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Gender Female
Hair color Red
Eye color Brown
Relationship Jonesy (one date)
Wayne (one date)
Nicknames Chicken Girl (Jude)
First Appearance It's Always Courtney, Courtney, Courtney!
Last Appearance Role Reversal (cameo)
Voiced by Katie Griffin
Lydia is a character on the Canadian animated sitcom, 6teen. She is voiced by actress Katie Griffin.


Lydia is viewed as an attractive but overall crazy woman. Her eyes usually twitch in a creepy way, which also is a clue that she is mentally unstable. She will follow, or "stalk", anyone she thinks may like her. Jonesy was on the receiving end of this in It's Always Courtney, Courtney, Courtney!, and he chose many disguises, including Pokey the Panda, in order to hide from her. She has a weird obsession with chickens, so the gang occasionally calls her "Crazy Chicken lady". This chicken obsession is augmented by the fact that she will give whomever her newest crush a statue of a rooster.

In Welcome to the Darth Side, she mistakes Wyatt with Wayne, which is nearly impossible. This provides proof that Lydia is insane; it is practically impossible to mistake the two from a distance, but Lydia thought Wayne looked like Wyatt from the distance of five feet away, the only separation being the counter at Underground Video. Wyatt, who was working there at the time, was hiding from her behind the counter. When he heard the exchange going on between his boss and his stalker, he rose up in shock. At this, Lydia called them identical twins, despite the fact that they look nothing alike. (Evidence includes age, height, weight, and skin color.) She and Wayne then go on a date, and she laters drags him around the mall against his will. She is tricked by Jude into pursuing another guy, who she is seen chasing throughout the mall while she holds her statue above her head.

Lydia makes her last notable appearance in The Hunted. She calls a psychic hotline (really a prank by Jude and Wyatt) for advice on what to do about her crush on Jonesy. Jude and Wyatt pranked her, and she ended up attacking Jonesy due to misreading their advice (which was quite blatantly a prank; they told her to dress up as a pink rabbit and ask him out, although the exact term they used was "take the bull by the horns", which led Lydia to assume that "bull" meant Jonesy, and that "taking the bull by the horns" meant she should attack him).



  • Lydia's counterparts are Izzy from the Total Drama series and Amber Green from Stoked.
  • She works at Battery Stop in the mall.
  • Lydia's character may be a reference to Stacy from the movie Wayne's World, as both characters don't believe that a breakup means the couple isn't going out anymore, give weird gifts, and have red hair. This video link exemplifies it best.


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