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This page is a list of characters who have had only one speaking appearance throughout the series. Despite only speaking in one episode, they may well have made cameos in other episodes.


Adam is the third guy who went out with Jen in "Mr. and Mr. Perfect". According to Jen, they have a lot in common but not too much, and she thought he was the guy for her. Unfortunately, her friends (and their arguing about Dax and Dougray) drove him away, and Jen ended up going to her cousin's wedding without him. Adam essentially looks like a more tanned version of Cory Halder.

Alfonso Peterson

Alfonso Peterson was a guy who worked for Jonesy as an assistant in "Another Day at the Office". He was instructed to complete reports of some kind, even though Jonesy didn't know what they could be about.


According to Jude, Amelie is "the hottest girl in all of France". She has long black hair, unblemished skin, and large breasts. The last of these three make her a target for all the men in the mall, who dog her desperately. In her appearance, they were used for many gags, including one where all the males in the mall obsessively eat ice cream just to spend a few minutes with her (she works at the Soda Hop, which mainly serves ice cream).

Jonesy asked her out on a date and was turned down repeatedly. Undeterred, he continued to ask until she finally accepted his offer. Jonesy prepared for his date heavily, but all his preparations were for naught, as his older stepsister showed up and dumped his little brother, Robbie, on him, forcing him to babysit. Robbie did his best to wreck Jonesy's date, at first suggesting that Jonesy likes sushi, then making Jonesy eat his boogers, and finally by making Jonesy kiss him in place of Amelie. Eventually, Jonesy got fed up, and threw Robbie into the fountain, which made Amelie break up with him and got him arrested. She was last seen having fun with Robbie in the mall, treating him like a nice little kid. Robbie reciprocated these feelings, which angered Jonesy, as he felt betrayed, and Jonesy once again tried to beat up Robbie, much to the French girl's confusion.


Andre is Caitlin's regular hairstylist, mentioned (but not seen) in "Major Unfaithfulness." Caitlin explains that when she was in 6th-grade, she had given herself a home perm with disastrous results--Andre reversed it and she had been going to him ever since. He was never mentioned again for the rest of the series.


Ashley (called the "Fourth Clone" by Nikki) is a girl who briefly worked at The Khaki Barn in "Welcome to the Darth Side". She looked and acted exactly like Kirsten, Kristen and Chrissy. While The Clones welcomed her at first, they soon realized she was taking all their sales. Eventually she was re-replaced by Nikki, who was welcomed back due to her habit of letting The Clones get all the sales by doing no work whatsoever.


Billy is one of Caitlin's many boyfriends-of-the-week. Billy is good friends with Carl. Caitlin had a huge crush on him, believing him to be the one, and coerced an unwilling Jen to double date with them. Jen was displeased with the arrangements but went along. He apparently has a bad case of acne (or, as Nikki put it, bacne) on his back, which causes Caitlin to break up with him. Jen learned of this after the date, making her angry that she had to go out with Carl.


Blake is a guy who expressed interest in Caitlin in "2-4-1". He has blonde hair and blue eyes, and his attire consists of a green sweater and white scarf. Oddly, both his scarf and his hair perpetually flutter in a breeze that doesn't exist for anyone else. He speaks in a British accent and took Caitlin on many dates, including a picnic by the mall fountain, a coffee shop date, and a visit to an opening art gallery. On the last of these dates, he caught Caitlin cheating on him with Vince and broke up with her. Heartbroken, his scarf and hair stopped fluttering as well. In addition to this, while infatuated with Caitlin he wrote her a poem, causing Caitlin to describe him to her friends as having a "sad poet's eyes".

A poem he wrote for Caitlin:

You're a flower and a jewel
A prayer for this sad fool
I want to jump into your pool
And be your sweet love tool
Caitlin, you're my fate-lin


Brandon is a red-haired guy who appeared in "Midnight Madness". Caitlin thought he was cute and tried to attract his attention. Eventually, she was able to get it, and Brandon asked her to a New Year's Eve party at his house. Caitlin was so excited by this that she started doodling his name, him, and lovey-dovey things into a notebook. Brandon saw it, however, and he uninvited her to his party, thinking that she was "a clingy stalker girl".

Brandon's character design was reused for Dean, Caitlin's fifth choice for a date in "Role Reversal".


Bruno is a man who used to work at the ice rink as the Zamboni driver. In "Snow Job", he took Jude under his wing and taught him the ropes of becoming a Zamboni driver. When Jude was tossed out of the mall by Ron the Rent-a-Cop for driving the Zamboni through it, he was actually willing to retire and hand the reins off to Jude. As his named successor, Jude effectively cannot be banished from the mall, as he's the only one who can drive the Zamboni.

Bruno is a middle-aged man who wears a red bandana, a red jacket over a black t-shirt, blue jeans, and work boots. He has long, greying hair tied into a ponytail and a nice beard. According to him, he started working as a Zamboni driver in 1982, and had been doing that up until the day that he retired.


