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Gender Female
Hair color Dark Blonde
Eye color Blue
First Appearance The Khaki Girl
Last Appearance Bye Bye Nikki

Gwen is one of Tricia's best friends. Like Tricia, she acts quite snobbish.


Gwen is one of Tricia's friends (the other being Mandy) and helps Tricia with her evil and devious plans against Caitlin. She wears a pink skirt with ruffles, a black top, a purple hat, and pink sneaker heels. On formal occasions she wears a long lime-green dress. Gwen has long wavy dark blonde hair.

She usually is snobbish. However, in non-speaking roles such as in "The New Jonesy", she is rather nice and waves at Wyatt and Jude in the food court while with Mandy. It could be that Gwen is only a snob when she is with Tricia. Gwen usually makes minor background appearances, except for in The Khaki Girl, Unhappy Anniversary, Spring Fling, Sweet 6teen, and Double Date.

Episode Appearances


  • It is unknown why Gwen would be friends with Tricia and why she helps Tricia with her plans to humiliate Caitlin.
  • If examined closely, it can be discerned that Gwen has some freckles on her face.
  • It seems that Gwen holds a large blue purse when going shopping, as seen in "Losing Your Lemon".
  • Even though Gwen is a snob and must hate having a job like Tricia, she is seen waiting to audition for a job at Albatross & Finch in The (Almost) Graduate. She also wasn't with Mandy even though they were both seen in the waiting line.
  • Gwen is included in the "Dressy Girls" group in the 6teen online game Mall Rush on the Teletoon website.
  • Gwen appeared as a blonde in Deadbeat Poets Society.
  • Gwen is seen at a table with Tricia and Mandy when the camera zoomed out to see all the supporting and recurring characters in Bye Bye Nikki.
  • Jen and Nikki don't like Gwen and Mandy, because when they greet them by name, their tone of voice is cold and harsh, although why there is animosity between them is unknown.


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