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"Labour Day - Part 2"
Episode name reference to/pun on: The holiday of the same name.
Jonesy comes in as the clown
Season 4, Episode 82
Airdate: CAN: September 17, 2009
USA: April 12, 2010
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Labour Day - Part 2 is the 2nd part of the two-part episode which premiered the fourth season. It aired on Teletoon on September 17, 2009 and on Cartoon Network on April 12, 2010.

The episode continues from the first part beginning with Jen and Nathan trapped in an elevator after a power surge.


The episode begins with Jonesy giving a recap of the previous episode. He says that Jen's mom is having a baby. While most of the gang got to the hospital, Jen got stuck at the mall. Meanwhile, Caitlin got tagged by the cell phone police, Wyatt got groped by a girl, and he and Jude made some old people happy and in the process got some money out of it. As all this went on at the hospital, Jen's luck in the mall went from bad to worse. After his recap, the opening credits roll.

Wyatt is drinking coffee and playing guitar in the lobby. Caitlin and Nikki, also with cups of coffee, come up to him and ask him to explain the reasoning behind the gift. He tells them that parents with new babies get no sleep, and coffee helps keep you awake, and as such, a coffee machine was the perfect gift. At that moment, Emma Masterson's shrieks of pain shred the air. Caitlin notes that there are but 3 and a half minutes between contractions now. She then asks where Wyatt got the guitar, and Wyatt tells them that there's an entertainment room. He plans to write Jen's mom a song.

Jen is still stuck in the elevator. She tries to get a cell phone signal and fails. The cute guy then tells her that the emergency phone is dead and the alarm is broken, much to her anger.

Nikki, Caitlin, and Wyatt are in Emma's room. The doctor arrives, and tells them that they have to figure out which one of them is going to go into the delivery room with Emma. He then reveals that this will be his first delivery. Wyatt eliminates himself, and Caitlin refuses, saying that she touched a pay phone today. Nikki is the only one left, and she reluctantly agrees. Emma lets out another moan and begs for Jen to arrive.

Jonesy and Jude run down the hall, trying to escape the friendly security guard. Jonesy suggests they split up, and Jude agrees, ducking into a stairwell while Jonesy continues to run.

Nikki is walking through the hospital, angry at her friends. She comes to the baby center and sees the sleeping babies. She at first blames them for her misfortune, but begins to fall in love with them when she sees some cute ones. She stares at them happily until a nurse, taking a baby out, waves at her. Nikki ducks down, shocked that she got caught staring at babies and that she may even like them.

Caitlin and Wyatt are waiting in the room. Courtney walks in. Caitlin angrily asks where she was, and Courtney tells her that she went downtown and got a manicure. Wyatt then asks if Robbie and Diego were with her, and she realizes she forgot something. The boys stepmother asks where they are, and the camera cuts to them pranking an elderly patron of the hospital. Emma then yells that somebody has to find them. Courtney tells Wyatt to do it, and he puts down his coffee mug. She then asks where the coffeemaker came from, and Wyatt reveals that it was his gift. Courtney calls this "dumb."

Jonesy ducks into an office. He is greeted by the occupant. The suit tells him that he's late on his first day, and should be fired. The security officer then opens the door onto Jonesy. Seeing only the man in charge, he nods and ducks back out. The man then hands Jonesy a trash bag and tells him to get into costume and start the show for the kids.

Jude is walking through the morgue. He runs into a stretcher and stops. On the stretcher is a corpse. Jude doesn't realize this, and he begins to talk and actually starts to have a conversation with the corpse.

Jonesy is in the lobby in a clown costume. He stands in front of five kids. He tries to think of something. Reaching into the pocket, he finds a packet of balloons. Pulling them out, he asks who wants a balloon animal and, receiving cheers, begins to make one.