Callie was Jude's over-the-phone girlfriend in "A Ding from Down Under". She was from Australia, and claimed to be into surfing, which she described as "skateboarding on water" (ironically, skateboarding was originally called "surfing on land"). They met when she called the number to a pay phone in the mall looking for her boyfriend, Jarra, who had recently moved to Canada. When Jude picked up, they soon started talking, and Jude became obsessed with her and spent all his time by the phone, including waiting by it all night in case Callie called (which she might, given the difference in time zones; in fact, she called late at night once). Eventually, Callie broke up with him through Nikki as Jarra was moving back to Australia, along the way indicating that she didn't think of it as a "real" relationship, as it was only over the phone.


Callum appeared in "Date and Switch". He was a guy that Caitlin had met at a costume party. He went as a gladiator, and looked tall, blonde, and ripped. However, in his day-to-day life, he was in fact a nerd, causing Caitlin to give him a false number to avoid having to deal with him. Eventually, she got in contact with him again, but due to the fact that she was looking rather poorly due to a series of unfortunate events at the Penalty Box, he gave her a fake number for a colon cleansing.


Cameron was a guy that impersonated Caitlin in "The List". He stole her credit card, and was able to get away with it because the credit card only said "C. Cooke". When he was caught, he tried to compliment Caitlin, and said that he wouldn't have stolen from her if he knew she was that beautiful. He was, of course, put in Ron's security lockup.


Carl is (according to Jen) a "human fart machine" who once went on a double date with Jen. Carl was seen as the best friend of Billy, one of Caitlin's many boyfriends. Carl was attracted to Jen, but she had no interest in him whatsoever. Caitlin begged Jen to date him so that her relationship would be stronger. After a while, Jen did become a better friend to Carl, but not a girlfriend, and they ended up wasting most of Caitlin's money (which they did on purpose to get back at Caitlin for putting Jen through those dates for nothing, as neither of them wanted to be there. This became further justified when Jen eventually found out that Caitlin had dumped Billy for a superficial and shallow reason: Billy had zits on his back, or, as Nikki called it, "bacne."

Carl reappears in "The List" as a crowd member to whom Wayne is giving a speech.

He also makes an appearance in "How the Rent-A-Cop Stole Christmas" as a person looking at Ron cutting down a Christmas tree.


Cathleen was Wyatt's girlfriend in "On Your Mark, Get Set... Date". She is a barista at Grind Me. They met at Jonesy's speed-dating extravaganza and hit it off. Soon, Wyatt discovered they had nothing in common, as Cathleen didn't watch TV or movies and was a huge fan of country music. Despite this, she made the most amazing coffee ever, which convinced Wyatt to stick with her. Eventually, though, it became obvious to even him that he was using Cathleen for her coffee when he got her a coffee bean grinder as a present. They broke up at this point, and Cathleen refused to make him coffee again as punishment.

Chocoholics Anonymous Girl

The Chocoholics Anonymous Girl is a teenager who works at Chocoholics Anonymous. She has short orange hair, unblemished skin, and wears a magenta hair band and a light lavender dress. Perhaps her most noticeable feature is a large potbelly, which is heavily suggested to have come about due to overindulgence of chocolate. Her one and only appearance comes in "Girlie Boys", where she worked alongside Caitlin at Chocoholics Anonymous.


Cillian is a man who works in the upper echelons of the Burger McFlipster's corporate structure. He was seen in "Selling Out To The Burger Man" when Tim brought him in so he could see Wyatt's talents. Cillian almost instantly recognized how good Wyatt was, and suggested that he write a jingle for the chain. Although Wyatt was initially hesitant, he was convinced by a memory of Jonesy telling him earlier that day that "babes love bling" and by Marlowe's encouragement.

Upon reaching a deal, Cillian pulled out a contract and had Wyatt sign. Although things seemed to be going well once Wyatt wrote the jingle, things started going wrong when instead of just having his band do a test run of the jingle over the mall PA, Cillian wanted them to perform live in the atrium. Wyatt tried to argue that it wasn't part of the deal, but Cillian pointed out that it was indeed part of the contract (hundreds of pages long) that Wyatt didn't read before signing. When Wyatt's band did perform the jingle, they received several cheers from the crowd, but Cillian didn't like the lyrics, thinking that they portrayed the food as unhealthy. He then apparently told the group that he was going to edit the lyrics--however, not only did Cillian totally change the lyrics, but changed basically everything about the song, and even makes Wyatt and his band mates wear giant food costumes. This caused Wyatt to be kicked out of his band for being too commercial. Eventually, the situation was resolved when Wyatt flat-out refused to sing any songs for Burger McFlipster's.

Cillian is always seen in a blue business suit with a red tie. His body is of a muscular build, and he has a square jaw and blonde hair in a crew cut. Cillian's eyes have never been seen because they're always hidden behind sunglasses.


Claudette is a French-Canadian figure skater who appeared in "Insert Name Here". There, she won Jude's heart, and he attempted to go out with her. He was able to do so after he bribed Coach Halder with private ice time. While Jude and Claudette seemed to be very fond of each other, they couldn't communicate as Claudette only spoke French and Jude only spoke English. They ended up breaking up because Claudette got invited to tour with the Ice Capades. Her character design is basically Rita's, Jude's former girlfriend, but with different clothing and a different color scheme.

