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Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Gray
Relationship Wyatt (broken up)
Chad (broken up [twice])
Voiced by Novie Edwards
Serena is Wyatt's ex-girlfriend and former boss. She is voiced by Novie Edwards.


She works at Spin This, which is a CD store in the mall. Before and after she dated Wyatt, she was going out with Wyatt's former co-worker Chad (whom she breaks up with again in "Kylie Smylie"). She started dating Wyatt in "The (Almost) Graduate", in part because of Jonesy's coercing. In that episode, Wyatt tried to act mature for his much older girlfriend; unfortunately, he chose to take her to a movie that was an "animal comedy". Wyatt was made nervous by this, fearing that she'd take it as evidence of his immaturity, but Serena enjoyed it, even remarking that the pool scene reminded her of last year's senior party. Despite this reassurance, Wyatt continued to worry about the state of their relationship. For example, in "Stupid Over Cupid", he booked a table at a fancy restaurant. He then overheard Serena saying she didn't like Valentine's Day and quickly cancelled. When his female friends told him that girls don't always say what they mean, Wyatt started worrying again and tried to rebook. By that time, it was too late, and due to the rush, everyplace else was booked. Things worked out okay in that episode, due to Wyatt taking her for a picnic instead.

Their relationship ended in "The One with the Text Message", when Serena told him that she needed to date more "mature" guys. This wrecked Wyatt's heart and messed with his mind, making him really angry. He started to take out his anger on her while at work by making fun of her and angrily shouting about her breaking up with him. This led to Serena firing Wyatt in "Going Underground". Wyatt still loved her, though, as was evidenced by the fact his poems were all about her. This was further brought to light in "Pillow Talk"; when the gang confessed their deepest secrets, his was that he has a shrine to Serena in his room. Later in the episode, when she found out that Wyatt had built a shrine to her in his bedroom, she had Ron take a restraining order out on him. When Marlowe (Wyatt's girlfriend after Serena) started working with Serena, she bragged about how great Wyatt was, which made Serena jealous. Serena then gave a letter to Wyatt saying that she still has feelings for him. Marlowe found out about this and quit the store, and Wyatt told Serena that the spark had gone; he's gotten over her and really likes Marlowe.


  • Serena is the manager of Spin This.
  • Serena has apparently graduated high school, as stated in "The (Almost) Graduate".
  • Serena's best friend is Charmaine, the head barista at Grind Me; according to Wyatt, as soon as they broke up, the barista gave him much less foam in his cappuccino. As a foam lover, he looked upon this as a travesty.
  • In later seasons, Serena decreased in importance, as she was no longer a love interest for Wyatt and thus no longer important to the plot.
  • As of "Love At Worst Sight," Serena still has feelings for Wyatt--she confessed them to Wyatt in a note (by going behind the back of his then-girlfriend, Marlowe), but by then it was too late, as Wyatt had finally gotten over his feelings for Serena.
    • Note that the above situation happened while Serena was still technically dating Chad.
  • In "Kylie Smylie," Serena and Chad break up again, but this time it's for good (at least according to Serena). Upon informing Wyatt of this, Serena tries convincing Wyatt to give her another chance, but Wyatt tells that at this point, he's moved on from their past relationship, and advises her to do the same.


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