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"Lights Out"
Episode name reference to/pun on: The term for when it's time to turn lights off in a specific location, or, in this case, a power outage.
Season 2, Episode 43
Airdate: CAN: January 26, 2006
USA: November 21, 2008
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Lights Out is the 43th episode of 6teen and the 17th episode of the second season. It aired in Canada on January 26, 2006 and in the United States on November 21, 2008.


There's a thunderstorm going on outside of the Galleria Mall, and Ron the Rent-a-Cop has an uneasy feeling about it as he sees some lightning flash. Jude Lizowski's then shown walking to Vegan Island, where he sees that his girlfriend, Starr, has decided to go goth and has adopted "Nebula" as her new name. Meanwhile, at The Big Squeeze, the rest of the gang is looking through the mall newspaper when Wyatt notices an ad about a horror movie that will be shown at the Gigantoplex later that night. Wyatt and Jonesy get excited to see it, but the girls admit that they'd rather see a chick flick. Nikki also points out that the movie Jonesy and Wyatt want to see is an R-rated film, so they're technically too young to see it by themselves. Jonesy counters that they can still see it if they sneak into the theater--unless the girls are too scared. After hearing this, Jen and Nikki agree to see the movie, and Jen and Jonesy even make a bet out of it: whoever's the first to run scared out of the theater or vomit during the movie has to give the winner a foot massage.

Jonesy then gets up to go to his new job at a place called "Nice Lamps," which to Jonesy is the easiest, slackest job he's had yet because no one would want to buy a flashlight. After he leaves, Jude comes to the Lemon looking like he "just saw a ghost or something." Jude explains to the rest of the gang about Starr now being a goth. Nikki tries comforting Jude while Caitlin says that she knows what's going on. After looking through one of her magazines, Caitlin then claims that Jude's in "makeover shock," which she explains is that when a girl decides to try a totally new look, she turns to her boyfriend for the ultimate feedback. The magazine says that the boyfriend should assure his girlfriend that the look is great, which Caitlin is convinced will worked. Although Jude's a little skeptical, he decides to try it.

Later on, Jude's talking to Starr over the phone while going to visit Jonesy at his new job, but the magazine's advice isn't working out as Jude had hoped. After hanging up, Jude explains his girl problems to Jonesy: Jude tells him about Starr going goth, and Jude admits that he's worried that Starr's losing interest in him and might break up with him. Jonesy's advice to Jude is to go goth to try and get Starr to like him again--Jude's a little hesitant, since the goth culture isn't really his thing, but Jonesy's confident that it will work, and he even calls up Caitlin and asks her to give Jude a goth-makeoever, which she agrees to. But before giving Jude his makeover, they spy on Starr

Star is now Nebula

at Vegan Island to see what kind of goth she is, so Caitlin has a better idea of what to do for Jude's goth-makeover.

After seeing Starr and determining her to be a "hardcore goth," Caitlin then proceeds to give Jude his makeoever. First, they go to the Khaki Barn where Jude tries on a skull t-shirt which Nikki improves by cutting up a bit. Next is the pet shop where Jude gets a spiked dog collar and then it's the hardware store where Jude gets something (maybe nails but its hard to tell) to replace his earring. They finally go to the hair salon where Jude dyes his hair brown. Caitlin finishes it by applying makeup on his face to give him a goth look.

Outside the Gigantoplex, Starr and her new friends are getting impatient while waiting for Jude to show up. After they decide to give Jude another few minutes, he shows up, surprising Starr greatly with his new look (even adopting "Judas" as his goth-name). After Jude, Starr and the goths head inside, the rest of the gang (minus Caitlin) grab their snacks and drinks before getting tickets to see the horror movie. But the ticket-clerk stops them before they can get their tickets--Jonesy's bummed but Jen isn't (even giving a wink to Nikki when the boys aren't looking). Wyatt suggests leaving and getting some coffee, but Jonesy's not about to give up so easily--he gets the idea to sneak into the movie by using a standee advertising it to get past the ticket-clerk. When the gang and the goths get inside the theater, the goths (including Jude and Starr) sit in the back while Jonesy, Wyatt, Jen and Nikki sit in the front row. While noticing the gang sitting in the front, Morgana claims only losers sit in the front row during a horror movie, and Marilyn says that those people would soon be destroyed by the Dark Master, which Jude finds to be heavy. Upon asking when they would meet the Dark Master, Starr explains that that Dark Master is none other than the Grim Reaper (meaning "Death"). Jude hesitates a bit before saying that sounds cool, but Morgana asks him to quiet, as the movie's finally starting.

As they're watching the movie, Jonesy (despite his earlier confidence) ends up getting really scared while watching the movie, and so do Wyatt, Jen and Nikki. Jude, like his friends, is scared of the movie, but Starr and goths aren't the least bit scared, with Marilyn and Starr even calling the movie "childish" and "rather tame," respectively. When the movies gets to the end, Jen finally has enough and ends up vomiting into a bag of popcorn. When Jonesy and Wyatt notice that Jen puked, Jonesy gets excited, because this means that he technically won the bet. However, Jonesy's celebration doesn't last long, as thunder's heard outside the theater and a flash lightning puts out the lights, scaring most of the people in the theater.

