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"Going Underground"
Episode name reference to/pun on: The song of the same name single by British band The Jam
Season 2, Episode 28
Airdate: CAN: October 13, 2005
USA: November 10, 2008
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Going Underground is the 28th episode of 6teen and the first episode of the second season. It aired in Canada on Teletoon on October 13, 2005 and in the United States on Cartoon Network on November 10, 2008.

Jude and Wyatt both get fired from their jobs and find out that Taj Mahome Video is hiring, so they apply alongside Jonesy to work there.


By the Lemon, Jen points out that the gang has worked at the mall for nearly a year, only to draw a complaint from Nikki because of her job. Caitlin tries to cheer her up while Jude praises the fact that he gets to slack off while working, just to be confronted by Nikki. Jen asks Jonesy if he is prepared to be fired again, and Jonesy points out that a store named Taj Mahome Video and praises their style, then Caitlin points out that Wyatt is having a hard time being dumped by Serena for Chad. A brokenhearted Wyatt meets the gang while pondering Serena's choice for Chad, and Talon and Caitlin go to Grind Me to study, only for Caitlin to accidentally hit Talon in the eye with her backpack. Obsessed with Serena, Wyatt points out that he and Serena used to hang out there, and, while going over to work, Jen points out that he still works with Serena, resulting in his inability to move on. Still unmoved, Wyatt claims that he can handle it, only for him to drool over Chad and Serena making out at Spin This. He falls while leaning on the door, and asks if Serena wants coffee. She refuses, but Chad wants one. Wyatt becomes more upset, and, upon exiting, slams his head on a shelf. As Wyatt brings coffee to Chad, he meets a customer who talks about a song involving a girl dumping a guy, and Wyatt asks Serena to find that song, then storms off.

Jonesy finds Kristen and Kirsten in line at Taj Mahome for a job, only for them to beg Jonesy not to tell Chrissy, thinking it is "khaki treason." They feel that they can become popular by working at Taj Mahome and mention that a lot of cute guys shop there, making Jonesy leave.

Jude continues to slack off at Stick It by eating popcorn during his shift. He coughs up a piece on Blade, who wants a kebab, and Jude gives it to him with a discount due to the popcorn mishap. When Blade eats the kebab, he finds a roach in it that he's just bitten in half, causing him to faint.

While studying at Grind Me, Talon asks how his bruised eye looks, only to be criticized by Caitlin. Adding insult to injury, Caitlin accidentally spills hot coffee onto Talon's groin area, causing him to scream while she attempts to apologize. As an injured Talon goes to the mall nurse, Caitlin panics due to the mishaps, and Jen tries to no avail to calm her down. Caitlin reveals that she has also injured Talon by tripping him and slamming a car door onto his "kiwis," making Nikki start to think that Caitlin will soon be dumped. Nikki and Jen try to find more on Talon's accidental injuries while praising the fact that they do not have kiwis.

Angered by the tainted kebab, Blade has Stick It under investigation while Jude continues slacking until given a rude awakening by Ron. Ron reveals that the Board of Public Health is investigating Stick it due to the roach found in Blade's tainted kebab. Once Jude learns that Blade fainted in the mall, he laughs until Blade states that it was gross. The Board of Public Health tell Ron to look at the storage room of Stick It, which is so disgusting because Jude neglected his job to clean the room. Ron has Stick It closed for business, making Jude upset after reflecting on the good times he had there, even though he spent most of the time sleeping there. He turns to the girls for advice, only to reveal that he did not manage Stick It well, much to Jen's disgust. Nikki suggests that Jude accompanies Jonesy at Taj Mahome, so he follows through.

At Taj Mahome, Jonesy tries to console Jude for being fired. Jonesy points out two former Underground Video employees who slander their way of treating customers, making Jude curious of the fact that they could not be nice to the customers. Jonesy notes that they could pick their own hours while working at Underground Video, making Jude want to work there. Nikki and Jen take a poll to see if one would dump their girlfriend because they answer the phone "yello," drawing a yes from Jonesy. The girls then talk about bad hair while Jonesy asks Jude to look at his résumé, making Jude comment on the number of places Jonesy got fired from.

