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"Major Unfaithfulness"
Episode name reference to/pun on: None
Season 2, Episode 39
Airdate: CAN: December 22, 2005
USA: November 19, 2008
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Major Unfaithfulness is the 39th episode of 6teen and the 13th episode of the second season. It aired on December 22, 2005, on Teletoon in Canada and on November 19, 2008, on Cartoon Network in the United States.

Fabris, a world-renowned hairstylist, is coming to the Galleria Mall, and Caitlin's deciding whether or not to "cheat" on her regular stylist by going to Fabris instead. Meanwhile, Crazy Pete, owner of Underground Video, has sold out to Taj Mahome Video. Wayne's desperate to become independent from the corporation, and even goes to Jonesy for help (albeit very reluctantly) when all else fails.


It's early in the morning at the mall, and the boys of the gang are hanging out by the Lemon when Wayne comes by to get Wyatt and Jude. Wyatt points out that their store mostly just sells indie films, and most of the people who're into that kind of thing probably aren't up at this hour. Wayne explains that he doesn't own the store--he just runs it for a guy who goes by "Crazy Pete," the real owner of the store. While on the way to Underground Video, Jonesy asks Wayne for a job at the store, but Wayne refuses. When Jonesy questions why Wayne won't hire him, Wayne gives off a list of reasons why he won't hire Jonesy--the main one being that Jonesy likes Top M16s, which Wayne considers to be a bad movie. Jonesy and Wayne get into a fight, but it stops when Jude points out how the front of Underground Video now looks like the storefront for Taj Mahome Video. Wayne and the boys are stunned as they realize that Crazy Pete sold them out.

Later, Jen is watching Caitlin and another boy kiss. When they finally finish and the boy leaves, Jen is glad to be finally on their way. Caitlin, however, tells her that things are going excellently between them, as she's already been invited to a wedding. When they enter the food court, though, she is distracted, as Fabris, a famous hair stylist, is in town and giving haircuts. Jen's not excited by this, and questions why someone as "huge and famous" as Fabris would be at the Galleria, the salon ladies explain that he's opening up a salon at the mall and he's giving 20 free haircuts to anyone who signs up. Caitlin wants to sign up for a haircut by Fabris, but is worried that Andre, her regular hairstylist, might see her "cheating" on him with another stylist. Jen and Caitlin go back and forth on this for a little bit, but Jen points out that Caitlin obviously wants to get her hair done by Fabris, so she signs Caitlin up anyway.

Blade and Christo explain the situation to Wayne, Jude and Wyatt--Crazy Pete sold them out and Underground Video is now part of Taj Mahome Video. When Jonesy questions why Taj Mahome Video would want to buy a store like Underground, since their store is already huge, Blade and Christo explain that it's to eliminate the competition--Taj Mahome Video is the leader in all sales and rentals in Canada except for indie films, so they bought Underground Video from Crazy Pete as a way of eliminating the competition. Blade and Christo also make Wayne, Wyatt and Jude wear TMV-uniforms (including turbans), which Jonesy laughs at and admits that he's actually glad that Wayne didn't hire him.

The scene cuts to Fabris giving his haircuts to people. He finishes on one girl, and the crow gasps at how good she looks. Caitlin's then called up for her haircut, and she tells him that she'll defer to his expertise--he suggests a "punk meets classic" hairstyle, which Caitlin agrees. When Fabris is done, it's revealed that he's given Caitlin a close-cropped red-dyed mullet. After seeing the crowd's various reactions to it, Caitlin rushes to the nearest women's bathroom to check out her hair in the mirror--and she promptly screams.

Jonesy's still laughing at his friends Wayne while Blade and Christo announce a "Spirits Up" session. Blade, Christo and four female dancers proceed to sing an Indian-influenced song about the new takeover. The four affected just gape, their spirits are not lifted one bit.

