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"Oops, I Dialed It Again"
Episode name reference to/pun on: Britney Spears' single Oops, I Did It Again.
Bum Calling
Season 3, Episode 65
Airdate: CAN: November 22, 2007
USA: November 28, 2008
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Oops, I Dialed It Again is the 66th episode of the series and the 11th episode of the third season. It aired in Canada on November 22, 2007 and in the United States on November 28, 2008.

Something as innocent as testing new phones for Caitlin's dad's company turns into a "bum-call" dilemma.


Caitlin hands the gang their own cell phones to test them for her dad's phone company, giving them free calls for a month, prompting most of the gang to begin using them immediately. Jen, however, feels a sense of responsibility, feeling that Caitlin's dad wants them to be responsible. Jude calls someone in Sweden, who hangs up on him mid-sentence, making Jen become even more fearful. Afterwards, Nikki asks Jen for ideas to save money to buy skates for Jonesy for no real occasion, but Caitlin tells Nikki that guys buy gifts for girls for no reason, not the other way around, and accidentally spills a nearby lemonade. Jen then offers to use her employee discount and tells Nikki to sell things to get a commission, only for Nikki to reject the second part of advice. They turn to Caitlin for more advice, seeing that she is good at sucking up. A nearby mother slips on the spilled lemonade, sending her baby and bags flying until Wyatt rescues them, drawing much applause from nearby shoppers. The applause quickly turns into laughing and mockery when Wyatt sneezes, leaving long blobs of mucus hanging from his nostrils.

The next day, Wyatt sings to the gang and Marlowe about the child he rescued, only for Jonesy to bring up the event from yesterday about him sneezing. Marlowe feels that it is the best song he has ever written, and Wyatt reveals that he got the idea from yesterday after sneezing, prompting Jude and Jonesy to laugh at the incident. Wyatt then feels that him being humiliated causes a surge of creativity inside of him, so Nikki sarcastically recommends that the gang should publicly humiliate him from then on, only for him to take it seriously since his band is short on songs. The friends agree, when suddenly, Caitlin gets a call from Jude, who unknowingly "bum calls" her, much to her disgust. Jonesy then asks the rest of the gang for ideas to humiliate Wyatt so he will make more songs.

While on the way to work, Jen is stopped by a surveyor, who claims the survey could make the world a better place. Jen is reluctant to take it due to her job, but soon takes it after the surveyor says it will take just a minute and is for the good of the world. The surveyor then shoves her into a nearby booth, where a brilliant light is shone upon her. Jen is asked for her name and age, and the booth claims that she is very smart and continues the survey even after Jen questions if it will really save the world.

At The Khaki Barn, Caitlin helps Nikki earn commissions to buy Jonesy skates, so Nikki tries to help two customers, much to The Clones' surprise. A customer asks for a top exactly the same as the one she is holding, but in pink, long sleeves, and a cow neck, to which Nikki claims is completely different. Nikki further attempts to help, but does not know what to say and forces the customers to talk to the Clones, claiming it was "Commission Impossible" while unknowingly bum-calling Jonesy.

While Wyatt works at Burger McFlipster's, Jude and Marlowe humiliate him by telling stories of him when he was a child and playing a song he made when he was a young child, causing the customers nearby to laugh at him. Ron the Rent-a-Cop orders Jude and Marlowe out, then feels that Wyatt purposely tried to cover a baby in boogers, obviously not listening to how it really happened. Meanwhile, Jen is still stuck in the survey booth, which asks many pointless questions and makes her very late for work.

Back at The Khaki Barn, Caitlin tries to pick up a pair of pants she likes but is stopped by Nikki, claiming she is a bad shopper. Caitlin tells Nikki that customers want a sales girl who is nice and pretty, then gets the idea for Nikki to pretend to be her, only for Nikki to profusely reject the idea. Caitlin then brings up the commission, so Nikki promises to be nice to the next person walking through, who happens to be Kyle Donaldson, one of Caitlin's ex-boyfriends. Nikki shows Kyle clothes she feels would look good on him, but Kyle feels that those clothes do not suit him, only for Nikki to shove him into a change room nonetheless. Unknowingly, Nikki bum calls Jonesy, who feels Nikki is cheating on him when she tries to help Kyle based on their discussion.