Connor (In a Retail Wonderland...)

Connor appeared in "In a Retail Wonderland..." He was Caitlin's boyfriend-of-the-week for half of the episode, but broke up with her because her job as Gift Girl was making her ignore him and their relationship. After this, Caitlin lost her shopping mojo until she saw that his job was to wear a costume at the mall involving antlers for Christmas. Seeing this, Caitlin began to think of her former boyfriend as "Antler Boy" and instantly got over her funk.

Connor (Smarten Up)

Connor's main appearance was in "Smarten Up." Josh's best friend, he was very cynical and sarcastic, and seemed to be to some extent able to see through Caitlin's fake "college" persona. While Josh was taken by what he thought was genius and symbolism, Connor saw it more for what it really was: Caitlin being Caitlin. In fact, while interviewing her with his friend, he seemed to notice that she was shallow and obsessed with clothes and boys. Despite this, he didn't blow her cover, instead letting Josh go ahead and presume she was in college and being willing to go out with her and her friends.

He was later shown working with Chill TV later in the series in "Sweet 6teen", in "The List" as a crowd member to whom Wayne is giving a speech, and once more in "Quit It" as a crowd member at the Gameatorium.


See DawgToy


Dax was one of the two guys set up to compete for Jen's affection in "Mr. and Mr. Perfect". He is a muscly redhead who wears a green shirt. According to Nikki, he's a nationally ranked triathlete, and he runs quite a lot. He was the guy Jonesy and Nikki chose for Jen, and they got him to agree to go out with her in exchange for the use of Jen's employee discount. He looks like Joe, Caitlin's boyfriend in "Major Unfaithfulness".


Dougray was Caitlin's choice for Jen in "Mr. and Mr. Perfect". He likes lemonade and is apparently into sporty brunettes. Caitlin taught him everything she knew about Jen, and after Jen dumped Dax for him, Jen ended up getting bored because they had too much in common. Dougray was enticed into going out with Jen by Caitlin's promise of getting free lemonade for a year.


Dustin was Caitlin's boyfriend-of-the-week in "Pillow Talk". He had blonde hair and eyes that, as Nikki pointed out, were off-kilter. Caitlin liked him a lot, however, and certainly enough to tell him her friends' dirtiest secrets. This came back to bite her when he was asked onstage by a hypnotist and hypnotized into revealing all of the gang's secrets (except Caitlin). He ended up breaking up with her when her secret got leaked to the entire mall and she became a laughing stock. He is voiced by Dan Petronijevic (who also voices Geoff on Total Drama).


Dyson is an animal lover who appeared in "All Pets Are Off". He was initially attracted to Caitlin because of her dog (really Tricia's), but was absorbed in meetings over animal rights. To try and attract his attention, Caitlin bought a "purse dog" from Jonesy that was actually a ferret. This did attract Dyson's attention, but only, as it turned out, because ferrets fall under a clause of the Exotic Pets Act, which meant that Caitlin had to give up her pet. It's unknown what happened to Dyson after this episode.

Ed Loansbury

Ed Loansbury is a man who works in the upper echelons of bank management. Jonesy impersonated him in "Another Day at the Office", and used his position to give out loans to his friends. The manager of the bank, Rebecca, was suspicious of this prodigious increase in the number of loans given out. Eventually, the real Ed Loansbury showed up, revealing himself to be a businessman in his fifties, causing Jonesy to leave the bank and all of the loans he gave out to be recalled.


Eddie was a cute guy that Jen liked in "The Journal". Originally, she was planning to ask him out despite being nervous about it, but these plans were shot down when her embarrassing secrets were leaked to the entire mall. Later, Eddie asked her out after her friends made up stories about how great she was, and she gladly accepted. After one date, Jen decided that she and Eddie weren't right for each other, as Eddie only liked the "idea" of her.


Ellen is Ethan's cousin. She appeared alongside him at the dance in "Role Reversal". She never spoke, although she giggled and smiled a lot, and she danced with Wayne many times. Her face resembles that of a widely smiling Daria Morgendorffer.


Ethan is one of Caitlin's crushes. He is a tall, brown-haired boy that wears glasses. When he appeared in "Role Reversal", Caitlin tried to ask him to the Sadie Hawkins dance, but couldn't do it due to the fact that she was too nervous to actually ask him out. Eventually, when she was unable to find another date, she ended up taking Wayne due to a mishap. At the dance, it was revealed by Ethan that he was taking his cousin, Ellen, in order to show her around town. Wayne paired up with Ellen, and Caitlin ended up hanging out with Ethan for the rest of the night, which was not a problem as they hit it off and seemed to be on good terms at the end of the episode.


Fish is a fish that Jude found inside Underground Video in "Fish and Make Up". Fish was in a small plastic bag of water, apparently abandoned, when Jude started hanging out with him and adopted him as a pet. Fish and Jude went on many adventures around the mall together, including visits to The Gigantoplex and Nice Cinnabuns, but Fish eventually died because Jude didn't transfer Fish to a larger container or even change the dirty water in his bag. He was given a funeral in the washrooms, and Nikki and Caitlin mended their friendship there. Currently, there is a plaque on the toilet down which he was flushed showing a picture of a fish and reading "2005-2005".

