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Pokey the Panda
Pokey the Panda
Gender Bear costume
Hair color Black and white
Eye color Blue
First Appearance The Girls in the Band
Pokey the Panda is a costumed mascot character from 6teen. No one knows who is actually in the costume. Jude has stated that he was scared to learn about who was inside it.

In "The Girls in the Band", Caitlin knocks Pokey down the stairs and injures whoever wears the costume. Jonesy then takes the job as Pokey, but ends up not being very good at his job due to him being rude and neglectful towards the children. It is assumed that the original Pokey either returned, or someone else took the responsibility of being Pokey the Panda, as Jonesy got fired. Later in the same episode, there is a brief scene shown where Pokey (Jonesy) is shown getting arrested by Ron.

Pokey also appears in It's Always Courtney, Courtney, Courtney! as one of the disguises Jonesy wears while hiding from Lydia. There, Jonesy doesn't speak while in the costume to avoid giving himself away to her, but he is revealed when he takes off the head after she leaves his place of work.

Pokey also appears in "Dude of the Living Dead", where he is assaulted by three zombie children and turns into one afterwards.

Pokey's oddest appearance is in Opposites Attack, where he is shown being arrested twice by Ron. What he did to deserve jail time is unknown; it's also not known if Pokey did something wrong or broke one of the many ordinances Ron has put up and uses to target those he doesn't like.


  • Pokey has been arrested three times by Ron. One was while Jonesy played Pokey; the other two were the arrests of a different individual (or possibly two different individuals) wearing the panda suit.
  • The character's name might be a reference to the fictional character Smokey the Bear.
  • Pokey's Stoked counterpart is Wipeout, as they are both mascot characters who are never seen without their costume and their true appearance is unknown.

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