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This page lists jobs that Jonesy has held throughout the series. Those under "Employee" are ones that he has been hired to do, while those under "Self-Employed" refer to the various scams and schemes he has conducted.


Season 1

Episode Employed as Reason for Firing
Take This Job and Squeeze It A worker at The Soda Hop Hit on the hostess, who happened to be his boss' daughter.
The Big Sickie Amusement park employee Was never seen fired.
The Slow and the Even-Tempered Mall Security officer (assistant) Let Jude have the keys to a display car that Jen ended up driving into the mall fountain.
A Lime to Party Main employee of The Party Lime Threw a gigantic party, wrecked the lime, and essentially did his best to get fired on Caitlin's behalf. (He was successful.)
Deck the Mall Santa's helper elf Hit on Yummy Mummy.
The Sushi Connection Beauty consultant at Huntington's department store Tried to scam the store by letting Caitlin wear a dress on her date with Kyle Donaldson for free.
The Five Finger Discount Employee at Things That Beep Stole a plastic pen.
Breaking Up with the Boss' Son Employee at Stereo Shack Sucked at his job, and Nikki paid off his debt.
Employee of the Month Secret shopper Nikki rewrote his scores into blatant lies (granted, they were lies already, having been based on how well the stores bribed him).
The Fake Date Salesperson at Booktropolis It is never stated why he was fired, although Jonesy does point out that he was fired at the end of the episode.
Mr. Nice Guy Employee at the Staple Hut Ditched work to go on a double date with Wyatt.
The Girls in the Band Pokey the Panda Ignoring the kids and generally being a bad role model.
Clonesy Temporary employee at the Khaki Barn Either his time ran out or he was fired for taking an "extended lunch break" with Nikki.
The Khaki Girl Roast Burkey Chunklet salesman Jude forgot to plug in the freezer, and the meat went bad. Jonesy, not knowing the meat was rotten, sold it anyway, creating a massive epidemic of food poisoning that swept the mall.
The (Almost) Graduate Worked at Engrave This (1st job) Jonesy could not spell. Apparently he didn't know there was a "t" in "Christmas."
The (Almost) Graduate Greeter God at Albatross & Finch (2nd job) Began behaving badly when his co-workers started picking on Caitlin in order to get fired.
Bring It On Salesperson at the Penalty Box Helping Jude with his "daycare;" this broke the rule against running a side job, as Jonesy brought the kids to the Penalty Box.
The Swami Entertainment booker for the mall It was discovered that the "guru" that appeared (Jude) wasn't a guru after all.
Cecil B. Delusioned Cameraman for the local news Broke a very expensive TV camera.
The Birthday Boy Employee at Fruitworld Was on the phone despite the owner having a very strict "no phone" policy.
Enter the Dragon Employee at Super Terrific Happy Sushi Goofed off during training, didn't understand Hiro's methods, and generally annoyed Hiro and his assistant.
One Quiet Day Employee at a toy store Was not there when it was time for his shift; the store was essentially left unattended, and several kids walked off with stolen merchandise.
It's Always Courtney, Courtney, Courtney! Photographer at Glitter Shots  Made fake IDs, the prints of which were found.
The One with the Text Message Employee at Soup Village Was never seen fired.
Boo, Dude Employee at the costume store Halloween ended, so presumably the seasonal employees were laid off; however, he was never seen fired.
6teen: Dude of the Living Dead Employee at Not Quite Naked Was not fired; the mall became overrun with zombies, thus making the point of a job moot. (Not only that, but in the end he was turned into a zombie. Plus, it was all Jude's dream, so he never really had a job at the lingerie store.)