Emma Masterson screams again. Caitlin asks Courtney how far apart the contractions are, and Courtney replies that it's under three minutes. Caitlin is wowed by this. Nikki is hiding in a stairwell. Two nurses walk by, saying they love the nursery. One mentions a "new baby smell". Nikki's interest is piqued by this. Wyatt is in another part of the hospital, asking for help finding two little boys. Suddenly, a bucket of water falls on his head, and he realizes where they are. Wyatt chases after them. Jen is still trapped in the elevator. Nathan tells her that he will help; they're a team, and he's going to do his best to get her to the hospital. Ron then bangs on the doors and asks if anyone's inside. Jen proceeds to call that she is trapped in the elevator. Jonesy's job is going poorly at the moment, unfortunately. The only thing he can make is a snake. A boy says he wants a donkey, and Jonesy, annoyed, says he'll make one. He grabs the balloon and attempts to twist it. It pops in his hands. He then grabs another and tries. It suffers the same fate. The kids begin to laugh. Jonesy tries another. Another pop. He is getting angry, but he then notices the laughter. He then pretends to be frustrated and proceeds to pop the other two balloons with attempts to make animals. Jude is still hanging out in the morgue. Right now, he is telling the corpse about a wheelchair race. When he finishes the story, he notices the toe tag and reads it, calling the corpse "Steve." Jude, not realizing that his friend is dead, continues to ramble on, starting another story.

Ron is calling into the elevator, asking what's going on. Jen calls back that they're trapped, and he has to hurry, as the baby could come out at any minute. Ron hears this, and thinks that there's a pregnant woman trapped in the elevator. He tells them he'll call 911, and advises her not to push before he runs off. Jen, confused, turns to her friend and asks what she's not supposed to push.

Nikki has crept into the nursery. She sniffs various babies, saying that they smell good, before picking up a red-haired one. She joggles it happily. Another baby starts crying, and Nikki picks it up. When she rocks it, the baby stops, instead falling happily back into the gentle arms of sleep. Nikki then feels happy, as she made a baby stop crying. This feeling is short-lived, though, as she sees two nurses walk by. Sighting this, she decides to put them back, but accidentally puts them in the wrong baskets. She realizes this, but sees the nurses about to enter, and has to hide. They come in and take one of the switched babies to its parents, much to Nikki's worry.

Jude is still talking to the corpse. By now, he's saying that he should, in fact, be doing better in school. He then tells Steve that he's a good motivator, and asks him if that's what he does for a living.

Jonesy is putting on a puppet show for the kids. There are two characters: King Jonesy and Pig Nikki. The king is trying to convince the pig to date him, but the pig keeps shutting him down. Eventually, the king gives up, saying that he really likes her. The pig then gives in, saying that he's a goof, but he's king of the goofs. The show ends. Jonesy then walks over to his boss and gets $50. He then tells the man that he might as well fire the clown, and the man, confused, does so. Jonesy then proceeds to happily walk away, still a clown, but this time a richer clown. He then runs into Nikki, who is having a conniption fit. Nikki tells him what happened, and Jonesy finds a strategy that Nikki can use to bring things back to normal. Nikki then tells him that she loves him and kisses him, taking the fifty dollar bill. She leaves, and Jonesy wonders if she just said she loved him. Certifying in his head that this was indeed what she said, he proceeds to strut down the hall; a funny look on a man in a clown suit.

A policeman is describing a film to a woman at the desk. He gets a call about a woman trapped in an elevator who is about to have a baby and says goodbye to the nurse. He then runs off to help.

Nikki runs into the nursery. Encountering a nurse there, she yells that there's a code orange. Receiving no response, she suggests code red and, after its failure, code blue. The blue code jolts the nurse up, and she runs out. Nikki takes the redheaded baby and replaces it with a doll. She then runs out with the baby.

