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Mimi is Stone's girlfriend in "Wrestlemania". She is an Asian girl who is always seen in a burnt sienna dress. It is presumed that, as Stone's ex-girlfriend (who was the reason he broke up with Nikki) was named Jill, Stone has broken up with her and started dating Mimi instead. Sometimes her character design is used for a worker at Grind Me wearing the Grind Me uniform, as seen in "The New Guy" and "2-4-1".

She is dumped by Stone for unknown reasons in "Date and Switch". The couple was one of three seen inside Cafe Coeur Brisé that were meant to establish the mood of the place. In that episode, she got confused along with a few other girls and gets mad at Jonesy and Wyatt when Jonesy dumped Wyatt in place of Marlowe, believing them to be a gay couple that were breaking up.

Mimi first appeared in Pillow Talk, as one of Jonesy's dates. She was the mountain climber who dined with him inside Super Terrific Happy Sushi. However, she later found out that Jonesy was the guy who got the perm, and soon thereafter that he was cheating on her with other girls who signed up for his dating website. She also made a cameo in "Labour Day - Part 1", where she was seen during Jude and Jonesy's initial wheelchair race. She was with another man at the time (possibly her new boyfriend).

Mimi's final appearance came in "Great Expectations", when she appeared at the mini golf course. She never spoke in that episode, and never signaled as to whom she wanted to be paired up with. Interestingly, she also appeared in the game based on that episode, "Mini Make-Out Golf".


  • In Mimi's appearance in the game, she can be paired up with any guy in the game. Notably, none of her boyfriends are seen on the course.
  • Mimi only had one line in Season 4, and that was "You jerk!" which was said to both Jonesy and Jude in "Labour Day - Part 1".


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