Season 2

Episode Employed as Reason for Firing
Going Underground Employee at Underground Video Wayne didn't like his taste in movies.
Deadbeat Poets Society Employee at the mall pharmacy Broke an oath to keep customers' information secret by telling Jen about Charlie Dobbs' embarrassing purchases.
Career Day Did the mall announcements Led Ron on wild-goose chases around the mall to emergencies that either he had caused or that were entirely fictional.
Fish and Make Up Sold perfume and cologne at a department store Quit paying attention to his job when transferred to the men's side and sprayed a customer in the face with cologne.
Awake the Wyatt Within Waiter at El Sporto's Walked across a floor vent while going commando under his kilt.
Unhappy Anniversary Employee at No Other Clay Was never seen fired. However, according to Nikki, there were several complaints about the breast bowl.
Pillow Talk Admin for Cyberlove, an online dating site Fired himself once his scheme to date several female applicants blew up in his face due to many of the girls finding out about it.
In a Retail Wonderland... Putting up the mall Christmas tree (1st job) Not fired. Once the tree was up, his work was done, so he was moved to a new station.
In a Retail Wonderland... Wrapping gifts (2nd job) Not fired. Christmas ended, and with it came the termination of the seasonal job.
Welcome to the Darth Side Selling plastic wrap to earn money for the school hockey team Not fired; he wasn't paid, though, as this was done to raise money for a school team (albeit one he had a vested interest in).
The New Guy Employee at the Strudel Station Was fired, but no reason was given.
Major Unfaithfulness Was hired at Underground Video after it became a subdivision of Taj Mahome Video Fired because once Underground Video became independent and was bought by Wayne, Jonesy was no longer needed to scare off customers. Also, Wayne still hated Jonesy's taste in movies.
Losing Your Lemon Information booth Ignored or outright lied to customers in need of information.
The Hunted Neck model for International Parts Modeling Lydia tackled him, putting his neck in a brace.
Lights Out Vendor at Nice Lamps Wasn't present to sell flashlights during the blackout.
A Ding from Down Under Employee at Burger McFlipster's Not fired. Wyatt was told to fire him, and gave him a choice between quitting and being fired. Jonesy joyously quit his job because he had always wanted to quit rather than be fired.
The Lords of Malltown Janitor Fired for not doing his job. Instead, he hid trash and other messes under benches, plants, and other available hiding places.
Smarten Up Mall Guide for senior citizens Didn't care about his job, and pretty much ignored the old people unless he saw a way that they could benefit him in a scheme.
Over Exposed Host at the Soft Rock Café A naked picture of him as a little kid was put on the widescreen TV by Jen.
A Crime of Fashion Employee at The Soda Hop He tried to throw his younger brother Robbie into the fountain after Robbie ruined his date with Amelie.
Girlie Boys Employee at the mall spa Broke into the spa with Jude and Wyatt, and then tried to give himself and his friends spa treatments.
Snow Job Worked at CiCi Sombrero's Refused to wear the sombrero which was part of the store uniform.

Season 3

Episode Employed as Reason for Firing
Sweet 6teen Advertising for Caitlin's party After Tricia betrayed Caitlin, he began to tell everyone that the party would suck. Gwen and Mandy found out and fired him for this.
Baby, You Stink Flower shop worker His horrible B.O. killed all of the flowers in the shop.
Selling Out To The Burger Man Mall photographer The camera got broken when Tim punched him.
The Journal Tender of the mall lost-and-found He sold the lost goods.
Silent Butt Deadly Bathroom attendant at the Soft Rock Café Traumatized by Nikki's "bathroom incident," he started to refuse customers access to the bathrooms.
The New Jonesy "After" model for a product line Most people thought the "before model" looked better than he did.
Prank'd Bird watcher and protector for C.R.I.S.P.E.E. None. He quit his job after Jen tricked him into believing he won the lottery.
Another Day at the Office Employee at the banana stand Unknown, although he was told he was fired.
How the Rent-A-Cop Stole Christmas Snowman Caitlin (taking Jonesy's place in the costume) accidentally groped a woman's breasts. Big Steve found out about this and fired Jonesy for inappropriate behavior.
All Pets Are Off Selling pets at the pet store Put the pet snakes in the same cage as the pet mice.
J is For Genius IT advisor at Things That Beep Nikki revealed that Jonesy cheated on his IQ test and wasn't really a genius. Since Jonesy only got the job due to his supposedly being a genius, he was fired on the spot.
Bicker Me Not Selling hot tubs He was caught bathing in one of the more expensive tubs.
Love At Worst Sight Assistant optometrist at Four Eyes Only He realized that he could sell more glasses if he used a blurry eye chart, and he had one made up so he could increase his commissions. When the optometrist found out about this, he fired Jonesy and recalled all of the prescription glasses Jonesy gave out.
The One with the Cold Sore Jen's assistant Was fired because he was caught selling Jen's stuff as a side job.
Fashion Victims Assistant cool hunter None of his trends had staying power.
Cheapskates Busboy at El Sporto's He forgot he had a job there.
Opposites Attack Travel agency secretary Was never seen fired.
Life Slaver Employee at Boots & Bags Never showed up for work.