When Jen points out how dark it is, Jonesy remembers that he still has a flashlight with him, and he turns it on. Jen, Nikki and Wyatt get close to him and Jen tells him to lead the way out of the theater, but just then, Jonesy spots something nearby and shines his flashlight on it. It's Jude and the rest of the goths, and the gang gets freaked out by Jude's goth appearance, but calm down a little when Jude reveals that it's just him. The usher comes in and tells everyone to go to the theater's emergency exits, but Nikki points out to the rest of the gang that Caitlin's probably still at the Lemon, and says that they can't just leave the mall without her.

Along the way to the Lemon, Jen comments on how creepy the mall is with all the lights out, and Morgana calls Starr's friends "losers," but Starr comes to their defense by saying that they're "not so bad." The gang also questions Jude on his goth appearance, and Jude points out that Jonesy was the one who told him to dress up like a goth, but the others say that Jude looks like a "messed-up mime." Marilyn starts to say that they should embrace their dread and inner darkness just as his retainer falls out of his mouth. Wyatt turns around to help him look for it, but ends up accidentally stepping on it (which he apologizes for as he picks up the broken pieces). When Jonesy says that they're almost at the Lemon, this reminds Jen to ask Jonesy on why he's not at his own workplace, as a lot of people would probably want to get a flashlight right now.

When they finally get to the Big Squeeze, Caitlin's shown hiding inside the Lemon when she hears Jen's voice calling her. Caitlin's glad that her friends came to get her, worried that they might have left without her. Morgana then says that the goths have to start doing a ceremony when Caitlin calls her Haley (presumably her real name). Morgana questions if she and Caitlin know each other, and Caitlin reveals that the two of them met at a tennis camp. Marilyn starts making fun of Morgana about going to tennis camp, but Morgana counters back by making fun of Marilyn for working at a Double Dip Ice Cream, to which Marilyn counters back by making fun of her work uniform at Bargain Bay.

Before things get ugly, Starr gets between them and tells them to calm down, and Caitlin offers to pour everyone some lemonade, to which Morgana sarcastically replies, "Oh, that would really help, lemon girl." This makes Caitlin and the rest of the gang glare at her, and Jen points out that none of them asked Morgana and the other goths to come with them, to which Morgana tells the rest of the goths that they're leaving, but they're stopped by Ron the Rent-a-Cop, who reveals that he's put the mall on lockdown. He leaves to go look for other people who might be trapped in the mall, but ends up tripping on a chair before doing so. The others laugh at this, and after Ron finally leaves, Marilyn and Wyatt both call Ron a jerk, and they give each other surprised looks upon learning that they have something in common.

The teens split themselves up between two tables: the gang (minus Jude) sits at the table closest to the Lemon, while Jude, Starr and the goths sit a few tables over, where they've set up a circle of candles and are doing some kind of ceremony to summon the "Lord of Darkness." After Morgana claims that Jude would never get in their alliance, Nikki points out that they're all in the middle of a shopping mall food court, which probably isn't the best place to look for "recruitments" for the Lord of Darkness. Morgana counters back by calling Nikki a poser, which gets Nikki and she eventually counters back by questioning, "If you goths are so into death, then why are still alive?" This briefly stuns Morgana into silence and even Starr admits that Nikki has a point in what she says, but Morgana just tells her to be quiet.

Just then, Jen backs out of her chair causing it to make a fart noise which makes Jonesy laugh and accusing her of farting though Jen denies it, saying it was the chair but others don't believe her and keep laughing including the goths. Jen tries to prove that it was the chair but can't much to her dismay. Ron comes over to see what the commotion is and is happy to see that they're doing what he said. He then pushes the chair Jen sat in, in causing it to make the fart sound again which causes the others to laugh at Ron. Ron then leaves angrily though not before tripping over the same chair again which makes everyone laugh even louder.

After the coast is clear, the gang and the goths decide to have some fun in different parts of the mall while Jude stays behind in the food court to keep an eye out for Ron (who's helping a man who's stuck on an escalator). The first stop is at the Penalty Box, where Jen, Nikki, Jonesy and Wyatt are playing a quick game of basketball. Starr and Morgana call sports juvenile, but Marilyn actually seems kind of interested in what the others are doing. When the ball lands by Marilyn's feet, Jen tells him to take a shot, and Marilyn proves to be really good at basketball (revealing that he was a JV-basketball champion during his freshman year). After the others (except Morgana) compliment Marilyn on his basketball skills, everyone notices how hot it's gotten in the mall with the AC going out along with the lights. Marilyn then comes up with an idea on how to cool off, and he leads everyone to his workplace to enjoy some ice cream. Everyone thanks him, and Marilyn points out that they'd probably have to throw out the ice cream anyway, so they may as well enjoy it while they can.

