlin shows her some new jeans and decides to put them on layaway. Nikki then reveals that Chocoholics Anonymous is hiring, and Caitlin thanks her for the tip.

The boys are then shown at the spa, getting waxed. Wyatt, in pain, tells Jonesy that he had better find a girl there. Jonesy tells him not to worry, and two girls walk by. Jude then gets his arms waxed, and thanks the waxing-lady, amazed at how smooth his arms are now. The woman then suggests another spa treatment that will give him smoother skin--and this particular treatment doesn't hurt like waxing does. Jonesy's surprised to hear that there are spa treatments that aren't painful. Shortly thereafter, the boys are getting skin treatments, including massages and pedicures. Jonesy points out that this is the best place ever, and Wyatt agrees, saying he'll never be high-strung again.

The girls are then shown at the Big Squeeze, where Caitlin's excitedly telling Jen and Nikki about her new job at Chocoholics Anonymous. Jen starts getting a little nervous about Caitlin working at the store because of how much her friend loves chocolate. At that moment, the boys come to the Lemon, looking perfectly coiffed. The girls ask what happened, and the guys say that they've been at the spa. Nikki sees this as a good thing, and goes on to complain about women bearing the brunt of society's expectations of putting so much effort into their appearances--when the guys are confused about what she's saying, she simplifies it, "I'm saying that maybe now men will appreciate all the work women are expected to put into looking good." Mike Dent then skates by, dragging a parachute, and Jude's sense of relaxation evaporates. When Nikki and Caitlin question what the parachute's for, Jen and Jude explain that the parachutes adds resistance, and helps to build speed and endurance when you're training for competitions that focus on speed. After hearing this, Caitlin offers to act as one for Jude, as this would add resistance to his ride and he could train.

Ron is dragging Pokey the Panda off to jail as Jen works at the Penalty Box. She outfits Caitlin with the necessary equipment for Jude to drag her around the mall. They then set off. A few minutes later, Jen's checking out a customer when Caitlin screams. They head through the Penalty Box at high speed. Jen finishes tallying up the total as the two crash into something.

Caitlin enters the spa and buys a bottle of hair product. She hands her money to the person tending the register, who happens to be Jonesy. When she asks what he's doing there, he tells her that since he was spending so much time at the spa and looked so good doing it, he was hired, and as such, he gets 30% off everything. Caitlin congratulates him, gets her product and leaves. On her way out, she bumps into Jude and Wyatt, and Jude invites her for more training that night. Caitlin readily agrees before leaving for work. Mike Dent then skates up and makes fun of Jude and Wyatt for going to the spa before skating away. Jude then states that although he's normally pretty chilled out, there's something about Mike that wrecks his mood. Jonesy tells him there's no problem, as they can share in his employee discount.

At her new job, Caitlin's eating chocolate with a co-worker and expressing amazement about being allowed to eat as much as they want. Two girls then come in, with one ordering a frozen yogurt, but the other has nothing, noting that when she worked there she gained twenty-five pounds in three months. When the two leave, Caitlin, still eating chocolate, asks how someone could eat enough chocolate to gain twenty-five pounds. Her co-worker agrees, and they continue to eat. Caitlin's stomach starts to bulge out (with a button on her skirt even popping off).

The guys are relaxing at the spa when Jonesy hears a woman claiming that you have to be good-looking in order to get people to take you seriously. Jonesy agrees with this, and decides to step into a tanning booth, taking it up a notch.

The girls are gathered around the table, where Caitlin's still chowing down on chocolate. The boys appear, and the girls scream. Nikki then notes that they look like fashion freaks, but the boys tell them that girls love their looks. The guys then start wondering how often they should go to be able to keep up on their new beauty regimen, because the spa treatments are still pretty expensive even with a discount. Jude then invites Caitlin out again, and Caitlin gets ready. As she gets up and goes, the gang notices that she looks heavy. Jen, pinpointing the cause of Caitlin's recent weight gain, complains about her friends never listening to her.

Meanwhile, Jude is straining as he rides his board. He stops his stopwatch and freaks out as he realizes he's getting slower. Mike Dent then comes by and mocks him. This angers Jude, and he chases after him, weaving through pedestrians which he avoids and Caitlin somehow hits. Mike Dent gets away, though, and Jude wonders how he can be going slower. Suddenly, he realizes what he thinks is the problem is: the hair on his head. He then runs off.

It is closing time. The mall shuts down completely, and Jonesy, Jude, and Wyatt gather outside the spa before sneaking in. Inside, Jonesy shaves Jude's head, Wyatt waxes Jonesy, and Wyatt and Jonesy give Jude a seaweed wrap. When the wrap is finished, the two try to pull it off but are unable to. Wyatt then notes that Jude used acrylic nail glue. Jude, panicking, runs blindly through the mall until he runs into the fountain. That is the moment when Ron appears and arrests them (after stating, "I almost don't want to know what's going on here").