While customers browse Spin This, Wyatt growls at Serena for dumping him, and even goes as far as making customers stop trusting Serena, causing some tension between them. Serena tries to talk with Wyatt, who ignores her while rearranging the order of some CDs. Chad notes that they were in alphabetical order, only for Wyatt to note that they are now random, claiming that it is a nice metaphor for life. He feels that he can arrange the singles because he is now single, then starts giving Serena the cold shoulder. Caitlin and Talon stroll through Spin This, and as Caitlin manages to injure Talon yet again, Wyatt plays loud rock music, causing much distraction within the store. He "dedicates" the song to Serena and Chad, the two people he likes least in the world. Serena tries to talk to a stubborn Wyatt, but he refuses to listen, causing Serena to fire Wyatt. As customers react to Serena, Wyatt soon starts to regret his decision.

As the line at Taj Mahome dwindles, Jonesy sees Blade and Christo, his former co-worker from Things That Beep. The two managers throw Jude and Jonesy out of the store because of the tainted stick-it and Jonesy's previous encounter with them. After Jonesy notes how uncool the store really is, Jude points out that Blade fainted in the mall, causing the managers to walk away. As Jen and Nikki stroll through the mall, Nikki notes that a vast majority would dump their girlfriends for wearing the same underwear for two straight days. Jen is grossed out by the few who find it acceptable, and Nikki thinks they are the same people who use the three second rule. They soon encounter Jonesy and Jude, who reveal that they did not get the jobs and did not even get to apply thanks to Blade and Christo's attitude towards them. Soon, Caitlin calls Jonesy to state that Wyatt lost his job, and Jen points out that Underground Video is hiring, only for Jude and Jonesy to refuse the jobs--but Jen points out that it's the only store in the mall that's currently hiring.

At Grind Me, Caitlin tells a heartbroken Wyatt that Underground Video is hiring, only for him to refuse the job. Caitlin drags Wyatt up, and he finally accepts the opening, albeit reluctantly. Fearing that she might injure Talon, Caitlin insists on having three feet of room between them at all times, even when he leans in to kiss her. Caitlin finally admits that she is scared to be dumped, but he does not care and sticks to her. He pulls her in to kiss her, and Caitlin finally learns Talon's way of kissing when he licks her face. At the Lemon, Caitlin feels the need to dump Talon for his inability to kiss properly, claiming she felt like a postage stamp. After wiping some of Talon's saliva onto an innocent customer, Caitlin later admits that she and Talon haven't really kissed before aside from pecks on the cheek. Jen advises Caitlin not to break up with Talon just because he's a bad kisser, pointing out how Talon didn't break up with Caitlin despite the fact that Caitlin almost put him in the hospital (literally). Caitlin gets the idea to try and teach Talon how to kiss properly by taking him to some romantic comedies at the Gigantoplex.

The boys finally decide to go for the jobs at Underground Video, but Wayne, the manager, claims that there are no openings, only to be disproved by Wyatt. Wayne claims that it was a joke, and Jude explains that they were all fired but is then elbowed by Jonesy. Wayne asks for their qualifications, and they hand over their résumés. Wyatt is not hired, so Jude tells Wayne that Wyatt was dumped and fired. Afterwards, Wayne shows them the "Wayne's picks wall," and commands them not to touch, question, or even say "Wayne's picks wall." Jude wants one, but Wayne tells him that he has to earn one while ignoring a customer who wants to check out a movie, causing the others to question his ways.

At the movies, Caitlin takes Talon to watch a movie to teach him how to kiss, but Talon still licks Caitlin, obviously not learning anything. Caitlin, tired of his way of kissing, tells Talon off before storming off angrily.

After seeing the guys' favorite movies, Wayne orders Jonesy to take off Top M-16s. After claiming it is a horrible movie, a fight starts between Wayne and Jonesy. Wyatt reveals his favorite movies, and Wayne hires him, but not Jonesy. The girls meet with the boys, and Caitlin reveals that she dumped Talon while Jonesy admits he got fired again. Trying to lighten the mood, Jen points out that they still have each other, drawing mockery from Wayne.

By the Lemon, Caitlin brings over a cake to celebrate their year of working in the mall, and wonders if she was maybe too harsh about dumping Talon just because he's a bad kisser. Jonesy claims she did the right thing due to his inability to kiss, but Caitlin sees Talon and tries to make things right with him while holding a slice of cake and a knife. She trips and injures Talon once again, making her wail in fear that she will die single. Jonesy claims that she will always have the gang, only for her to wail even louder.