Although Caitlin advises them not to come in the bathroom, claiming that she's "too ugly," Jen and Nikki come in anyway and try reassuring her that she's not ugly. But Caitlin points out how she now has a mullet (with Jen noting that Fabris even put in mullet extensions) and points out that she can't go to a wedding looking like how she does now. Although Jen and Nikki suggest simply having Andre turn Caitlin's hair back to normal, but Caitlin doesn't want him to find out that she "cheated" on him with another stylist. After turning down Nikki's idea of telling Andre some kid did the haircut to Caitlin in her sleep, Nikki suggests going to the Clones for help. After dropping Caitlin off at the Khaki Barn, the Clones take her into the employee lounge and Chrissy states that the first thing she, Kirstin and Kristin have to do is fix Caitlin's new hair color.

Two customers enter the new Taj Mahome Video. Jonesy mentions the official policy for greeting customers, and Wayne gets angry and threatens to fight him. When Jonesy tells him "Bring it on, Aladdin," Wayne gets angry and lunges for him. Jude and Wyatt hold him back and tell him to relax. Wayne then tells him that he will not work for a big box store; in fact, he can already feel his soul crumbling. He then states that they have to come up with a plan to Underground Video independent from Taj Mahome Video. Jude points out that Underground Video was only bought out because of how they specialize in indie films and questions what would happen if the store stopped making money--Wyatt realizes what Jude's getting at, pointing out that if Underground were run at a loss, then Taj Mahome would have to sell them off. Wayne agrees to the plan and tells Jude that if it works, he'll get free rentals for the rest of his life, which excites Jude.

The Clones whip a towel off of Caitlin's hair. Instead of making it better, they've made it worse; there are now green streaks in it. Caitlin asks why, and one mentions that you put green-tinted moisturizer on to reduce redness; as it works on skin, they figured it would work on hair. Kirsten then comes up with a final solution; the bad hair day hoodie with an extra wide hood. Caitlin takes it. Later, she is walking through the mall with the other two girls when she sees Joe. She dives behind a potted plant and the two cover for her. Joe tells them that he wanted to speak to her about the wedding, but as she's not with them, to just tell her that he said hi. The two then go back to Caitlin and ask why she didn't just tell him about the haircut. In response, Caitlin takes the hood off, and the girls agree that her decision was a good call.

Wayne outlines the plan; chase customers away and lose money whenever possible. His employees agree, and the plan is implemented. It starts with Darth. Wayne mocks him, telling him he doesn't have any friends. Then next one by is Ax. Wayne calls him a vampire and directs him to the tanning salon. An elderly man comes up and asks for a copy of Selene Murray unplugged. Inside the store, Wyatt suggests the deli, specifically the cheese selection, and the man leaves. Hot Glutes Girl then comes up and says "Excuse me." Jude replies in kind, and then farts. The girl runs out, and Wyatt mentions it was a good strategy. For the next customer, he runs a magnet over the tape, erasing it. Later, Wayne checks the statistics and finds that they are still making money. Jonesy tells them that they should hire him as he's excellent at losing money. His friends back him up, but Wayne still refuses to hire him and instead tells Jude and Wyatt to crank the operation up. Wyatt is the first, going over to a pre-teen girl and revealing the endings to all the movies she picks. Jude then pulls a gutsy move, throwing a case at the head of Tattoo Muscle Guy. The man proceeds to come around the stack and beat Jude up. When he awakens, Jonesy is staring down at him. Wayne mentions that it was the gutsiest move he ever saw.

Later, the gang is gathered by the Big Squeeze. Jude and Wyatt complain that they're still making money, due to their loyal customers. Jonesy then states that he has the plan that will end it all, but Wayne needs to hire him back first. After Jude leaves to get more ice for his eye, Caitlin (from inside the Lemon) questions why Jonesy doesn't just help them now. Jonesy is about to reply when he realizes that the Big Squeeze is closed. He asks why, and Caitlin reveals her bad haircut. Jonesy points out how bad it is, and the gang eventually convince her that the only solution is to reveal herself to Andre.

Caitlin enters the salon, backed by her two female friends. She comes out shortly thereafter, saying that the soonest he can see her is Tuesday. Jen then suggests she get a wig, and Caitlin realizes its a great idea. Shortly thereafter, she comes out in a black Afro.

