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Penalty Box Customer
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
First Appearance "The Big Sickie"
Last Appearance "Love At Worst Sight"

The Penalty Box Customer is a frequently recurring character.

He shops often at The Penalty Box, usually being served by Jen and causing some disaster that she inevitably has to clean up.


He is often seen at the Penalty Box, shopping for sporting equipment of one kind or another.

Despite being a frequent customer, he has no athletic prowess whatsoever, often injuring himself (or someone else) while trying out the merchandise and upsetting one store display or another in the process as well, which usually falls to Jen to pick up.

For some reason, he is always served by Jen, although she has indicated on occasion that she does not like to handle this particular customer. She once got a penalty for criticizing him to his face and does make rude comments about him under her breath.

It is speculated that he is trying to impress women with a percieved athletic ability, since he once mentioned to Jen that his choice of sporting equipment is more about whether it makes him "look good in front of the ladies" and not any practical consideration towards its functionality.



  • He has a severe foot odor problem, which generally results in Jen gagging when he is trying on footwear. This is one of the few things she and Coach Halder agree on, as he cannot stand the stench either.
  • He gets scared too easily, as Coach Halder was able to make him pass out in terror simply by saying "Boo" (although the fact he had already scared him with a chainsaw might have raised his fear level, however).
  • He apparently lives in a bungalow. This was revealed in "Lights Out".
    • He is 39 years of age, and lives with his mother.
  • He was pantsed by Stanley in "The New Jonesy".


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