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"Love At Worst Sight"
Episode name reference to/pun on: The phrase "Love at first sight."
Jude with a pair of glasses on
Season 3, Episode 71
Airdate: CAN: February 17, 2008
USA: May 25, 2009
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Love at Worst Sight is the 71st episode of the series and the 17th episode of the third season, which aired on February 17, 2008 in Canada on Teletoon and on May 25, 2009 in the United States on Cartoon Network.

Wyatt finds out that Marlowe was hired at Spin This and feels uneasy about it since his ex works there. Meanwhile, Jonesy gets a job at the optometry store and ends up making a scam to get people to buy glasses they don't need.


At Spin This, Serena hires Marlowe, and the girls proceed to stock the CDs while talking about their favorite CDs. Serena brings up Wyatt, drawing some tension between them until they decide to let it go and laugh it out. After seeing Wyatt strolling by the store, Marlowe goes up to him and reveals that she got the job at Spin This, making Wyatt uneasy as he remembers his ex-girlfriend, Serena. As Wyatt runs off in shock, Marlowe angrily glares at him for his reaction. Later, an uneasy Wyatt lays his head down while hanging out with the gang, then reveals that his current girlfriend and his ex-girlfriend are both working at Spin This. While the gang tries comforting Wyatt, Jen notices a nearby customer hiding his face behind a menu. Jonesy and Caitlin start talking about how girls generally bond over stuff that they have in common, but Wyatt decides to just be honest with Marlowe about how he feels about her and Serena working together after refusing to go along with Jonesy's idea of framing Marlowe for stealing from the store to get Serena to fire her. After Jen once again notices the same customer hiding his face, Jonesy announces his new job at an eye-care store called Four Eyes Only, where he will be selling glasses and giving free eye exams. After Jude, Jen and Caitlin sign up for exams, Wyatt leaves to go talk to Marlowe.

Back at Spin This, Marlowe and Serena listen to a CD they found. Wyatt eventually arrives and talks to Marlowe—he admits that he's happy that she loves her new job, but admits that he feels uncomfortable about her and Serena working together and possibly becoming friends. Marlowe insists that Serena's cool and feels that she, Wyatt and Serena can be just friends, much to his horror. Meanwhile, Jonesy takes over at Four Eyes Only while his boss leaves for a two-day business trip. While strolling down a hall with Jude and Caitlin, Jen notices the same guy who hides his face do so again, leaving her determined to find out why. The three meet with Jonesy at his job, where Jude takes his eye exam. However, he cannot read the board, so Jonesy gives him glasses after an inspection. After Caitlin picks out a frame for Jude's glasses and the girls set up times for their exams, the next customer walks in. The customer cannot read the chart, leaving Jonesy to find out that blurry eyesight means glasses are needed. Jonesy then gets an idea to make the chart blurry to make more commissions.

On the way to Spin This, Caitlin tells Wyatt to talk about how he truly feels about his girlfriend working with Serena. Wyatt then goes in to talk to lie to Serena about how bad of a friend Marlowe is. Later, Marlowe walks by Wyatt and talks about how bossy Serena has been lately. Marlowe claims that Serena is driving her crazy, which is all part of Wyatt's plan. Back at Four Eyes Only, Jonesy gives Jen an eye exam, but first asks her to close her eyes while he puts up a blurry eye chart. Since Jen cannot read Jonesy's blurry eye chart, Jonesy gives her glasses so he can earn scandalous commissions. Elsewhere, Wyatt lies to Serena about Marlowe once more, then proceeds to lie about Serena to Marlowe.

Back at Four Eyes Only, Jonesy assigns Caitlin glasses. As Jen and Caitlin leave, Jonesy starts to really think about the commissions he will earn. Caitlin calls Wyatt, who thinks that his lies are spiraling out of control. However, those lies have only helped Marlowe and Serena to bond even more. After Wyatt admitted that he thought Marlowe disliked country music, Marlowe admits that she only said that to please Wyatt. While Marlowe and Serena share a laugh, Wyatt makes Marlowe look like a thief by hiding Serena's CD in Marlowe's purse, only for the CD to fall into a nearby trash can. Wyatt's plan backfires even more when Serena admits that she was glad Marlowe found it since it did not stay in her purse. Wyatt slaps his forehead, causing him to fall backwards and cause the shelves as well as himself to tip backwards. As he leaves in humiliation, Marlowe and Serena start getting suspicious of him.