The three girls go back to the food court. Jonesy comes back, and immediately mocks Caitlin on the wig. Caitlin stomps into the lemon takes the wig off and pulls the hoodie's hood up again. When Nikki asks why Jonesy did that, Jonesy says that the wig made her look like a "deranged disco queen" and then heads off. Caitlin then remarks that Jonesy is right--she decides that her only hope is to simply skip the wedding and avoid Joe until Tuesday. Jen questions if that's such a good idea, but Caitlin claims it's her only option. Joe then calls, and Caitlin tells him that she's home sick. Faking a cough, she then says that she probably won't be able to come to the wedding and hangs up.

Blade and Christo walk into their newest acquisition and inform the staff that there's a problem. Wayne says that there are several, and asks what the first one is. The one brought up is that there is no partying going on. They then proceed to sing another song, identical in melody to the first, about indie films. Blade then hands Wayne a list and tells him to learn all the songs by tomorrow. After they leave, Jude screams at Wayne to hire Jonesy, with Wyatt adding that it's the only hope they have. Wayne sourly and reluctantly agrees and calls Jonesy. Jonesy receives the call at Grind Me. He gets hired, but doesn't immediately accept; he makes Wayne compliment Top M-16s over and over, culminating in putting the movie on the "Wayne's Picks" wall. Wayne does so, and Jonesy accepts the job, telling Wayne to consider his store bankrupt.

After getting to Underground Video (and now donning a turban) outlines his plan to his friends and Wayne: most of the customers that come to Underground Video are guys, so he's come up with a plan to turn all of the male customers off and make sure they never come into the store again. Jonesy whistles, and the dancers from earlier come in--Jude points out that they're all hot, and after Jonesy questions whether he and the other guys trust him or not, Wayne quickly reassures him that they do trust Jonesy.

Caitlin is asking Jen if she thinks Joe's family would have liked her. Jen says they would, and Nikki rushes up, telling them that there's something they have to see. Caitlin says she can't go, but Jen goes with her, leaving Caitlin alone. Jen is not disappointed; they are at the new Indie Films department of Taj Mahome Video. There, the men of the former Underground Video are dressed in the uniforms the dancing girls wear. Jen points out, between fits of laughter, that it's just really bad. Jonesy says that that's the point; nobody is coming in. This is proven when several customers either laugh or scream when they see them. This hits its climax when Blade and Christo see them and run away. The next person to appear is Joe. He asks Jude if Caitlin has been avoiding him, and Jude says that all he knows is that Caitlin is worried because she cheated on some dude. When he hears this, Joe gets angry and tells Jude to pass on the message that he's breaking up with her. Jude agrees and calls Caitlin, who is still in the food court. When she hears it, she goes into an even deeper bout of depression, sure that Joe dumped her over the haircut. She then sees him at the other end. Caitlin musters up her courage and stomps over. She confronts him and states that a woman has the right to choose her hairstyle. Joe then tells her that he broke up because she was cheating on him. When Caitlin is surprised by this, Joe states that Jude told him she was cheating on some guy. Caitlin then tells Joe that the guy was her hairdresser; she got the haircut from someone else. They make up, and Joe tells her to come to the wedding but to wear a wig.

The gang minus Caitlin but plus Wayne are in the food court by the Lemon. Wayne and the guys are still in drag, and Wayne explains that Taj Mahome Video caved and sold Underground Video on the cheap to him--as such, Jude's getting all his rentals from the store for free. Wayne also fires Jonesy and states that he still hates Top M16s. Caitlin (with her hair back to normal) then arrives, and Jen asks how the wedding was. Caitlin says it was dreamy. Joe walks up, now with a Mohawk. He asks Caitlin what she thinks, as Fabris did it, and she tells him that they have to talk and leads him away. At this, Nikki states that her relationship is over, and Wyatt concurs.


