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Melinda Wilson
Melinda Wilson
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Green
Relationship Jude (broken up)
First Appearance Silent Butt Deadly
Voiced by Rachel Wilson

Melinda Wilson is a character from the animated TV series, 6teen. She had a major appearance in "Silent Butt Deadly" and cameos in "Losing Your Lemon", "A Crime of Fashion", and "The List".


Melinda is a high school senior, but still took the opportunity to date someone two years younger than her, Jude. She was, however, embarrassed that she was dating him and forced him to hide in private places because she didn't want her friends to see her with him. She told him that her friends could not know that they were dating, and if he were older, taller, smarter, and cooler then it wouldn't be an issue for their relationship to be public. Unfortunately, their relationship did end up being public after Jude accidentally revealed to Caitlin that he was dating her, and after he told her not to tell anyone, she did anyway and told Wyatt, Nikki, Jonesy, and finally Jen. Jude got insulted when Melinda dissed his friends by telling Jude to tell them to keep their mouths shut. She also threatened to break up with him if the word got out even more. Jude hatched up a plan, and took her into the ventilation system. He then farted, and told her that if she can't take the smell then they're through. She couldn't, and ended up falling out of the vent into a changing booth in The Khaki Barn. It is unknown what happened to Melinda and if Jude and her will ever date again, but this is highly unlikely because of what Jude did to her and the fact that she might've been embarrassed that someone less-cool than her dumped her. Melinda sometimes is reused in cameos, but her hair is differently colored.


  • Her last name is based off her voice actor, Rachel Wilson, who plays Heather on Total Drama.
  • In the mall, there are employees at various stores that look exactly like Melinda, but with darker hair and clothing. An example of one of these workers is in the episode, "Losing Your Lemon" at Von Ditch when Tricia invites Caitlin to shop with her, and in Spring Fling, when she is one of the people Nikki says "hey" to.
  • In "The List", she is seen in her usual colour scheme working at Von Ditch.

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