Caitlin and Courtney are listening to Emma moan. Courtney notes that the contractions are really close. The mother asks if Jen or Nikki are there; when told they aren't, she tells Caitlin to go find them. Courtney tries to go instead, but her mother orders her to stay, and Caitlin takes off. Down the hall, she runs into Jonesy. She asks questions about his clown suit, but when he tries to answer, she cuts him off, saying she doesn't care. She then tells him that because neither Jen nor Nikki are there, he has to go in and convince Courtney to go into the delivery room with her mother, or else he'll have to. Hearing this, Jonesy puffs his chest up and takes responsibility, tearing off his wig and getting ready to help his mother.

Jude is telling Steve about his relationship problems when a nurse arrives. The nurse tells him to say his goodbyes, and then leave. Jude proceeds to do so, telling the corpse that it's been great; lots of laughs, a bunch of heart-to-hearts, and he really taught Jude a lot about life. Jude turns to go, and the nurse hugs him, telling him that that was beautiful. When Jude wriggles free, he adds a P. S. to his speech, telling the corpse that if he ever swings by the mall, he should stop by the ice rink and say hi. Jude then walks away, leaving the nurse a bit confused about his relationship with the corpse.

Ron shoves the elevator doors open and strains to keep them apart as Jen and Nathan get out. He then tells Jen that he followed up on her story and found out that her mom really is in the hospital. He then tells Jen to look pregnant. Jen is confused until the policeman shows up with a stretcher. She then acts pregnant and leaps on to be wheeled away.

Nikki comes to the lobby in a nurse uniform and sees the parents leaving. She calls to them and makes up a story about needing to measure the baby's face. She takes it back to the carriage and switches it out. She then hands the baby back to the parents. They leave, and Nikki walks the carriage back to the nursery, relieved.

Caitlin is asking the receptionist if she's seen Nikki when Jen comes in. Hopping off the stretcher, she hustles over to Caitlin, much to the shock of the policeman, who thought she was pregnant. Wyatt then shows up, with the boys in tow. He is lecturing them. They share various tidbits of information about their day. The nurse at the desk then tells them that Emma Masterson is headed to the delivery room, and they run off to take care of her. The policeman then turns back to the nurse and continues to tell her about the movie.

Jonesy is lecturing Courtney about responsibility and how she has to be Jen today. He has convinced her to go in when Jen shows up. Both cheer, happy that they don't have to be Jen. They embrace Jen, and when they break the hug, Caitlin urges Jen onwards. The four then take a seat on a bench. Jonesy mentions that they had it covered, and Courtney agrees. Jen then asks Courtney to come in with her; she'll do all the work, but she thinks that their mother would benefit from having both of her daughters there. Courtney agrees and enters. Caitlin then asks Jonesy where Nikki is, and is told that she's switching babies and loves Jonesy.

Nikki has just made the last switch when she runs into a nurse. Nikki worriedly explains what she was doing, only to surprisingly receive an "Is that all?" from the nurse. The nurse then tells her that they mix up babies all the time, and that she should go join her party in the waiting room. Nikki moves to leave, but a question arises. She then asks whether they always get the right babies to the right parents, and the nurse shrugs. Nikki whispers "Good luck" to the babies and leaves the nursery.

The gang, with the exceptions of Jen and Jude, are gathered in the waiting room. Jude arrives. Nikki asks what he did, and Jude replies "Nothing." Jen then exits the delivery room and tells them that the baby is here. Nikki squeals and races forward. Seeing the gang behind her, she asks why everybody is moving so slowly, and continues onward.

The new baby is in its mother's arms. Courtney says that it's beautiful, and Caitlin mentions that it's nice that Mr. Garcia wanted it named after her. Jude, not getting it, asks if he wanted it named Mrs. Masterson, and Wyatt reprimands him, telling him the baby is named Emma. Nikki then leans in and sniffs it. Jen mentions that she heard some of Jonesy's speech, and thanks him. Jonesy says it wasn't a problem, and asks if he can hold the baby. He begins to gently rock it. Nikki then gets an idea. She takes a tiny wristband and puts it around the baby's ankle. When asked why, she says that it's not there for any reason; they just shouldn't take it off until they get home. She then signals to Jude, and Jude readies the camera. He then takes a photo of the family gathered around the baby, featuring from left to right Robbie, Diego, Jen, Jonesy, Emma Jr., Nikki, Emma, Wyatt, and Caitlin.


