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"Labour Day - Part 1"
Episode name reference to/pun on: The national holiday of the same name, and the term "labor" for a pregnant woman.
Ron talks to Jen
Season 4, Episode 81
Airdate: CAN: September 10, 2009
USA: April 5, 2010
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Labour Day - Part 1 is the 81st episode of 6teen and the first part of the season premiere of the fourth season. It aired in Canada on September 10, 2009 on Teletoon and in the United States on April 5, 2010 on Cartoon Network.

Jen's mother goes into labor, and the group heads to the hospital. Unfortunately, once there, Jonesy and Jude get distracted by setting up wheelchair races, Caitlin ignores the no cell phones rule, Wyatt can't find any coffee, and it turns out that babies disgust Nikki. To make things worse, Jen isn't showing up, as various obstacles in the mall keep getting in her way to stop her from showing up at the hospital.


The gang are around the table, discussing the baby. They consider various names. Jen then rushes up and announces that her mom has gone into labor. Everyone starts to freak out, as the baby isn't due for another few weeks, but Jen calms them down and has them go over their assignments for when the baby comes. Caitlin's is to notify people on a list, Jonesy's is to keep his brothers out of trouble, Wyatt's is to buy a gift, Jude's is to take pictures, and Nikki's is to make sure that Jude has his camera. When Jude hears this, he is annoyed, but Jen makes it clear that Nikki has an important job when she asks Jude if he has his camera with him. The answer, a no, shows that Nikki is indeed needed to help Jude.

The gang, with the exception of Jen, rush into the hospital. They deal with an unhelpful nurse initially, but learn that Emma's room is room 216. They walk down the hallway to the room. While walking, Caitlin pulls out her cell phone and finishes calling the people on the list. Jonesy and Jude see some wheelchairs and suddenly stop. They get an idea. Meanwhile, Nikki, Caitlin, and Wyatt move on. Nikki suddenly turns to ask Jonesy a question, and finds that two of their gang are missing. Caitlin suggests that she call them, but Wyatt says that she's not supposed to use her cell in hospitals. Caitlin deflects this, saying that it's microwaves you're not supposed to use cell phones in.

Jonesy and Jude race the chairs through another floor. As they speed down the hall, they wreak havok on everyone that they meet. On the way, Jonesy gets an idea to make some money through the fine art of wheelchair racing.

Caitlin, Wyatt, and Nikki are gathered outside Jen's mother's curtains. They call Jen. Jen tells them that she's on her way and asks how her mother is doing. Caitlin asks her, and as she speaks, Emma Masterson-Garcia goes through another contraction. Caitlin relays that she's fine; she's in labor, so the baby could come at any moment, but it's not currently expected. A nurse then comes in and tells Caitlin she can't use the cell phone. Caitlin rudely shushes her and continues to converse. Jen then asks how far apart the contractions are. The mother says they are currently about 4 and a half minutes apart. As Caitlin relays this, the nurse points to the no cell phone sign. Caitlin ignores her and starts to tell Jen about Jonesy and Jude. The nurse, fed up, grabs her phone and hangs up for her. Jen realizes that she lost the signal, and gets on the escalator so she can get out of the mall. On the way up, a cute guy comes up to her and tells her that her shoelaces are stuck in the escalator. Jen screams and tries to break free. The boy runs ahead to the top and hits the emergency stop button. Jen tells him to get help, and he runs off to get someone to help her.

Wyatt is filling a cup with coffee from a machine. He takes a sip and instantly spews it out, as it is horrible. At that moment, two fast-paced men in wheelchairs speed by, knocking him over. The men race forward and break through a finish line manned by Jonesy and Jude. A gathered crowd cheers. In the lobby, a security guard hears, and happily remarks to the nurse that someone's having fun. The nurse declares that this is prohibited, and the guard unhappily slumps off to look into it.

Jen is still stuck on the stairs. She calls out for help, and Darth arrives. After some blackmailing on his part, he gets to work, stating that before the invention of knives, man used his teeth to cut things. As he chews off the shoelaces, the cute guy Jen met earlier arrives with scissors. Jen tries to explain, and ends up just looking stupid.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, a doctor is checking over Jen's mom. Nikki tells him that Jen, her breathing coach will be there soon. Caitlin reassures him of this. Wyatt then walks in. He smells the wonderful scent of coffee and sees a mug in a doctor's hand. Caitlin says that she'll call Jen, and the doctor tells her that cell phones are prohibited in the hospital. He then notices Wyatt sniffing at his coffee mug. He backs away as Wyatt continues to sniff at it. Nikki then tells him that she can't really be in the delivery room, as babies kind of creep her out. Outside, Caitlin tries to text Jen, and the nurse again hangs her up. Courtney then arrives in the room. Seeing the doctor, she starts hitting on him, much to Nikki's disgust. Wyatt meanwhile continues to sniff the doctor's coffee like a bloodhound. The doctor, fed up with Wyatt's sniffing, finally tells him that he got it from the cafeteria, and that's where Wyatt can find some as well.