The gang meets at The Big Squeeze where Wyatt talks about how he hated Serena's CD. Nikki tries comforting him, but stops after getting freaked out by Jude, Jen and Caitlin wearing their new glasses. Jen notices the same guy hiding his face behind a soda can, only for Nikki to point out that the "guy" is just a basketball. Wyatt brings up his situation again and admits that he listened to Jonesy again. Caitlin suggests that since Serena is hanging out with Wyatt's girlfriend, Wyatt should hang out with Serena's boyfriend, Chad, to give her a taste of her own medicine. Wyatt does this, but it doesn't work, and he ends up just asking Marlowe directly to get her old job at North Shore back. An angered Marlowe leaves, disgusted with her boyfriend's attitude towards her friendship with Serena. Elsewhere, Jonesy announces getting free eye exams to "see things how they really are." Nearby patrons are tripping thanks to Jonesy's scandalous glasses while Ron the Rent-a-Cop becomes paranoid and acts like he is in a war.

Wyatt returns with two tickets to a reunion concert for a band called "Jeez Louise," who Marlowe is a big fan of. Jude then makes a suggestion, "Since things up until now haven't worked out, try the opposite" (meaning that he should support Marlowe and Serena's friendship). Wyatt decides to try the idea, figuring that supporting the friendship will be what ultimately breaks it up. Wyatt then goes to Spin This and offers the tickets to Marlowe and Serena. Marlowe hugs Wyatt and she and Serena thank him for the tickets—while Marlowe was hugging Wyatt, Serena looked towards Chad, and seems to realize that Wyatt's a way better boyfriend than Chad is. Back at The Squeeze, Jen hunts down the guy who keeps hiding his face, only to bump into an obstacle in her way. After Wyatt returns to thank Jude for his advice, the patrons continue tripping and bumping into each other because of the glasses Jonesy fraudulently prescribed them. Jonesy returns while counting his commissions, only for Ron to become suspicious of him. Ron falls into the fountain, but no one bothers to help. Serena arrives and leaves a note in Wyatt's bag, and when he comes back and finds the note, it turns out that the message is that Serena still has feelings for Wyatt. After Wyatt leaves to go talk to Serena, an angry Ron returns and exposes Jonesy's blurry eye chart scam, much to Jen and Nikki's disgust. Jen finally finds the shy guy, only to find out that he has a zit on his nose, which was why he was hiding his face. While the guy hides, Jen tells her friends about the guy's zit, but speaks out where everyone can hear her.

Wyatt goes to Spin This to talk to Serena, but the note slips out of his pocket, which he does not notice. Marlowe picks up the note and reads it, and she and Wyatt confront Serena about the note. Marlowe's mad that Serena went behind her back to confess her feelings for Wyatt instead of coming to her first, but Serena claims that she had to honest with Wyatt about her feelings. Serena notes that Wyatt's matured a lot since the time he and Serena had dated, but after Serena admits that Wyatt really is a good boyfriend, Wyatt pointedly reminds that he's Marlowe's boyfriend now, and the couple angrily leaves after Marlowe finally quits her job at Spin This. As they're walking through the mall, Marlowe apologizes to Wyatt for not listening to him about Serena and admits that it was really dumb of her to have talked about him so much when she was working with Serena at Spin This.

Later, Jonesy confesses that he had to give everyone refunds because his boss returned and found out about his scheme. Wyatt reveals that Marlowe forgave him and is glad that he can finally see Serena for who she really is, but Jude is still wearing his glasses because he could not read the chart. But after Jude takes off his glasses and Jonesy shows him that normal eye chart, the gang realizes that there's nothing wrong with Jude's eyesight and the only reason he had trouble reading the chart was because he thought the letters were supposed to spell a word and not be read individually.


