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Mr. Garcia and Emma clink glasses.

Mr. Garcia is the father of Jonesy Garcia, Robbie Garcia, Diego Garcia, & Emma Masterson Jr. He is the second husband of Emma Masterson, as well as the stepfather of Jen and Courtney Masterson. His full name is unknown. It is also unknown who his former wife (Jonesy, Diego, and Robbie Garcia's mother) was, or what happened to her. Mr. Garcia has only appeared in the episodes The Wedding Destroyers and Mr. and Mr. Perfect. The fact that the wedding episodes are his only appearances is very odd, as logically he should have been at the hospital during Labour Day - Part 1 and Labour Day - Part 2 to witness the birth of his child.

Mr. Garcia is rarely heard speaking, and he is known mainly for offscreen actions. His most notable offscreen action is giving a loft (previously promised to the boys) to his stepdaughters as a bedroom. It is revealed that he did this through a cell phone call between him and Jonesy. His gift unintentionally raised tensions between the two already warring parties, and led to a fiasco at the Grind Me when the boys refused to move the stag as a means of retaliation. Mr. Garcia also only appeared in a few scenes near the end, all of which were either at the stag or the wedding, and only spoke in order to make the joint announcement with his then-fiancee that the wedding would be postponed until their kids had grown up. (Later in the episode, the kids agreed that their parents should get married, and this happened; however, it is telling that he and his wife were willing to put off getting married for the sake of their kids.)

In Mr. and Mr. Perfect, he makes a small cameo, sitting at a table with his wife, his eldest son, and his son's girlfriend.


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