Morgana seems to be lightening up and having some fun with the others, and during this, Jonesy tries hitting on her, and she actually seems somewhat flattered by it. The fun soon ends, however, as Jude comes running up to the rest of them and warns them that Ron's coming back to the food court to check on them. The gang and the goths are rushing back to the Lemon, with Ron slowly catching up to them. They manage to get to the Big Squeeze just before Ron gets back and notices that they were gone, and leaves them alone with an "as you were." The gang congrats themselves for making it back in time before hanging out by the fountain with Wyatt playing a song on his guitar. Jude tells Starr that he's glad that their friends are finally getting along.

Just as Wyatt finishes his song, the lights in the mall come back on, but Morgana encourages him to play another song, which Wyatt agrees to do. The next day, Jen's giving Jonesy the promised foot massage, much to her disgust. It's also revealed that Jonesy got fired from his job at Nice Lamps, but Jonesy points out that in his defense, he had no idea that a freak storm would make everyone want to get flashlights.

Meanwhile, Jude and Starr are hanging out by the fountain, with Jude commenting how awesome yesterday's misadventures were. Starr then tells Jude that she's very touched by him going goth for her, but proceeds to drop a bomb: Starr doesn't think that she and Jude should continue dating. Jude's shocked and saddened to hear this. Starr explains that while she still likes Jude (a lot actually), she figures that maybe it's time for them to meet new people and try new things. Jude reluctantly agrees to this, and Starr gives him one last kiss (on the cheek) before finally leaving him.


  • Starr: Jude?
    Jude: It's Judas.
    Starr: I'm glad you did all of this for me, but I don't think we should go out anymore. It's not that I don't like you a lot. We had some really great times together.
    Jude: Yeah. Awesome times.
    Starr: It's just that I need to try new things. Meet new people.
    Jude: Yeah, I hear ya.
    Starr: We'll still be friends though right?
    Jude: (pauses for a bit and sees some tears in Starr/Nebula's eyes) Sure, but I'm always gonna call you Starr, okay?
    Starr: (kisses Jude on the cheek) Okay.
  • Wyatt: What's with the get up Jude?
    Jonesy: Yeah, I almost dropped a friend in my pants.
    Jude: You're the one who said I should dress like a goth, dude.
    Wyatt: Yeah, but you look like a messed-up mime or something.
  • (The gang is watching the horror movie)
    Wyatt: Why is he going back into the house? Is he stupid? Logically, he should call the police. If I ever get trapped in a house with a vampire with a nail gun, promise me you'll call the police!
  • Jude: Okay Starr.


  • Jen's voice actress, Megan Fahlenbock, voices Gwen, a goth girl in the Total Drama-franchise.
  • Jonesy's job: vendor of Nice Lamps
    Reason for firing: wasn't present to sell flashlights during the mall blackout
  • Jude, Starr, and her new goth friends never got checked for identification, but the rest of the 6teen gang did. According to the Canadian motion picture rating system, you have to be at least 18 to see an R-rated movie in Canada.
  • During this episode, Jude keeps calling Starr by her actual name and she keeps saying that her new name is Nebula.
  • This is the third time that Jude and Starr break up (only this time it's for good). The first time they broke up was in The Khaki Girl when Jude threw up in Starr's mouth and the second time was in Losing Your Lemon when Jude broke up with Starr because Jonesy told him to.
  • Starr's new friend Morgana went to tennis camp with Caitlin. Also, according to Caitlin, Morgana's real name is apparently Haley.
  • Marilyn wears a dental retainer, meaning that he had braces at one point. According to Morgana, Marilyn's lost one other retainer during the month the episode takes place.
  • The horror movie the gang sees is called "Vampire with a Nail Gun".
  • When Jude becomes a goth, he changes his name to Judas, which to him means "Dark and dark."
  • Starr's new Goth name of Nebula is very appropriate, as a nebula is most commonly thought of as the gassy or cloudy remains of a star that went supernova.
  • Ax has been seen time and again throughout the show. Before this episode, he was seen in One Quiet Day as a fake boyfriend for Caitlin; in Going Underground asking for an angsty single at Spin This; was the airline passenger next to Nikki on the flight to Acapulco in In a Retail Wonderland...; and most recently before this episode was a customer for Underground Video chased off by Wayne in Major Unfaithfulness. After this episode, he showed up at the bank in Another Day at the Office as one in a long line of teenagers trying to get loans from Jonesy.
  • Starr's new friends possibly influenced her to become goth.
  • The movie that Wyatt mentions, The Lethbridge Weed Trimmer Massacre, is a spoof of the famous horror movie "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre".
  • Marilyn's name and his appearance is clearly based off of singer Marilyn Manson, who's well-known for his gothic appearance.
  • Morgana mentions a movie called "Vampire with a Welding Torch" which is conceivably a prequel or otherwise related to "Vampire with a Nail Gun".
  • Several references to the SNL skit "Goth Talk" are made, including having one of the goths (Marilyn) wear a retainer and one of the goths (Morgana) having been to tennis camp.
  • The licks Wyatt is playing on his guitar at the end of the episode are lifted from his guitar battle with Wendell in Losing Your Lemon.



This clip was provided by 6animestar14 on YouTube.

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