Fréderika Casenoveda

Frédrika is a woman who apparently is the world's biggest talent agent for parts modelers (people paid to model shoes, watches, or scarves where only their "parts" will be seen). She showed up in "The Hunted" and took a shine to Jonesy, whom she declared to have the perfect neck. She constantly wears a wide-brimmed hat and has her head perpetually tilted upwards. She also has a small mole and very pale skin. Jonesy considers her a "hot Euro-chick". She appears to be Eastern European in descent, and her accent suggests that she is originally from Russia.


Fabris is a famous, world-renowned hairstylist who only appeared in "Major Unfaithfulness". He was opening up a hair salon at the Galleria, and was giving away twenty free haircuts for anyone who signed up. Caitlin, who's a fan of Fabris, was excited to hear this, but was hesitant to sign up for a haircut by him because it would mean that she'd be "cheating" on her usual hairstylist, a guy named Andre--however, Jen, knowing that Caitlin wants a haircut from Fabris, signs her up for one and assures her that everything will be fine. However, after Fabris gives Caitlin her haircut, it turns that he gave her a hideous red mullet (even putting in mullet extensions). Caitlin did everything she could do try and fix it (she, Jen and Nikki even went to the Clones for help), but Caitlin ultimately ended up going back to Andre, who (presumably) fixed it.


Griffin is a cute guy who only appears in the episode "Cheapskates". He originally appears as a guy Jen has a crush on. His weakness is that he is extremely cheap. Jen at first explains this away, although the gang is disgusted by his cheap ways. She eventually dumps him when, for a date, he takes her to a free reading of a children's book and a free pet shop tour; while there, he steals birdseed for dinner. Jen then realizes that he is just a cheapskate who refuses to spend anything. The point about him being really cheap is driven home at the end of the episode when, using infrared goggles, she is able to see that he keeps humongous wads of cash in his back pockets (he always claimed that he was broke when mooching off of the gang). Apparently, he managed to cheat $75 off of Jen and her friends.

Handy Stud

The handy stud is a repairman who appears in "Out Of This World". His name is never revealed (which becomes a running gag at the end of the episode), so amongst themselves, Caitlin, Jen, and Nikki refer to him as Handy Stud. Caitlin and Jen got into a fight over who would get to go out with him, which later escalated into a competition, eventually getting both of them arrested. Humorously, he is actually a horrible repairman, as nothing he touches gets fixed, and quite often it breaks worse. Nikki was the only person to notice this, though, as the women who called him (and came to him for repeat business) only cared about his good looks and were unconsciously able to ignore the awful work he did.


Harold is an employee of the Penalty Box who appeared only in "J is For Genius". He was seen being complimented by Jane, and it appeared to the gang that she's "cheating" on Jen, who had a girl crush on her. His appearance is identical to Paulo's.


Hunter is a guy featured in "The Hunted". He is seen as a hot guy, and he follows up on this by showing off hidden depths. Nikki falls for him at the start of the episode, and goes even deeper when Hunter tells him that he thinks they have a connection. Nikki agrees with this assessment, but she is too afraid to ask him out. She sends Caitlin off to do it instead, but when Hunter tells her that he feels that they have a connection, Caitlin instead asks him out for herself.

Nikki is angry at Caitlin, but after Nikki does to Caitlin what Caitlin did to her, they discover that Hunter was actually playing them both; in fact, at the end of the episode, it's revealed that in addition to dating Caitlin and almost dating Nikki, Hunter was dating all three of The Clones, Tricia Holmes's friend, Gwen, and an unnamed girl. All tallied, Hunter was going out with six girls at the same time, having charmed them all with his looks and claims that he felt a connection to them.

Hunter cameos in "All Pets Are Off".


Jack is a guy that made a brief appearance in "Life Slaver".

He was threatening to drop Darth off a balcony, until Caitlin and Jen walked up to him and told him that bullying was not cool. Darth escaped, fortunately, and Caitlin then exclaimed, "You wear socks with your sandals? Eww, it's either too hot to wear socks or too cold for sandals!"

He has only made few short appearances after, all of which were cameos.


Jade is Jude's 10 year old cousin. She is featured in "Great Expectations".

She had met the group previously, and developed a crush on Jonesy, who she had nicknamed "Gonesy".

Jude takes care of her while her parents are on vacation, but she spends the money she was given by her parents for food to buy presents for Jonesy instead.

She demonstrates a greater knowledge of Jonesy than his girlfriend, knowing his blood type (AB), favorite condiment topping for hot dogs (mustard) and when he started to like his favorite band.

After framing Nikki for shoplifting (she wants her out of the picture) Jade blackmails Jonesy into accepting her as his girlfriend, which he agrees to in exchange for the security keys.

After hearing that Jonesy lost another job (she was keeping count, something like 86) she lost interest and announced she was breaking up with him. Jude seemed shocked that they were going out.

After telling Nikki "you can have him", she counseled that she could probably do better. Nikki agreed that Jade might be right.


