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Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
First Appearance The Sushi Connection
Hiro is the Japanese head sushi chef and owner of Super Terrific Happy Sushi. Being of samurai descent, he carries a katana at his side, which he uses to chop up the fish kept in the restaurant fish tank with expert skill.

He is also a master of "karashi", where "karate and sushi join forces to battle stereotypical American menus". Hiro is also the owner of a copy of "The 77th Samurai", which is Wayne's favorite movie.

His catchphrase is "Baka no teenager!" (Stupid teenager!), usually said when dealing with Jonesy or Wyatt.


Hiro has appeared in several episodes. His first appearance was in The Sushi Connection, where he served Caitlin and Kyle sushi. His first prominent appearance, however, was in Stupid Over Cupid, where he fielded many calls from Wyatt, who was worrying about his reservation. Each time, Hiro assured him that his reservation was still there. He became angry when Wyatt called to cancel, and called him most dishonorable. When Wyatt called again to rebook, Hiro screamed at him and told him to stop calling the restaurant.

Hiro had another large role in Enter the Dragon, where he hired Jonesy. Throughout the episode, Jonesy messed up no matter what task he was given, and this led Hiro to angrily fire him for screwing up everything. His advice did help out Jonesy later, however, when Jonesy used the lessons he learned to defeat Darth in a lightsaber battle.

He also appeared in Career Day, where it was revealed that he owned a copy of "The 77th Samurai". Initially, he planned to let Jude and Wyatt borrow it in exchange for them cleaning out his pile of fish discards, but he later allowed them to do it in exchange for Jude advertising his store by standing outside wearing a giant plastic fish head. When Wyatt gave his restaurant a subpar review as practice to become a food critic, however, Hiro made Wyatt clean out the fish waste.

Hiro's next appearance was in Losing Your Lemon; there, he frequently played the part of the evil warlord in Jude and Starr's fish play. Each time he was called the "evil warlord" or "evil emperor", he would protest, saying that if he allows them to play with the fish tank, he gets to be the benevolent emperor. He eventually got his way when Jude made up with Starr; at this point, he cried, both at the happy ending and at finally getting to be the benevolent emperor.


  • Wyatt had mentioned that Hiro uses the Wu Tang method to prepare sushi.
    • This method, however, doesn't actually exist.

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