Jude and Jonesy are setting up another race. Jude announces the racers, and Jonesy slaps a betting sheet on the wall. They then begin to take bets from the hospital-bound viewers.

Jen and her new friend are running through the mall when Jen slips on a wet floor and runs into a bunch of mannequins. At the hospital, Courtney and the doctor are still flirting. Meanwhile, Diego and Robbie Garcia are playing with the blood pressure meter; Diego has it around his neck, and Robbie is pumping it up. Someone then calls Caitlin. Caitlin is about to answer when she sees the nurse, who is adamant about the rule. Strangely enough, the nurse is paying more attention to Caitlin's cell phone then to the boy being strangled in the corner of the room. Nikki looks around at the utter insanity and wonders if there really are any doctors in the hospital.

Jen has been locked up in jail by Ron for her running into the mannequins. She begs Ron to let her out, but Ron refuses. He then catches sight of a violation: kids shaking a gumball machine. He runs out to take care of it, leaving Jen stranded.

Caitlin is hiding in a closet as she texts Jen to find out where she is. When she receives the reply, she gasps: Jen is in jail. The nurse then opens the door. Seeing Caitlin, she takes the cell phone and stores it in her pocket for safekeeping. In the cafeteria, meanwhile, Wyatt has just gotten his coffee. He takes a big sip and then spews it out. He asks the chef why it tastes so bad, and the chef tells him that she doesn't drink coffee. This shocks Wyatt, who believes that you must drink coffee in order to make good coffee. The chef then asks if he can help her, and Wyatt agrees. In the hall, meanwhile, Caitlin is trying to get up the nerve to use a pay phone; however, upon touching it, she is turned off and refuses to use it. Meanwhile, Wyatt is guiding the cook. She is making advances on him that he desperately tries to ignore. Suddenly, she grabs him and kisses him.

Caitlin is pacing around, trying to figure out a way to get her phone back. Suddenly, Jonesy calls to her, telling her to look out. Caitlin looks down the hall and sees two wheelchairs barreling down towards her. The security guard arrives and throws himself in the way. The racers hit him and ram into the other racers. The guard gets up and pulls Jonesy and Jude from the fray. He worriedly asks if they're okay. Upon hearing that they are, he sounds relieved, and calls them crazy pranksters. He then suggests they come with him. Jude and Jonesy follow the guard, unused to dealing with an authority that doesn't sound like Ron.

The guard has dragged them off and is currently sobbing at having to get rid of them. Jude tells Jonesy that the guy is creepily nice, and Jonesy says that he'll distract the guard, and they'll split up. He tells the guard that there's a cute puppy and points away from them. The guard turns to look, and they take off running, although Jude is staying with Jonesy due to having misunderstood the directions.

Caitlin straps on a surgical mask and surgical gloves and approaches the pay phone. She picks it up and calls Jen. Jen learns from her that Courtney is hitting on the doctor, Jonesy and Jude are running wheelchair races, Nikki is stuck with her mother, and Robbie and Diego are running amuck. Jen begins to give Caitlin instructions, but Caitlin says she has to go, as a piece of gum is touching her ear. Caitlin slowly lowers the phone, and the gum peels away slightly. Caitlin screams and drops it. The cute guy then shows up at mall jail. Jen first accuses him of being bad luck, but he points out that he's here to bust her out, a statement which cheers her up considerably. He picks Ron's keys off his desk and gets to work.

Caitlin arrives back in the room and Nikki grabs her. She tells Caitlin to never leave. Nikki then asks where Jen is, and Caitlin tells her Jen is no longer coming; she's in jail. The mother and the punk both scream. Caitlin, seeing Emma's disheveled appearance, offers to do her makeup, but she angrily refuses. Wyatt then arrives with a gift-wrapped box, saying he got the present. Nikki asks what it is, and he reveals that it's a coffeemaker. Nikki is shocked at this. Wyatt then asks Emma if she wants some coffee, and she refuses. Wyatt states that somebody should make sure it works, and opens the box. Nikki tells him she'd like one too, and Caitlin asks for a latte.

Jen and the guy run into the elevator. The doors close and it begins its ascent. She then tries to patch things up with her new friend, and they introduce themselves; his name is Nathan. At that moment, the elevator breaks, and they end up stuck. Jen screams in frustration.