  • Marlowe: "Listen, it's not weird that-"
    Serena: "That we've both dated Wyatt? Not unless that makes us weird." (Both laugh.)
  • Caitlin: "Girls bond over things they have in common." (talking fast) "Hobbies, music, shopping, clothes, magazines, shoes, accesories, boys. Did I mention shoes?"
    Wyatt: "Twice."
    Caitlin: (talking fast) "Good. Girls are friends with other girls they can trust. You need to break down that trust. You know them both intimately so you'll need to use that to your advantage." (whines) "Can't believe I just sold out my sisters!"
  • Jen: "What is with that guy? Do I know him?"
    Nikki: "Uh, how are we supposed to know a guy that you don't know if you know?"
  • Jonesy: "Wait a sec. Blurry eye chart means you need new glasses?"
    Penalty Box Customer: "Well um, uh, yes."
    Jonesy: "Blurry eye chart? I'd be loaded in no time!"
  • Wyatt: "I'm done. Marlowe, can I talk to you for a sec?"
    Marlowe: "Yeah. Actually, I gotta head out. See ya tomorrow, Serena?"
    Serena: "Definitely!"
    Chad: "See ya!"
    Wyatt: "I can't take this, Marlowe! I don't wanna hang out with Chad!"
    Marlowe: "You're the one that suggested it."
    Wyatt: "Can't you just get your old job back at North Shore, please?"
    Marlowe: "Wyatt, I can't believe you'd ask me something so selfish and thoughtless!"
    Wyatt: "Selfish, maybe, but I've given it a lot of thought!"
    Marlowe: "Goodbye, Wyatt!" (walks away)
  • Marlowe: "Hey! Isn't this your favorite mix CD? It must've fallen off the counter into the trash."
    Serena: "Thanks so much! I would've been bummed if I lost it! I'm so glad you're working here."
    Marlowe: "Really?"
    Serena: "Totally!" (Wyatt facepalms, only to fall into the shelves and knock them over.)
    Serena and Marlowe: "Wyatt?"
    Wyatt: (laughs nervously) "Hey, uh, yeah. You should probably fix this." (runs off)
  • Nikki: "Caitlin, pass me your sunglasses before I'm blinded by Wyatt's intense sincerity."
  • Jen: "What is with that guy?"
    Jude: "Maybe he's hiding from the freaky chick that's spying on him."
  • Ron: "Enough! We have reached an unacceptable level of chaos!"
    Nikki: "So a certain level of chaos is acceptable?"
    Ron: "Not now, son. That kind of talk just adds to the pandemonium." (jumps under table) "Who's there?! What was that?!" (starts sniffing) "I—I smell fraudulence."
    Jonesy: "It wasn't me, dude!"
    Ron: "I've got my eye on you, punk! I see everything!" (falls into fountain) "The horror! Swim for the shore, men! Swim! Swim for the shore!"
  • Jonesy: "I thought girls liked the bad boys."
    Ron: "You mean the kind of bad boy who would do this?" (reveals Jonesy's eye chart scam)
    Jonesy: "Uh oh."
    Caitlin: "It's kind of hard to read."
    Ron: "That's because this maggot blurred out the letters to sell more glasses."
    Jonesy: "It's not what it looks like!"
    Nikki: "Actually, it's exactly what it looks like! I can't believe you would stoop so low as to sell glasses to people who don't need them! People like your friends!"
    Jen: "What happened to 'the optician verifies all prescriptions'?!"
    Jonesy: "He was out of town...I was gonna tell you, I swear, as soon as I got my commission. No hard feelings, right?"
    Jen: "Actually, the floor was pretty hard when my head landed on it!"
  • Jude: "Still can't read it."
    Jonesy: "Not even the top line?"
    Jude: (trying to read the eye chart) "E...fpt—E...fptozlped—What kind of a word is that? Doesn't make any sense, dude!" (The rest of the gang share a laugh.) "What?"
    Jonesy: "You might not get it, bro, but you can see just fine."


  • Jonesy's job: assistant optician at Four Eyes Only
    Reason for firing: his scam of making a blurred eye chart was found out and had to refund everyone he conned.
  • This is the second Season 3 episode in which Serena appeared. The first was Insert Name Here. Interestingly, both appearances have involved Marlowe.
  • One of the albums Marlowe picks up is by the band "Public Nuisance". This is a reference to the real life rap group Public Enemy.
  • Serena has apparently gone to some sort of camp in the past, as she has a mix CD from a guy she dated one year while there.
  • At one point, Marlowe sounds like she's about to call Serena something not nice, but she changes it at the last minute to "bitc-ontrolling."
  • This is the second time Caitlin has worn glasses; before this, she wore them to look smarter in Smarten Up.
  • Marlowe is confirmed to have worked at North Shore Surf & Skate in this episode.
  • Wyatt references the country song "Achy Breaky Heart" when he insults Serena as he and Marlowe leave Spin This.
  • This episode reveals that Serena still has feelings for Wyatt, even though she and Chad are still dating.
  • Wyatt has now moved on over Serena, as he finally sees Serena who she really is.



This clip was provided by javon360x on YouTube.

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