James is Jen's date to the dance in "Role Reversal". Jen initially tried to force him to go out with her, but when she asked nicely, he agreed. James has brown hair and blue eyes. They seem to be on good terms, and had some fun at the dance.


Jane is a temporary employee of the Penalty Box as seen in "J is For Genius". Jen formed a girl crush on her to the point of acting and dressing similar to the new employee. Jane eventually left the store but wrote a note to Jen, assuring her that Jane cared about her. Jane resembles Jen's sister Courtney in appearance but wears her hair in a ponytail.


Jasper appeared in "Cheapskates". He is a tan, good-looking guy with brown hair and nice clothes. Due to a misplacing of voices between him and his unnamed friend by Caitlin, Caitlin thought he only spoke Spanish and began to teach herself Spanish. Unbeknownst to her, Jasper only spoke English and didn't understand much Spanish. This led to a mix-up when Caitlin only spoke Spanish to him, leading Jasper to believe that Caitlin only spoke Spanish. Jasper consulted his friend, and his friend told him what to say to Caitlin. Unfortunately, Caitlin wasn't very good at the language, and ended up breaking up with Jasper because they just couldn't communicate.

Jasper's Unnamed Friend

Jasper's friend appeared alongside Jasper in "Cheapskates". He was never named, but was shown to speak Spanish. He was willing to help Jasper realize his desire to date Caitlin, and was largely the reason that Jasper was able to get together with Caitlin by giving him encouragement and advice. Ironically, though, he was also the cause of their breakup, due to the fact that because Caitlin heard him through the bathroom vents speaking Spanish, she assumed that Jasper was a Spanish speaker, and she broke up with Jasper because she thought she couldn't communicate with him (even though Jasper spoke English and not Spanish).


Jean is a character that only appeared in the episode "Role Reversal". She was hired at the Khaki Barn in order to help with the holiday rush. Jean and Nikki developed a bond after Jean revealed that she didn't like the Clones any more than Nikki did, even though she seemed to be getting along with them--Jean explained that since the Clones are her coworkers and that she'd only be working at the store two weeks, she didn't see any point in going out of her way not to get along with them. Nikki and Jean also discovered that they had a lot in common, particularly a common interest in traveling, and the two soon developed a friendship.

However, Nikki and Jean's friendship was tested when the gang pointed out that Jean might be a lesbian and may possibly have a crush on Nikki. Later, while working at the Khaki Barn, Nikki (sort of hesitantly) questions Jean if she is in fact gay. Jean, not offended in any way, admits that she is actually a lesbian. Jean then mistakenly thought that Nikki was trying to ask her out, and revealed that she actually already has a girlfriend (later revealed to be Connie, the drummer in Wyatt's band). Despite the minor mishap, Jean and Nikki remain friends.

While Jean's the third gay character to be featured on the show (the Cowboy being the first and Kevin being the second), Jean's the only one to be explicitly stated as being gay. In the case of the cowboy, it's not stated but quite blatant, while in the case of Kevin, it's heavily implied that he's probably gay, to the point of Gracie Bickerson pointing it out ("Kevin plays for the other team").


Jeff is a guy that Caitlin dated in "The Swami." There, she used Jude's advice to ask him out and also used his advice on the date. While Jude's advice worked initially, her use of odd koans during her date almost ruined it. However, when Caitlin confessed that she was using the advice of Swami Jude, Jeff pointed out that he knew he was a guy who worked at Stick It, and the rest of the date went well.


Joanie is a girl who appeared in "Opposites Attack". She is essentially a female version of Jonesy. She has amazing burping abilities, is very sporty, and seems to generally be a tomboy. Like Jonesy, she took advantage of her position at the travel agency call center to goof off and play video games all day, and she and Jonesy quickly became friends. Because of how much Jonesy and Joanie had in common, Nikki worried that Jonesy would break up with her and start going out with Joanie. This became more of a worry for her after a disastrous movie date where Jonesy brought Joanie with him and the two seemingly had more chemistry with each other than Jonesy had with Nikki. When Jonesy learned about Nikki's fears, however, he told Joanie about them, and both agreed that such a pairing would be disastrous. Joanie also gave Jonesy advice as to how to win Nikki's heart back and essentially saved their relationship. Despite Jonesy not getting fired, she was never seen again.


Joe dated Caitlin in "Major Unfaithfulness". He was in love with her, and invited her to his cousin's wedding as his date. Caitlin accepted, but almost had to cancel when a bad haircut by Fabris ruined her hair. She ended up going after Joe accepted her haircut readily, although she wore a wig to cover it up at the wedding. Later, Joe got a haircut from Fabris as well, and Caitlin dumped him because it looked horrible. They dated for approximately two weeks. He looks like Nikki's friend Dax.


Josh appeared in "Smarten Up". He is a college student. He and Connor were at the mall interviewing women on their rights and how they were treated differently than men. He interviewed Caitlin, and they were both attracted to each other. They started going on dates. Caitlin, knowing that he thought she was in college, pretended to be a college student, and brought her friends in on the act. As part of this plan, she had them act more seriously. Josh ended up dumping her after her met her friends, citing that "she and her friends had all these big plans, and I just want to have fun," thus showing that he thought her friends were too serious. To add insult to injury, he started dating Kristen, who is also a high school student. Interestingly, both he and his best friend share names with one-time characters that appeared earlier on in Season Two. His name is shared with Jude's doppelgänger.


