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The Wongs in 70s gear

Mr. and Mrs. Wong are Nikki's parents. They appeared in several episodes, with their last appearance in "Bye Bye Nikki". Mr. and Mrs. Wong are usually seen wearing 1970's clothing. They are also heard to speak with slight Chinese accents, which indicates that they immigrated to Canada from China sometime before Nikki was born.


  • They get on Nikki's nerves but she still loves them.
  • Jude once taught them how to dress like teens and act like a gangster, but the plan backfired and infuriated Nikki instead.
  • In "How the Rent-A-Cop Stole Christmas", Mrs. Wong claimed that Nikki and Jonesy were wrong for each other, especially when Mrs. Wong sees Caitlin in Jonesy's costume touching a woman's top in front of her. She naturally assumed that Jonesy was wearing the snowman costume, and, already annoyed by the boy, she thought that this was evidence that Jonesy was no good. This was further compounded when she mistook a gift of candy-cane underwear as Jonesy's gift to her daughter; eventually they found the right gift, which was something Nikki would have really liked, and Mrs. Wong permitted their relationship, although in Bye Bye Nikki she is seen to be somewhat unhappy with Jonesy again.
  • Mr. Wong reveals that he used to be a skateboarder when Jude gives him a fake job interview in Bye Bye Nikki.
  • Both have expressed displeasure at Nikki's choice to date Jonesy, saying that he's not good enough for their daughter. Although neither have forbid the teens from seeing each other, both Mr. and Mrs. Wong have put pressure on them to stop dating.
  • Although Nikki's parents annoy her, they do certainly care; as can be seen in How the Rent-A-Cop Stole Christmas, Mrs. Wong is certainly concerned about whom she dates, and in Bye Bye Nikki, Mr. Wong is willing to give up his dream job simply so Nikki can stay with her friends.


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