  • Jonesy: So Wayne, how about a job?
    Wayne: No.
    Jonesy: Why not?
    Wayne: Top five reasons? One: you think Top M-16s is a good movie, two: you're smug, three: you're lazier than I am, four: and this is a big one, I don't like you, oh and five: I've already fired you!
  • Jen: Caitlin! Don't play with the scissors!
    Jen: I guess she doesn't like it...
  • Caitlin: I'm hideous! I'm a freak!
    Jen: You are not a freak.
    Caitlin: I HAVE A MULLET, JEN!
  • Blade: At Taj Mahome we try to please! We specialize in video and DVDs!
    Christo: With a thousand stores across the nation, we force the competition into starvation!
    Belly dancers: We're so pleased you joined our team! We'll have lots of fun if you know what I mean! Now we own your store as well, and stock will be yours if you sell sell sell!
    All: Remember our motto is "We love to sell!" And you'll all do so very very well! It's easy to sell a DVD to a slob who's addicted to his TV! Now you're part of the Taj Mahome team!
    (Jude, Jonesy, Wyatt, and Wayne in shock)
  • Jonesy: A-hem, I believe the policy on greeting customers is, "Welcome to Taj Mahome Video's Indie Section!"
    Wayne: Drop dead.
    Jonesy: Fine. I'm sure Blade and Cristo would love to hear how you're ignoring the rules.
    Wayne: Okay, that's it! You're toast!
    Jonesy: Bring it on, Aladdin!
  • Blade: Hosting snobs for dinner party? We have films that are totally artsy!
    Christo: A fun night in with just the girls? Watch a romance as you braid your curls!
    All: And if you want a really bad scare, rent "Dude of the Living Dead" if you dare! We've got your movie and it's all good! Action romance Bollywood!
    Wayne: This has gotta end...
  • Jude: In the name of all that is precious, HIRE JONESY!!!!!!!
  • Jen: No way! Ahahahahaha!
    Nikki: Ahahahaha! What'd I tell ya hahaha!?
    Jen: This is just so... bad!
    Jonesy: (he, Jude, Wyatt, and Wayne dressed in the Bellydancers' clothing while dancing badly) That's the idea!


  • Jonesy's job: working at Underground Video in order to repel customers and lose money
    The reason for firing: Wayne simply didn't like him and his taste in movies.
  • The afro wig Caitlin had in is the same as the one Kristen/Kirsten wore in Going Underground and Losing Your Lemon.
  • This is the first appearance of the Salon Ladies.
  • Caitlin gushes on how a pair of salon scissors had touched Jessica Stinson and Lindsay Lohanigan's hair, obviously parodied names of Jessica Simpson and Lindsay Lohan.
  • Goof: Caitlin asks Jen if she remembered the time she gave herself a bad perm back in sixth grade and that she had her regular stylist fix it. Caitlin didn't meet up with Jen and the others until recently as shown in "Take this Job and Squeeze It". Not only this but she supposedly only moved to the area in ninth grade.
  • Jonesy having Wayne saying that "Top M16s" is a great movie, and Wayne yelling "show me the movie!" is a reference to the Tom Cruise film "Jerry Maguire".
  • In one scene, everyone breaks the fourth wall by telling viewers to rent the 6teen episode Dude of the Living Dead.
  • When Wayne asks if Jonesy's seen the star of Top M16s lately, and Jonesy admits that he's crazy, this is probably a reference to Tom Cruise's Scientology beliefs. Given that this episode aired in late 2005, chances are good that it was written earlier that year when the controversy over his being a Scientologist was at its strongest.
  • Joe and Caitlin had dated for two weeks.
  • The "Employee of the Month" lounge room from Employee of the Month reappears here, as the site where the Clones give Caitlin her makeover.
  • The movie that Wyatt erases has the same cover as that of the German Kris Kringle documentary from In a Retail Wonderland...
  • Taj Mahome Video is apparently the leader in video rentals and sales for all genres of films except for independent films (at least in Canada).
  • Wayne acquires ownership of Underground Video in this episode.
  • Oddly, Wyatt is seen in Nikki's pants and Jude in Wyatt's throughout the episode.
  • At the end of the second Taj Mahome song, glitter falls from the ceiling of the former Underground Video. Where did the glitter come from?
  • This is the second time that Top M16s is mentioned. It was first mentioned in "Going Underground".



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