See Doppelgängers


Kevin is Caitlin's coworker at The Big Squeeze. They never meet until the episode "Bicker Me Not" due to the fact they work different shifts. When Kevin leaves his bag in the Lemon by mistake, Caitlin starts to get a crush on him and leaves him a note. It turns out that he's been leaving secret notes for her in lemon juice for a while. Finally, near the end of the episode, they meet and Kevin is disappointed to learn that Caitlin is a girl. Caitlin is confused by his reaction until Gracie Bickerson explains that "Kevin plays for the other team", meaning he is gay. He is voiced by Scott McCord (who also voices Trent and Owen on Total Drama).

Kylie Smylie

Kylie Smylie is the pop star who was the main focus of the episode titled with her name. She looks a lot like Wyatt, with brown dreadlocks and generally dark skin. In her appearance, she wore a top that was yellow-green on top and a darker shade of green for the stomach, black jeans, and high heels. She also continually wore a necklace.

In the episode, she came to the mall to do a record signing, a photo shoot, and a concert. She also ran an essay contest on her website; the winner would get to spend the day with her. Caitlin won, and they hung out a lot. Along the way, Kylie met several of Caitlin's friends, including Jen, Nikki, Jonesy, and Wyatt. Her meetings with Jen were generally awkward, as Jen was unable to speak around the pop star, and was revealed to be somewhat of a stalker, as she had bought a grilled-cheese sandwich that Kylie had taken a bite out of on the internet. Her meetings with Jonesy were greater in number, but she had very little actual interaction with him, as Jonesy was serving as part of her security detail.

The person Kylie grew the most attached to was Wyatt, whom she fell in love with. Seeing that Kylie desired Wyatt, Serena asked Wyatt out, but Wyatt (surprisingly) refused her, saying he'd gotten over her. Although Wyatt and Kylie really liked each other, to the point that Kylie invited him onstage to sing a duet with her, their relationship was broken up due to the interference of her father.

Despite being a pop star, Kylie seems to be really lonely. She mentioned to Caitlin that, due to her touring all the time, she doesn't really have any friends. This, coupled with the fact that her father refuses to let her date until she's twenty-one, suggests that Kylie has very little interaction with other teenagers, and possibly spends most of the time in the company of her father and bodyguards.

She is voiced by Bryn McAuley.


Lacey appeared in "Quit It". She met Wyatt when they both ordered the same drink at Grind Me. She initially seemed to be a girl like Wyatt, but she soon revealed that she had too much in common with him. As the episode went on, she started wearing the same clothes as Wyatt, took a job at Burger McFlipster's, got a guitar identical to his, changed her hairstyle into Wyatt's dreadlocks, and even stole his songs. Although Wyatt initially wanted to date her, when he saw the lengths to which she was copying him, he decided against continuing their relationship, and they broke up.


Laird is part of a marketing group who works as a "cool hunter", trying to find the next big trend. He appeared in "Fashion Victims", where he hired Jonesy to tell him what was happening around the mall. When Jonesy couldn't find any new trends, he made some up and sent them to Laird. All of the trends took the mall by storm, much to Nikki's surprise. Eventually, though, Jonesy had to tell Laird that his trends were over, and he was fired because none of his fads had staying power.

Les Bland

Les Bland appeared in "Selling Out To The Burger Man". He was Caitlin's nerdy boyfriend in that episode. Despite this, Caitlin could never remember his name, only thinking of him as the guy she went shopping with. In the end, Les revealed to Nikki that he couldn't really afford all this, but he needed to keep going out with Caitlin because people noticed him. With the help of her friends, Caitlin realized that she really was only using Les Bland for his money, and she broke up with him. She then returned all the clothes he had bought her, so that he wouldn't be in such treacherous financial straits.

Les reappeared in "Out Of This World" as a customer in line.

Little Cody

Little Cody, despite his name, is a large, muscular guy who (technically) only appeared in "Out Of This World" (he also made a brief appearance in "Snow Job" as the football jock who threatened Jonesy for asking out his girlfriend, but was not named then). Jonesy, after losing a bet to him, owes Little Cody money, and when he fails to repay, he hides from Little Cody. Little Cody eventually finds Jonesy, forcing him to come clean and admit he is broke. Little Cody then gives Jonesy another twenty-four hours to pay off his debt. He is patterned after and is a parody of Archie Comics character "Big" Moose Mason.

Mike Dent

Mike Dent is a skateboarding teen who only appeared in the episode "Girlie Boys". In his appearance, he was depicted as Jude's rival. Throughout the episode, he continually mocked Jude, often addressing him as "bra" (slang for a girl). Whenever he appeared, thrash metal music would play, signifying him as an antagonist. Jude challenged him to a one-on-one race; at the end of the episode, Jude was easily able to beat him. To try and stop him, Mike grabbed at Jude and knocked him off his board; however, he fell off his board as well. Jude's sleek, shaved body allowed him to slide past the finish line, while Mike had too much friction. He was never seen after this episode.