The gang meets with Marlowe by The Big Squeeze to listen to his latest song. Nikki feels that they should stop humiliating Wyatt, only for Wyatt to claim he really needs it, claiming he only needs two songs to finish a demo CD. Jonesy is seen acting betrayed when Nikki tries to talk to him, then Nikki leaves for work, prompting Jonesy to shout because of what he heard earlier. Caitlin, Marlowe, and Jude look at each other, confused on what is going on with Jonesy.

At the Khaki Barn, Caitlin finds Nikki, who talks to her while bum calling Jonesy once again, who gets the wrong idea when Nikki talks about how flirting is paying off. Jonesy then questions "What plan?!" out loud, to the point where a nearby customer can hear him. Jen calls Jonesy, asking him if he is happy in his current relationship, only for him to claim Nikki is hitting on every guy in the mall. The survey booth cuts Jen's call and asks if she is happy in her current relationship, but Jen tells it that she is not in a relationship.

As Wyatt enters a washroom, Jude runs there with him, drawing a mustache on him and stripping him to his underwear. Panicked, Wyatt attempts to run to work, but draws unwelcome attention from bystanders, even Marlowe. Wyatt then tries to run to his job, only to attract more attention. Ron catches Wyatt, who gets in the police cart without being told to do so. In the jail cell, Ron informs Wyatt that his parents will pick him up, then recommends him to call his "scum bag friends" to bring him some clothes, so Wyatt calls Nikki to get him some clothes.

Jonesy spies on Nikki, who asks The Clones for advice on a dress to win someone's heart. Heartbroken, Jonesy sincerely feels that Nikki is cheating on him with someone else. Nikki then meets with Wyatt and makes him wear a dress, feeling that it will help him make more songs. Ron and Nikki share a laugh at Wyatt's misfortune while Jude and Marlowe start thinking of ways to humiliate Wyatt. Marlowe tells Jude to push Wyatt into the fountain at 1:15, when the lunch crowd is at its largest. Jude, however, does not comprehend Marlowe's lecture, even after she repeats it 36 times, much to Marlowe's frustration. Jude then asks if he can wear his hat, prompting a frustrated Marlowe to walk off, angered because of Jude's foolish question.

As Wyatt fills up ketchup bottles during his shift, Jonesy complains to Wyatt because he feels that Nikki is cheating on him, but Wyatt does not believe his sob story. While Jonesy walks off, Wyatt gives him a bottle to squirt ketchup all over his uniform, which Jonesy gladly agrees to do. Meanwhile, Caitlin sees Nikki slacking off during the job, then Jen calls Nikki to name three cheeses. Unknowingly, Nikki once again bum calls Jonesy, getting the idea of being dumped when Nikki claims "it's out with the old and in with the new," not knowing it has to do with the skates she is buying him. As a customer walks out of the bathroom, Jonesy tells him that he will find the guy Nikki is dating and tell him to back off, then walks into the bathroom while the customer runs off in fear. In the bathroom, Jonesy unknowingly bum calls Caitlin, who hears him compliment himself but thinks he is hitting on her. As Caitlin hangs up, Nikki calls Jonesy and asks him if he wants to meet up, but Jonesy claims his whole weekend is full and pretends the reception is going bad, then hangs up.

Even after 680 questions, Jen is still stuck in the survey booth, which asks her how many boys she has kissed, only for Jen to ask why it needs to be revealed. Jen receives a call from Caitlin, claiming that Jonesy was hitting on her, prompting Jen to rush to Caitlin's rescue, but the booth will not let her leave. As the survey continues, Jen explains that Caitlin needs her, claiming that the questionnaire is making a mistake if any of the questions will save the world. Although the questionnaire claims that it does not make mistakes, Jen asks what the first question asked was, and the questionnaire claims that "How old are you?" was the first question. Jen claims that "What is your name?" is the first question, even though the questionnaire insists that "How old are you?" was the first question, only for Jen to point out that it was actually the second question. This logic causes the booth to short circuit, allowing Jen to finally leave the booth.

At Burger McFlipster's, Ron warns Wyatt about his new rule: underwear exposure will result in being kicked out of the mall for life. Elsewhere, Caitlin and Jen talk about Jonesy hitting on Caitlin, and Jen tells Caitlin to talk to Nikki about this incident. Caitlin receives a call from Wyatt, who warns her that he cannot be stripped anymore or he will be banned from the mall. Later, Wyatt warns Marlowe and Jonesy that he must not be stripped because of Ron's new rule. Marlowe points out that Jude still does not know about this, meaning that he must be informed as soon as possible. Jonesy reveals that he heard Nikki talking about another boyfriend behind his back. He then sees the secret boyfriend, Kyle Donaldson, and warns him about stealing Nikki, prompting Kyle's date to smack him with her purse while Nikki arrives to the scene. Nikki finds Jonesy, who claims he never would have cheated on her, only for Jen to point out that he was hitting on Caitlin, not knowing it was an accidental bum call. As more confusion is stirred up, Jude strips Wyatt once again, prompting Ron to arrive instantly to ban Wyatt from the mall.