  • Ax: Yeah, hey, man. Um, do you have that song... the one where the girl... uh, stomps on the guy's heart... and... um... uh... squishes it into the ground?
    Wyatt: Oh, THAT song! Hold on. (leads him to Serena) Excuse me, Serena? This customer would like to find some song about a girl stomping a guy's heart, and I thought since you're SO good at that, that you might be able to help him! (to Ax) Have a nice day!
  • Jonesy: Okay, how's my resume look?
    Jude: Your resume's four pages long?
    Jonesy: I've worked at a lot of places!
    Jude: For ONE day!
    Jonesy: Your point?
  • Jen: Do you really think he'd dump her?
    Nikki: She squished his kiwis with a car door.
    Jen: Yeah, but that's not THAT big a deal. I mean, he's okay now.
    Nikki: Trust me, guys do not forget that kind of thing.
    Jen: But DUMP her? Really?
    Nikki: Alright. There's a scientific way to figure this out. Come on.
    Jen: Wow, I'm glad I don't have kiwis.
    Nikki: I hear ya, sister.
  • Jonesy: Hey man, we're here about the jobs? (Wayne continues listening on his headphones) I said we're here to apply for the positions?
    Wayne: I heard you, man. We're not hiring.
    Wyatt: There was a sign in your window.
    Wayne: Yeah, that was more of a joke than anything?
  • Wayne: (looks at movie) What about parts two and three? You can't just buy part one! Okay? They were written as a trilogy! They were filmed, nay! CONCEIVED as a trilogy! Taking only one of them home would be like leaving two of your newborn triplets at the hospital! Would you do that!? Would you abandon two of your babies!?
  • Wyatt: So then why do you carry the DVDs individually? Why not sell them only as a trilogy?
    Wayne: Because some other stores have no principles or loyalty to the art of cinema, and we'll sell individual parts of a trilogy to a customer WHETHER IT'S GOOD FOR THEM OR NOT!!!
    Jude: Think if we kissed up across the hall they'll let us work there?
    Jonesy: Not a chance.
  • Caitlin (entering with a cake): Happy one year anniversary guys!
    Nikki: Oh, this is so lame.
    (Caitlin hands a slice of cake to Nikki.)
    Jonesy: I'll take her's.
    Nikki (pushing Jonesy away from the slice of cake): No no no no, I'll have some. Lame cake tastes the same as un-lame cake.
  • Caitlin: (to Talon) "You kiss like a golden retriever!"


  • This is the first time Jude and Wyatt get fired from their jobs. Interestingly, all the male protagonists have been fired.
    Reason for Jude's firing: Blade reported Stick It to the board of public health after finding a cockroach in his food.
    Reason for Wyatt's firing: Getting on Serena's nerves.
  • This is the final appearance of Stick It while it's open. The store makes a cameo in Bye Bye Nikki, where it's revealed to still be shut down.
  • First appearance of Wayne.
  • Wayne's voice actor is ironically the same as Justin from Total Drama. These characters are complete opposites in terms of looks.
  • Apparently, Blade and Cristo have quit their jobs at Things That Beep to work as the managers of Taj Mahome Video.
  • Jonesy's job: employee at Underground Video.
    Reason for firing: Wayne simply didn't like Jonesy's taste in movies, particularly Top M-16s.
  • This is the only episode where Caitlin is afraid her boyfriend will break up with her.
  • Talon is injured multiple times prior to and during this episode, all of them inflicted by Caitlin. In order: tripped in chemistry class, opening car door into his "kiwis", black eye from swinging backpack, burned arm from spilled coffee and finally, an unknown (but painful sounding) injury involving Caitlin falling on him.
  • Top M16s is a reference to the Tom Cruise movie Top Gun.
  • The song "where the girl stomps on the guy's heart" is likely a reference to "Rocks Tonic Juice Magic" by Saves the Day.
  • Goof: When asked if answering the phone "yello" is annoying, Jonesy says it is, but later in the episode, he answers his phone using this word.
    • Of course, it's possible that this was an intentional way of showing Jonesy being hypocritical.
  • This marks the first appearance of Taj Mahome Video.
  • This is the first episode where Ron is shown genuinely getting angry.
  • Goof: When Nikki says "Oh no!" after learning Wyatt got fired, she speaks in Jen's voice.
  • Caitlin's line "You kiss like a golden retriever!" was used in many early Cartoon Network promos for the show.
  • Wyatt's top three movies are "Guilty Without Explanation", "Never Swim Alone", and Monk of the Green Dragon.
    • Interestingly, the last of these is the movie he and Jonesy went to see in Mr. Nice Guy.
  • This is the second time Britney and Gina appear. They first appear in "Mr. Nice Guy".



This clip was provided by 6animestar14 on YouTube.

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