Misha is a coffee vendor who only appeared in the first part of the episode "Labour Day". In her appearance, she was depicted as a person who had a love for Wyatt's coffee making skills. She kissed him for helping her make coffee the proper way, but the kiss was interrupted when Misha's boss told her to get back to work.


Morty was Nikki's boss at Counter Measures in "Quit It". She is a somewhat heavyset middle-aged woman. She seems to be the regional manager of the store, as she has mentioned opening several new stores. Each opening stresses her out a lot, and this causes her to become constipated to the point that she has to drink gallons of the store's laxative tea. In addition to this, Morty seems to dislike nicknames, as she always refers to Nikki as "Nicole" in the time that Nikki was employed there.


Nelson appears in "Jonesy's Low Mojo". He is a cocky prepubescent who spends a lot of time at the arcade and is, embarrassingly for Jonesy, a better gamer than Jonesy. This is shown when, after Jonesy sets a high score on a game called Space Annihilator, he comes in and breaks the record on his next turn. This in turn sets off a rivalry between the two that Nelson wins despite Jonesy's cheating ways and unsportsmanlike conduct.

Nitro Bob

Nitro Bob is a comic book artist in the world of 6teen. He is an overweight, middle-aged balding man who draws comic books starring a title character named, "Nitro Bob". The Nitro Bob of the stories is an adventurous, adept, violent young man, a direct contrast to the Nitro Bob of reality. Carl and Jen met him in "The Lords of Malltown". Carl is a huge fan of his, and had him sign all of the Nitro Bob comics he owned. Not much is known about the comic besides that. It is never even mentioned again in the series


Norm is the manager of GameWorld, the mall arcade. He is a lean elderly man with a narrow face and white, balding hair. He only appears in "Jonesy's Low Mojo", where he is seen congratulating Jonesy, and later Nelson, over their respective record-setting scores in Space Annihilator. He also gives golden passes to them that last for one month, and later confiscates Jonesy's due to Jonesy's unsportsmanlike conduct. He also is the one who hangs the plaques commemorating their achievements. Norm has long brown hair that hangs into his eyes and wears a red t-shirt with a stylized V on it, green khakis, and sneakers.


Owen is one of two guys that Caitlin and Jen met in "Waiting to Ex-Sale" while waiting in line at Albatross & Finch. He was there to buy some new jeans. Jen and Owen seemed to be hitting it off, but the possibility of a relationship between them collapsed when Caitlin and Tad broke up.


Paulo is a Penalty Box employee whom Jen finds attractive in "Prank'd". His appearance is identical to Harold's. Thanks to Jonesy's pranks on Jen, she appeared to be a klutz in front of him. She then became disappointed to see that he already has a girlfriend.


Phoenix is a Hollywood actor. He showed up in the teen movie that was filmed in the mall in "The One with the Cold Sore". He seemed to be the star of the movie. He and Jen hung out a lot, and Jen fell in love with him, so much so that she was thinking of moving to L.A. because of him. At the end of the filming, however, he just walked away from her, revealing that he really didn't care all that much about her, much to her disappointment.


Rebecca is the manager of the mall's bank. She appeared in "Another Day at the Office". There, she mistook Jonesy for a man who worked higher in the corporate structure named Ed Loansbury, who was apparently going to come to her branch to conduct a review of their business. She has red hair and wears a business suit.

She presumably has at least one child as she is seen in "6 Teens and A Baby" waiting in line for Jude's "baby whispering" with a baby.


Rita is a girl that Jude dated in "Dirty Work". She was an excessively clingy and overall creepy girlfriend that Jude was slightly afraid of and wanted to break up with. Because he couldn't figure out how to break it off with her, he paid Jonesy to break up with her for him, which spurred Jonesy to create a breaking bad news service. Jonesy also used her as a "rebound chick", which came back to hurt him when she arrived at the end of the episode and gave out invitations to a party she was hosting to everyone except Jonesy, whom she slapped, calling it a "message from all the rebound chicks". Her character design is the same as Claudette's, but with different clothing and a different color scheme.

Ron Hughes

Ron Hughes is a movie director who showed up in "The One with the Cold Sore". In appearance and personality, he resembles Steven Spielberg, and is probably a parody of Spielberg. He was the one who directed the movie, and the one who cast Jen, Nikki, and Wyatt while refusing Jonesy and Caitlin.


Sawyer was one of Caitlin's love interests in "Whoa, Baby." He was the impetus for Caitlin to get a water bra, as he liked girls with large chests. While Caitlin initially was able to seduce him by using one of "Jonesy's Jugs", one of the balloons forming the chest popped and splattered Sawyer with water, causing him to dump her and several girls to demand refunds from Jonesy (notably, the leakage was a problem for those girls as well as Caitlin).

Sergeant Beef

Sergeant Beef appeared in "Kylie Smylie". He is the father of the eponymous pop star, and is very protective of his daughter, to the point that he won't let her date until after she turns twenty-one. Before his daughter became a pop star, Sergeant Beef was apparently a professional wrestler of such skill that one of the nicknames his fans gave him was "The Alberta Hurta". As a wrestler, his best-known move was his finishing move, the "Cow Pie". He used this move on Jonesy and Wyatt when he got mad at them for messing around with his daughter. He is very tall and sports what appears to be a steroid-enhanced physique.