Season 4

Episode Employed as Reason for firing
Labour Day - Part 2 A clown (entertainment for sick kids) Jen's mom was in labor while Jonesy was working. As he had only gotten the job by impersonating the real clown (Christopher McGraph, who never appeared) and it was unlikely he'd visit the hospital soon, Jonesy told his boss to fire him.
Blast From The Past Employee at Immortal Diamonds He never showed up for work, as he had forgotten where he worked and was only reminded by his (by then former) boss at the end of the episode.
Quit It Unknown Was fired before the episode began.
Kylie Smylie Part of Kylie's security detail Fought Sergeant Beef when Beef attacked Wyatt.
The List Employee at Copy Bats Was never seen fired.
Great Expectations Employee at the miniature golf course His bosses found out about his side scam (the mini make-out golf idea) and fired him.
Out Of This World Blue Alien Vortex Master at The Gigantoplex He insulted the line of patrons, causing Wayne to complain and thus get him fired from his post.
On Your Mark, Get Set... Date Had a job cleaning vacuum cleaners Unknown, as he was fired before the episode started; however, he did mention that he found the job way too confusing.
Bye Bye Nikki? Part 1 Selling scarves and sunglasses from a cart He abandoned the cart to get a coffee when he realized that nobody wanted to buy from him. Unfortunately, although people wouldn't buy his merchandise, they would steal it, and he ended up losing all of the cart's products to thieves.
Bye Bye Nikki? Part 2 Sales associate at the Bubble Box He popped some of their bubble wrap because he didn't know it was against the rules to do so.


Season 1

Episode Job Reason for Failure
Idol Time at the Mall Wyatt's manager and seller of various Wyatt-themed memorabilia Quit when Wyatt's mean-spirited song about his friends interfered with his ability to pick up girls. Later, Wyatt gave up his immediate chance at stardom in order to get his friends back, ensuring Jonesy's job termination.
Stupid Over Cupid Running a "Win a Date with Jonesy!" auction Begged Nikki to buy him after all of the possible dates bidding for him sucked; while she agreed to do this, one of the conditions was that she wouldn't have to pay. (These dates were Julie, Vendor Girl, and the cowboy.)

Season 2

Episode Job Reason for Failure
Dirty Work A service that breaks bad news to other people When Stone tried to hire him to break up with Nikki, Jonesy refused and fired himself.

Season 3

Episode Job Reason for Failure
Selling Out To The Burger Man Photographer (side job) Jonesy, as the mall photographer, set up a scam where he would sell people pictures. Soon enough, he realized he could get more money by taking embarrassing photos and having the people involved pay to get the print instead of having it get around the mall. This backfired when Jonesy took pictures of the sick customers at Burger McFlipster's, as Tim punched him and broke the camera.
The Journal Pawnbroker (side job) Jonesy found a lot of cool stuff lying around when he worked at the lost-and-found and decided he could sell it. Eventually, however, the real owners came back to claim their stuff. When he couldn't provide it, he was beaten up and his conduct was reported to the mall, who fired him.
Wrestlemania Wrestler He lost his sponsorships when it was revealed that he was winning only because Caitlin kept rubbing him down with slippery cream. (Admittedly, Jonesy didn't know about this, and thought that he was winning fairly.)
Another Day at the Office Impersonating a high-level bank executive (Mr. Loansbury) and giving out loans to teenagers His alibi was already on thin ice because he had given out loans to teens and increased the bank's total loan output by 870%; however, it truly fell apart when the real Ed Loansbury arrived and wanted to know who the young man in his chair behind his desk was.
Insert Name Here Selling people time in which to make out in a prop car in the mall Ron found out about this and shut down Jonesy's scheme.
The One with the Cold Sore Selling Jen's stuff (side job) Jen found out about this and made him stop. Also, the movie shooting ended, and Jen went from being a celebrity to an ordinary girl.
Whoa, Baby Selling water bras (termed "Jonesy's Jugs") The water balloons used to stuff the bras developed leaks, and the girls ended up using the balloons that were still full as ammo to throw at Jonesy when he refused to give them refunds.

Season 4

Episode Job Reason for failure
6 Teens and A Baby Substitute babysitter for Jen, who had to work Passed Emma Jr. around among his friends in an effort to shirk his responsibilities, and ended up losing the baby, who was picked up by Ron for piloting an out-of-control Zamboni.
Great Expectations Selling make-out space in various private spots on the miniature golf course where he worked (side job) His bosses ended up finding out about his scheme and fired him.
On Your Mark, Get Set... Date Running a speed-dating service Actually successful; everyone was satisfied with the service, he didn't do anything to interfere with normal proceedings, and nobody else tried to shut him down or make his plan fail. All in all, everything worked out well, and he made some money from the scheme.


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