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The Jude-Starr Relationship is the relationship between the two 6teen characters Jude and Starr. The two first met each other in The Five Finger Discount when the gang attempted to find him a real girlfriend (since his crush was a leather chair he named "Betty"). Once the store sold it, a heartbroken Jude meets Starr, who also claimed she had an interest in a piece of furniture too. They instantly had a connection.

On their first date in The Khaki Girl, they went to see a movie at the mall. Once Starr put her hand on him and leaned in for a kiss, Jude realized he ate the bad 'chunklets' (a type of meat Jonesey asked for him to put in the fridge) and was later the result of him barfing in her mouth, but she later forgave him for the incident (although whenever hearing that incident, it makes her barf as well). The incident was later appealled in "6teen: Dude of the Living Dead" when he had a dream. In Deadbeat Poets Society, the two performed at the Super Terrific Happy Sushi, and lended their voices to two fish resembling themselves in the aquariam. Jude later reconciled with Starr after recognizing his mistake.

In Lights Out, Starr becomes a goth. Trying to impress his new girlfriend, who also joins a gang of goths known as the Mallgoths, Jude tries to change his name too "Judas" as suppose to Starr changing her name to Nebula. She was touched for him trying to care, but decided to break up with him (probably due to her becoming a goth issues). Nevertheless, the two agreed on staying friends. However, she still had feelings for him. Starr then makes her last appearence in On Your Mark, Get Set... Date and is seen as a nerd. In that episode, she asked him out again, but later told him that she only dated guys whose IQ was 130 or higher. Jude, worried, agreed to take a test, but instead gave it to Wayne, reasoning that because Wayne always says he's the smartest guy in the mall, it must be true.

Wayne goofed off and ended up sticking Jude with a score of 65, which caused the two to break up. Interestingly, when Jude took the test himself, he received a score of 175–far above the bar Starr had set.


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