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"Mini Make-Out Golf"
Mini Make-Out Golf
Platform: Internet
Genre(s): Single player
Link: Teletoon

Mini Make-Out Golf is a game on the Teletoon website. The game, and the mechanics, are based on Jonesy's make-out scheme as shown in the episode Great Expectations.

In it, you have to match up couples in a darkened room. Each level increases the number of players but keeps the time limit the same.


The first round has three couples. You have to find which person they're thinking of and drag them to said person. This is somewhat easy, as there are only three choices. In the second level, things get harder, as there are now eight people to be paired off. The process continues with all following levels, as each one increases with another two people added in. Many characters besides the main cast make cameos.



  • This game is based on the episode Great Expectations.
    • As a homage to this, Wyatt and Caitlin are paired up on occasion.
  • Even though Billy says he doesn't do anything without his best friend Carl in the episode The Lords of Malltown, Carl doesn't appear in the game.


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