The next day, Caitlin goes to the store to try her jeans on. She pulls them up and finds they don't fit. She at first thinks that they aren't the jeans she originally picked, but when the saleslady explains that they are the jeans she had originally picked out, Caitlin realizes what must have happened and flashes back to all the chocolate she's been eating lately--and promptly screams.

Caitlin's in the food court by the Lemon, crying. Her friends try comforting her, during which Jen points out that she did try warning her, but she didn't listen to her--Jen even adds that Caitlin was eating at least six pounds of chocolate a day since she started working at Chocoholics Anonymous. At this, Jude leaps up, happy to learn that if Caitlin got fat, it means that he wasn't slowing down at all--this in turn means that he's got a great chance of beating Mike in their skateboarding race. At this, Caitlin cheers for her friend. The girls then go to get Caitlin a pair of jeans in her new size. She looks through the rack and states that they're all gone. She then notices a rack of even nicer jeans and asks the saleslady to put them on layaway. Jen points out that the jeans won't fit since they're in Caitlin's old size, but Caitlin confidently says they will and the girls go root for Jude.

The race begins. Jude and Mike leap the obstacles, hitting them perfectly. Jude's shaven body pays off, though, as he speeds past his rival. On the last leg, Mike puts on a burst and nearly catches up to Jude, but Jude salutes and speeds up. At this, Mike angrily pushes Jude. Jude stumbles and falls off his board. The board flies backwards and hits Mike in the groin. Both fall to the ground and flop forward. They land and slide towards the finish, and that's where Jude's focus on aerodynamics pays off, as he crosses the line while Mike stops just short of it. His friends cheer and carry him away.

The gang is gathered around the Big Squeeze. Jen mentions that Caitlin looks good, and Caitlin tells her that the time she spent at the gym paid off. She then asks Jude how he did in his skateboarding competition, and he says that he managed to place second, which he claims almost makes up for being green and bald. Jonesy then asks why girls go to the spa, anyway. Nikki tells him that it's because of look-centric guys like him. Jonesy agrees, and then suggests to Caitlin and Jen that they go to the spa, as they're look like they're do for a visit. At this, Nikki tells them she'll handle it and smacks Jonesy.


  • Jonesy: Now you know I hate to brag, but it needs to be said: I am a total stud! The chicks can't keep their eyes off me today! I am on fiyah!
    Jude: (noticing Jonesy's unibrow) Whoa.
    Jonesy: What?
  • Jen: Jonesy, have you looked in a mirror recently?
    Jonesy: Nope! I know what I look like, and it's spelled h-o-t–
    Jen: You've got a unibrow.
  • Caitlin: It's like a big huge caterpillar is sitting on your face!
  • Jude: (looking at his crotch) Whoa...they shave it all? That's pretty extreme.
  • Jude: I believe you meant to say bro. "Bra" is for chicks.
    Mike: No, I meant to say bra, bra.
  • Nikki: Wyatt, that's Mike Dent! Don't you remember him?
    Wyatt: (sad) The guy who used to take my cookies in kindergarten class?
    (He flashes back in his memory.)
    Young Wyatt: Teacher, Mike Dent took my cookies!
    Wyatt: (back to the present) Oh, that Mike Dent. In that case, kick his butt!
  • Jonesy: If this is a Swedish massage, I can't wait for the Brazilian!
    Wyatt: (relaxed) I know, bro. I know.
  • Jude: Okay, I'm usually a pretty chilled-out guy, but that guy is starting to make me not-chilled-out.
  • (Jude runs into Darth.)
    Darth: (pulling out a sword) This Jedi Knight's not going down–
    (Caitlin runs into him and knocks him over.)
  • Wyatt: KICK HIS BUTT, JUDE! (Everybody looks at him oddly.) What? He stole my cookies.
  • Mike: Every loser has his day, Lizowski!
    Jude: And it looks like today is all yours, bra!


  • Jonesy's butt is shown uncensored, but when the Total Drama series (made by the creators of 6teen) shows butts (or, rather, butt cracks), they are pixelated.
  • Jonesy's job: employee at the mall spa.
    Reason for firing: he, Jude, and Wyatt snuck into the spa after closing hours to use it.
  • The name is a pun on the phrase "Girly men".
  • Jude mentions that first prize at Curb Jam is an all-expense paid trip to Vancouver. This suggests that 6teen is not set in that city.
  • Caitlin's credit card-less state (made permanent in Losing Your Lemon) is reaffirmed here when she has to put the "Citizens of Profanity" jeans on layaway.
  • Caitlin's hair product is made by a company called "Smashface". Interestingly, a product called "Smashface" appeared a few episodes earlier, in Dirty Work.
  • The tanning booth at the spa is called a "T-1000 High-Action Tanning Booth". The first part of the name is likely a reference to the T-1000 robots seen in the film Terminator 2.



This clip was provided by 6animestar14 on YouTube.

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