By The Big Squeeze, Jen finally realizes the truth when Caitlin tells Jonesy what he really said, and Jonesy admits his misunderstanding and apologizes as he wears the new skates Nikki brought him. As Nikki admits that it was great to see Jonesy jealous, she claims that she should bum call him more often, but Caitlin collects the friends' cell phones due to the many bum call incidents. Nikki then reveals to Jen that the questionnaire booth was simply using her to find out about the latest teen trends, and Jen points out that the booth was good at asking questions but not answering them. As Wyatt arrives, Jonesy reveals that he had a security tape to use against Ron so he would lift Wyatt's ban from the mall, who sings.


  • Caitlin: "Jude, why are you calling me?"
    Jude: "I'm not. Must be a bum call."
    Caitlin: "Bum call?"
    Nikki: "You know, when your bum accidentally speed dials someone? Bum call."
    Caitlin: "Ew! I don't want to talk to anyone's bum."
  • Nikki: "Hi, welcome to the Khaki Barn. I'm Nikki. How could I help you?" (The Clones gasp.)
    Kirsten: "Is Nikki actually trying to sell something?"
    Customer: (holds up a short sleeve tan-colored shirt) "I'm looking for a top exactly like this, but not this top. I want it in pink, with long sleeves, and a cow neck!"
    Nikki: "So exactly like this, but completely different?"(customer nods) "Uh, okay. Um, maybe w–, um, let me just have. Oh, forget it! Talk to one of them!"
    Caitlin: "Nikki, you almost had them!"
    Nikki: "That was commission impossible." (leans on the counter, unknowingly bum calling Jonesy)
    Jonesy: "Hey, Nikki. What's up?"
    Nikki: "This feels wrong. It's just not me."
    Jonesy: "What? Something feels wrong? What feels wrong? Hello? Nikki? Talk to me!"
  • Kyle: "These are kind of small. Do you have a bigger size?" (Nikki leans, bum calling Jonesy.)
    Jonesy: "Hello?"
    Nikki: "Just take those pants off and I'll help you out!"
    Jonesy: "What?!"
    Kyle: "I'll try anything you throw my way, beautiful!"
    Nikki: (laughs) "You big flirt!"
    Jonesy: "Nikki?! What's going on? Can you hear me?"
    Nikki: (hands Kyle a pair of khakis) "What do you think of these babies?"
    Kyle: "Oh, sweet, sweet, sweet." (Jonesy gasps as Nikki leans, hanging up the phone.)
  • Jonesy: (to himself) "Plus, she can't dump you. You know why, Jonesy? Do you know why?" (bum calls Caitlin)
    Caitlin: "Hey Jonesy."
    Jonesy: "Because you're the hottest person in this mall."
    Caitlin: "Oh, thanks for noticing!"
    Jonesy: "People look up to you. People want to be you!"
    Caitlin: "Gosh, that's so nice!"
    Jonesy: "Just look at your body."
    Caitlin: "Um–"
    Jonesy: "Sexy. No, super sexy!"
    Caitlin: "Okay, seriously."
    Jonesy: "No one is more desirable than you."
    Caitlin: (gasps) "What about Nikki?!"
    Jonesy: "Whatever. You're the hottest!"
    Caitlin: "Listen, Jonesy. I'm really not comfortable with this and I'm hanging up now!"
  • Wyatt: (singing) "The mens' washroom was full
    And Ron couldn't wait his turn
    Got caught peeing in the ladies'
    And, baby, he got burnt"


  • The title is a reference to the Britney Spears' single "Oops, I Did It Again".
    • Interestingly, Caitlin's ringtone is the aforementioned song.
  • The episode first aired in November in both the United States and Canada. These two dates were only a year and 6 days apart.
  • In the beginning of the episode, Caitlin can be heard humming faintly.
  • Jonesy does not hold a job in this episode.
  • This episode suggests that Caitlin's father works in product testing, but in Take This Job and Squeeze It, it was implied that he's a partner at a law firm.



This clip was provided by zeroXsnow on YouTube.

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