  • Nathan: "Well, the emergency line is down, and the alarm doesn't work."
    Jen: "WHAT?!?"
    Nathan: "Please don't hurt me again!"
  • Doctor: "Don't worry, we're all nervous. Heck, this is my first delivery!"
    Caitlin, Nikki, Wyatt & Emma: "WHAT?!?"
    Doctor: "Don't worry, I have a pretty good idea of what I'm doing. I did a lot of reading and saw most of a video."
  • Jonesy: "Security dude's still back there!"
    Jude: (panting) "Yeah! He's unstoppable!"
    Security Guard: (cheerfully) "Slow down guys."
    Jonesy: "We gotta split up!"
    Jude: "Yeah. Good plan." (He ducks into a stairwell.) "Later bro."
  • Caitlin: "Where have you been?"
    Courtney: "There was nothing to do here so I went downtown and got a manicure."
    Caitlin: "Ooh, nice!"
    Wyatt: "So Robbie and Diego were with you?"
    Courtney: "Ooh. I knew I forgot something."
  • Courtney: "Where'd the coffeemaker come from?"
    Wyatt: "I bought it. As a gift for the baby."
    Courtney: "Wow. Dumb."
  • (Jude stumbles around the dimly-lit basement and runs into a corpse on a stretcher.)
    Jude: "Whoa! Sorry, dude. Didn't see you lying there." (He takes a seat.) "Whew! I am not having a frosty day. So, what are you in for?"
    Jude: "Don't want to talk about it, huh? That's cool by me. I'm just gonna hang here for a minute and chill." (He sighs.) "Yeah, definitely in need of a breather."
  • (Emma is groaning.)
    Caitlin: "Time between contractions?"
    Courtney: (checking the clock) "Just under 3 minutes."
    Caitlin: "Wow."
    Courtney: "Is that bad?"
    Caitlin: "I have no idea."
  • Jude: (laughing as he talks to the corpse) "And the old guy kept farting! The whole race! It was like, turbo boost, dude! You should have seen it–"
    (Jude notices the toe tag.)
    Jude: "...Steve! Like, the other guy had to stand and lean just to avoid the bum stink! Ho ho ho! Ski doe! Good times, bro. Good times."
  • Ron: (through the elevator door) "I didn't catch that last part! What did you say!"
    Jen: "I said, get us out of here! The baby could be born at any time!"
    Ron: (to himself) "Oh my. A pregnant woman trapped in an elevator." (to Jen) "I'll call 911! Don't push!" (He runs off.)
    Jen: "Okay!" (to Nathan) "Don't push what?"
    Nathan: "I dunno."
  • Jude: "You're right, dude. I should be rockin' school. I'm only letting myself down. You are such a good motivator, bro. Is that what you do for a living?"
  • Jonesy: "I just made fifty dollars as a clown! I was a king, and you were a pig, and–"
    Nikki: "I just switched two babies in the nursery. The nurse came in and took one of them, and–I was a pig?" (going back to the story) "Not important."
  • Nikki: "This is the one and only time I will ever say this. I love you and your big dumb brain."
  • (Nikki runs into the nursery and spots a nurse.)
    Nikki: "Fourth floor! Code orange!"
    (The nurse stands there, confused.)
    Nikki: "Code yellow?"
    (The nurse blinks at her.)
    Nikki: "!"
    (The nurse runs off.)
  • Caitlin: "Where have you been!?!?!"
    Jonesy: "I was–"
    Caitlin: "No one cares. The last time I spoke with Jen, she said you needed to quit clowning around, which is pretty uncanny. Why are you wearing that?"
    Jonesy: "I was downstairs–"
    Caitlin: "No one cares."
    Jonesy: "You keep asking questions and–" (Caitlin cuts him off.)
  • Jude: "I miss Starr. We used to be like two peas in a pod, but now I'm like a pea, and she's like Or something even less pea-like."
    (A nurse enters the room.)
    Nurse: "Um, are you a family member?"
