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Julie Full
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Relationship Darth
Nicknames Taco Girl
Voiced by Stacey DePass

Julie is a geeky girl who works at Wonder Taco and wears huge braces as well as retainers, thus giving her a lisp and the tendency to spit whenever she talks. Whenever a customer would make fun of her (such as Jonesy or Jude), she would spill dirt, dust, and her own spit into the tacos and serve it to her customers. Julie loves the nerdy Darth, a fellow geek at the mall. Whenever she’d have to wear a costume to appease Darth, she’d wear one which greatly resembled the Slave Leia costume from Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. She, like Darth, is an expert on anything Star Wars-related. She often gets jealous if she sees Darth with a another girl. She is voiced by Stacey DePass.

Julie is a Wonder Taco employee and Darth's girlfriend. Julie is also a member of the Jedi Knight Club. She is in a relationship with Darth, which was temporarily strained when Darth pledged his eternal gratitude to Caitlin. She was sometimes seen trying to injure Nikki when Darth was talking to her.

Julie wears braces and is skinny, awkward and unattractive, one of the few females in the show who isn't pretty at all. Also, her uniform includes a bizarre giant taco on her head.


  • Her Total Drama counterpart is Beth, because they are both brace-faced geeks who spit when they talk. However, when Beth returns in Total Drama Action, her braces have been removed.
  • Although Julie spits into the tacos handed to Jude and Jonesy, they both say how terrific it tastes because they did not notice that Julie spat into them.
  • Due to having similar interests to her boyfriend Darth, Julie is often seen wearing the slave costume worn by Princess Leia in Return of the Jedi.


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