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"Mall Rush"
Platform: Internet
Genre(s): Single player
Link: Teletoon

Mall Rush is a game on Teletoon's website. When you play the game, you have to grab the clothing that corresponds to the next group of customers and put them on the counter, letting the customers pick up the clothes at will.


Customers will come in groups. Use your stock room credits to stock the store with clothes so that they fill their baskets before reaching the registers. Shoppers will only pick out certain items for their category. Roll over an item to see its details. When customers check out, you'll get more Stock Room credits to add more items to the store. There is also a mood meter to tell if the boss is either happy or mad. If customers get to the register and their baskets are not full, the mood meter drops. If the boss gets too mad, the game is over.

There are four groups of customers: Dressy Girls, Dressy Boys, Casual Girls, and Casual Boys. You have to find clothes that will suit each group so that they will buy when they come in. The clothes are ranked on a scale of "Hotness"; the hotter they are, the faster they will sell. As such, it is highly suggested that you buy very hot items. Also of note is that Greeter Gods and Goddesses can be placed at the front of the store to make merchandise look better and sell faster. Special items can also be used by placing them near merchandise, making them look more popular.

Item Costs

  • Two-star item: 50 credits
  • Three-star item: 100 credits
  • Cologne: 175 credits
  • Perfume: 175 credits
  • Four-star item: 200 credits
  • Deluxe cologne: 250 credits
  • Deluxe perfume: 250 credits
  • Sign: 300 credits
  • Five-star item: 350 credits
  • Greeter God: 550 credits
  • Greeter Goddess: 550 credits


  • The game has fifteen levels. In every level, dressy girls are the first to enter.
    • In level one, two groups of dressy girls enter one after the other. It is unknown if this is a glitch or not.
    • Aside from the above, the order in which the customers enter is random.
  • The store the game is set in is Albatross & Finch.
  • Hunter appears as one of the "Dressy Boys".
  • Caitlin, Jen, and Nikki are all "Casual Girls".
  • Likewise, Jonesy, Jude, and Wyatt are "Casual Boys".
  • Mandy is seen in the Casual group of girls.
  • Interestingly, many of the Hot Girls featured in the show are put into the "Dressy Girls" category.
  • There are 27 items for each group. As such, the total number of items is 108.
  • The items are ranked on a five-star scale of how hot they currently are. Interestingly, there are no one-star items.
  • Each group has nine two-star items, nine three-star items, five four-star items, and four five-star items.
  • If you finish a level and the boss is at his happiest, you earn bonus credits for subsequent levels.
    • Goof: A glitch can occur where your store credits aren't accurately calculated, e.g. the game may give you bonus credits at the end of one level, but at the start of the next, you have less credits than the start of the one before it.
  • Goof: Some characters can be seen multiple times in the same level, sometimes at the same time. This is especially prominent in later levels, when groups enter faster, and multiple crowds of the same customer type enter in quick succession and in larger numbers.
  • Certain levels contain areas that are visited more than once by the same shopper at different times. It is recommended to use such areas to your advantage since it'll give certain customers another chance to consider purchasing items in those spaces.
  • Certain levels contain areas that are never visited by any shopper. It is advised not to put any merchandise on those areas, unless it is used to increase the hotness of items that are getting visited.
  • In level seven, there's a possible glitch: Unlike in the other levels, the crowds never get larger, the basket size for customers never increases, and the wait time between groups never decreases.


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