    Jude: "Nah, we're just buds."
    Nurse: "Well, you really shouldn't be down here. Take a moment to say your goodbyes, and then you have to go."
    Jude: "Okay." (turning to the corpse) "It's been great, dude. Lots of laughs, some good heart-to-hearts, and you really taught me a ton about, like, life itself. Until we meet again, you take care, bro."
    (He turns to leave and runs into the nurse, who snatches him in a tight hug.)
    Nurse: "That was beautiful!" (Jude gently breaks the hug.)
    Jude: "O–kay. And dude? If you're ever at the mall, swing on by the ice rink and say 'hey!'"
  • Ron: "You!"
    Jen: "Please don't throw me in jail! Please!"
    Ron: "I did some recon. Your mom really is in labor." (He puts his hand over his heart.) "A teen who tells the truth. Never thought I'd see the day."
    Jen: "Is she–"
    Ron: "Not yet, but soon. So try and look pregnant."
    (A paramedic runs up with a stretcher.)
    Ron: "Get this woman to the hospital!"
    Jen: (understanding the scheme) "Oh! I mean, ooooohhhhh! Aaawooowoooo!"
    Paramedic: "Take it easy, lady! I got you!" (He puts her on the stretcher and speeds away.)
    Jen: "Thanks Ron! Bye Nathan!" (faking again) "Oh! Oooh!"
  • Caitlin: (holding up her sign) "Look! I'm a model!" (She notices Jen's sockclad feet.) "Why aren't you wearing any shoes?"
    Jen: "Darth chewed them off. Long story."
  • Jonesy: (lecturing Courtney) "...and Jen's not here, so we've gotta try and be as mature as Jen. Which neither of us can do on our own! But maybe together, we can get close. You are going into that delivery room to help keep your mom calm. I'd do it, but that would only cause irreversible damage that would require years of therapy!" (smiling) "Nikki loves me." (lecturing again) "I'll stay here in case Robbie and Diego turn up."
    Courtney: "But...I'm the pretty one."
    Jonesy: "Not today, Courtney! Today you're Jen. Today we are both Jen. Reliable, responsible, boring Jen. Now get in there."
    Courtney: "Okay."
    Jen: "I'm here!"
  • Wyatt: "Where's Nikki?"
    Jonesy: "Switching babies. She loves me."


  • This episode, along with Labour Day - Part 1, is a title reference to the national holiday called Labour Day (spelled Labor Day in America).
  • This is one of the only episodes to be a two-part episode. The other is the series finale, Bye Bye Nikki.
  • The movie the paramedic is discussing with the receptionist is quite obviously Titanic.
  • Jonesy's Job: Children's entertainer at the hospital (actually impersonating an entertainer named Christopher McGraph)
    Reason for firing: Told his boss to fire him, as he'd never be coming back to work there.
  • The first story Jude tells Steve is about an old man who farted throughout a race. The old man in question is Conway, and the race is one of the wheelchair races he and Jonesy held in the first part.
  • The sequence where Jonesy strolls down the hall is a parody of the "Stayin' Alive" sequence in Saturday Night Fever, complete with music that sounds a lot like the Bee Gees' song in question.
  • The receptionist's name is revealed to be Shelly.
  • Jude references his job at the ice rink when he says his last goodbyes to Steve.
  • Goof: Jonesy says that if he were to assist in delivering a baby, it would only cause irreversible mental damage that would take years of therapy to repair. However, he delivered a baby in a Khaki Barn changing room all by himself in Smarten Up.



This clip was provided by JDD6214 on YouTube.

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