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Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
First Appearance The Khaki Girl
Last Appearance Bye Bye Nikki
Mandy is one of Tricia's best friends. She is usually snobbish, acting as part of Tricia's two-person entourage.


Mandy is one of Tricia's friends and, along with Gwen, helps Tricia in her plans against Caitlin. She is never seen without Gwen. Interestingly, she is not one of the doppelgängers that Tricia used in "Losing Your Lemon". There, the doppelgängers appeared to be Tricia's friends, but she was never seen with them again. Mandy and Gwen are in fact the only ones to accompany Tricia regularly, which suggests that they are Tricia's best friends.

When with Tricia, Mandy usually doesn't speak. Instead, she gives off silent affirmations of Tricia's words and looks down her nose at others. This fits with the general rule of the gang of three: disrespect and ignore everyone, unless you can get something from them. She is the second part of Tricia's two-part entourage and the best friend of the first part, Gwen.

Like Tricia, Mandy is cold-hearted. She has met with Nikki and Jen before and treated them deferentially. It seems that she is a not-very-nice girl from the popular crowd; as Tricia has made clear repeatedly to Caitlin, "I don't hang with losers."


Mandy wears a green shirt with a flower on it, a light blue skirt, a blue bandana, a jewel on her head (known as a bindi), and green high heeled shoes. She has long black hair.



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