To Be Continued...


  • Jude: "Babies have it made, dude. Free food and transportation, all from the comfort of your very own waterbed. If I was a baby, I'd stay inside forever."
    Jonesy: "Well I'm tired of waiting for her to pop. I can't wait to say hello to little Jonesy Jr."
    Wyatt: "Jonesy Jr.?"
    Jonesy: "And what's wrong with that?"
    Nikki: "First off, Jen's mom is having a girl."
    Caitlin: "Maybe she'll be called Jen Jr.!"
    Wyatt: "Or one of the 12 billion other names."
    Jude: "Maybe you'll both be right. Maybe the baby will be named Jensey!"
    Wyatt: "Jensey?"
    Nikki: "Ugh."
    Caitlin: "Ew."
    Wyatt: "Worst name ever."
    Jonesy: "Oh, I don't know, how about Wyatt?"
  • Jen: (checking that they know their assignments) "Jude!"
    Jude: "Take pictures! Make sure I have my camera on me at all times. Pictures, pictures pictures. Take pictures of the baby."
    Jen: "Nikki."
    Nikki: "Make sure Jude has his camera."
    Jude: "That's your job assignment?!?"
    Nikki: "Sad but true, my friend."
  • Coach Halder: "If you ask me, women have it too easy nowadays, with their fancy 'La-man-zee' classes and their...hospitals! And their beds that go up and down! Why, when my mother had me, she was at work."
    Jen: "Really?"
    Coach Halder: "Yep. I was born right where you're standing."
    Jen: "Ew!"
    Coach Halder: "It was messy. But very poignant. Yep, she just scooped me up and finished her shift." (laughing) "I love that woman. She says that's the day I made my first sale."
  • Security Guard: (happy) "Sounds like someone's having fun out there!"
    Receptionist: "Fun? Isn't that against the rules?"
    Security Guard: (despondent) "Yes." (tearful and depressed) "I'll um–I'll look into it."
  • Darth: "Before the invention of tools, man relied on the only cutting device available to him...his teeth."
  • Darth: "Have you considered an odor-eating insole?"
    Jen: (defensively) "These are my work shoes! And I'm under a lot of stress and, um," (whispering) "I don't like him."
    (Darth presses the play button on his Record-O-Pen.)
    Jen's Recorded Voice: "Darth is attractive."
  • Dr. Dusty: "You can't use your cell phones her, but there are payphones down the hall."
    Caitlin: "Payphones? Ew. What are we? Cavemen?"
    Nikki: "Um, cavemen didn't use payphones."
    Caitlin: "See? Even cavemen didn't use payphones."
  • Courtney: "Where is Jonesy? These two brats are making me crazy!"
    Nikki: "Great! Oh, Dr. Dusty, this is her daughter."
    Dr. Dusty: "Oh good, you're the breathing coach."
    Courtney: (chuckles) "No, I'm the pretty one."
  • Wyatt: "Okay. We load the coffee grounds into the selected tray."
    Misha: "Ooh, so gentle."
    Wyatt: " can mix a dark roast with a medium roast–" (the waitress leans into him) "–or not! No mixing. Now we just close the lid and turn it on."
    Misha: "Oh yeah, baby. Turn it on!" (She grabs Wyatt and kisses him.)
  • Jonesy: (running away) "You were supposed to go left!"
    Jude: "I totally left, dude, that's why I'm here with you right now."
    Jonesy: "Just keep running."
  • Nikki: "Where's Jen?"
    Caitlin: "Jen's in jail."
    Nikki: "Jail?"
    Emma: "Jail?!?" (She pulls the curtain back, revealing her disheveled appearance.) ""
    Caitlin: "Do you want me to do your makeup? First impressions are so important, and you don't want the baby to meet you looking like that."


  • This episode, along with it's second part Labour Day - Part 2, are a title reference to the national holiday Labour Day.
  • This is one of the only episodes that's a two-part episode. The other one is the series finale, Bye Bye Nikki.
    • Both two-parters are in the show's last season.
  • The rules of wheelchair club parody the rules of "fight club" in the movie Fight Club.
  • Coach Halder was apparently born inside the Penalty Box during one of his mother's shifts.
  • Conway has irritable bowel syndrome while Vlad is revealed to have mononucleosis.
  • One of the mannequins that Jen crashes into looks like Purple Dress Girl.
  • This episode confirms that the series is set in Canada, as Jen's mom goes to St. Michael's hospital, which is a very famous Toronto hospital.
  • Labor is spelled with a U in Canada. Since the show is Canadian the Labour is spelled with a U.



This clip was provided by JDD6214 on YouTube.

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