Shay Walker

Shay Walker is a skater who appeared in "The List". His appearance is identical to that of Norm's. He and Jude (who had a zit at the time) entered a drawing to win a longboard. When Shay is announced to have won the drawing, he cheers and pumps his fists, which unintentionally pops Jude's zit, spreading pus everywhere.

Star Contest Judges

These three judges judged the contest that took place at the mall in "Idol Time at the Mall". As Star Contest was a parody of American Idol, these three parodied the judges. There was a black judge (parody of Randy Jackson), a female judge (parody of Paula Abdul), and a sarcastic, British judge (parody of Simon Cowell). Although all three were seen, the rude judge was the only one to speak, and the only one actually seen judging.


Steve is a corpse only seen in "Labour Day - Part 2". He never spoke, due to being dead, but Jude spent half of the episode with him, talking to him about stuff. It seems that Jude cluelessly never realized that Steve was dead, even though many obvious hints were made about it, including a toe tag that Jude read to learn the corpse's name.


Tad is a guy that Caitlin met while in line at Albatross & Finch in "Waiting to Ex-Sale." Caitlin and Tad seemed like they were falling in love initially, but as the wait in line dragged on, they got to know each other better, and found out that they weren't right for each other. Eventually, after a fight, they broke up. Tad was seen again at the end of the episode with Owen, buying clothes at the sale.


Todd appears in "On Your Mark, Get Set... Date". He is the twin brother of Tom. He is the non-assertive, obedient twin who started out as a date for Jen, but after the disastrous date at El Sporto's, he and Caitlin realized that they were a better fit, and he became Caitlin's boyfriend.


Tom appears in "On Your Mark, Get Set... Date". He is the twin brother of Todd. He is the assertive twin who starts out as Caitlin's date. He frequently talks about his exploits doing extreme sports such as skydiving and whitewater rafting. He ends up dating Jen when they find that they're better suited for each other.


See Doppelgängers


Vince is one of the two guys Caitlin dated in "2-4-1". He has black hair and tan skin. He wears a brown jacket over a white t-shirt. Like Blake, he is really sensitive. He took Caitlin on several dates, including a coffee date and a lunch date. On the latter of these, he give Caitlin a ring that his grandmother gave him for the express purpose of giving it to the girl who stole his heart. He ended up breaking up with Caitlin because he couldn't stand sharing her with another guy.


Wade is one of Caitlin's boyfriends-of-the-week. He was only seen in "Fish and Make Up", and was the impetus for the fight between Nikki and Caitlin. Caitlin was in love with him, and talked about him constantly; this irritated Nikki to such an extent that she yelled at Caitlin, and soon a tiff broke out between them.

Wade was only seen in a few scenes in the episode. In all of these, he was shopping with Caitlin. This is probably the reason why Nikki referred to the relationship between them as "Your [Caitlin's] nonstop shopping spree with Wade!" It seems likely that their relationship was in fact all based on his willingness to buy her clothes, as was a future relationship of hers.

Despite their relationship seemingly being based purely on pockets full of money, it was stable, at least for one of Caitlin's relationships. Early in the episode, she mentioned that they had been dating for eight days, and she was seen with him the next day, implying that this relationship lasted at least nine days. If this is true, Wade was one of Caitlin's longest relationships.


See Doppelgängers


Zane is one of Caitlin's many boyfriends-of-the-week. He appeared in "Unhappy Anniversary". Caitlin had a crush on him, and tried to get his attention repeatedly, unintentionally committing many embarrassing actions in front of him along the way. He found this endearing, however, and asked her out. Caitlin readily agreed, but was soon accosted by Gwen and Mandy, who told her that Zane had once dated Tricia but broke up with her before the eighth-grade dance. They told her not to go out with Zane, lest she face social suicide. Caitlin angrily defied these orders, and when Tricia tried to ruin their date at Super Terrific Happy Sushi, she angrily kissed Zane. Tricia then proceeded to ban Caitlin from every store in the mall by threatening to boycott any stores that allowed her to shop there (suggesting that she is the main source, or one of the biggest sources, of revenue for several stores). Soon enough, Caitlin and Jen got into a fight with Tricia, Gwen and Mandy by the fountain because of this. When Zane saw this, he broke up with Caitlin, as he believed that the relationship was interfering with the "feud" between Caitlin and Tricia (in other words, he didn't want to be involved with the feud).

In "Unhappy Anniversary", he worked at Belts, Belts, Belts!, however, he is seen working at North Shore Surf & Skate in "The List".

Zane has green eyes, brown hair, and a muscular body. In his appearance, he always wore a green muscle shirt and grey khakis. Caitlin mentioned that his favorite colour was green.


Zargon "the Amazeologist" was a hypnotist that appeared in "Pillow Talk". He commanded Dustin, Caitlin's boyfriend at the time, to share people's embarrassing stories as if he were a news reporter on a gossip show. This resulted in the Gang being humiliated in front of the whole mall.


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