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"Picture Twister"
Picture Twister
Platform: Internet
Mode(s): Single player
Link: Teletoon (is not currently available)

Picture Twister is a game that is on the Teletoon website. A picture of the gang around the Lemon has been split into square parts that have to be turned so that the picture looks right. It is currently unavailable on the website.


The gameplay is quite simple; you just have to click to turn the pieces. Each click will turn the piece 90º clockwise. When the piece is in its correct position, it will flash orange, signifying that it does not need to be turned. To help with this, there is also a "hint" button which will show you what pieces still need to be turned. There is also a timer; the point is to beat the game in as little time as possible.

There are three levels to the game: Easy, Medium, and Hard. The easy level is composed of fifteen bricks on a 3 x 5 grid. The medium level is somewhat harder, as it is composed of 60 bricks on a 6 x 10 grid. This is where the hint button may come in handy, as there are some uniformly colored bricks that will need to be turned even though they don't look out of place. On the hardest level, though, you will almost certainly need to use the hint button. It is played on a 10 x 16 grid for a total of 160 blocks. As a result, there are many uniformly colored bricks that will need some sort of twisting and turning. The floor is particularly of note, as it is made up of a hard-to-discern but very important pattern.


The picture is one of the gang gathered at their usual table. Caitlin is working at the lemonade stand. Everyone is smiling at the camera. There is a lemon drink in front of Jen. In addition to this, the show's logo can be seen in the upper right corner.

While the game is being played, a white grid is placed over the photo to show where the blocks are. Once it is complete, the picture is shown. Above it is the word "Congratulations!" and below it are four buttons, offering the options of playing again, getting more puzzles (which will take you to the games page), getting a wallpaper, or an about button (which will redirect you to the main page). The time you took to complete the puzzle will also be displayed in the lower right. This is all on a backdrop of falling raindrops.



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