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The Jonesy-Nikki Relationship is the on-again-off-again-on-again romantic relationship between Jonesy and Nikki, which has gone on since early in the series.

They first got together when Jonesy dared her to see a movie with him so he could show her proof of a line that was said, which Nikki disputed, in that movie. Nikki and Jonesy later split up after a disastrous three-month anniversary celebration and Nikki moves on to dating another guy while Jonesy returns to his old womanizing ways, but they eventually come to realize how much they really mean to each other and they get back together. Because they care so much for each other, Jonesy and Nikki agree to break up if Nikki moves in Bye Bye Nikki so that they won't end up hating each other. They do this near the end, but both feel really sad, and end up calling each other so they can get back together and have a long-distance relationship.

Despite Jonesy's annoying habits (and his tendency to frequently get fired from his jobs) and Nikki's sarcasm and outspokenness, their love for each other enables the couple to weather all that life throws their way and be stronger for it. This is the impeteus for them to get back together at the end of Bye Bye Nikki and commit to a long-distance relationship.


  • This is similar to the Duncan-Gwen and Alejandro-Heather relationships from the Total Drama series and the Reef-Fin relationship from Stoked.
  • The relationship is also similar to the Ross and Rachel relationship on the popular sitcom, Friends.


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