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"Smarten Up"
Episode name reference to/pun on: The idiom of the same name
Season 2, Episode 48
Airdate: CAN: February 23, 2006
USA: Unaired
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Smarten Up is the 48th episode of 6teen and the 22nd episode of the second season. It aired on Teletoon on February 23, 2006 and remains unaired in the United States.

Two college students interview Caitlin as a part of their project. Afterwards, she lies about herself, Jen, and Nikki. Josh asks her out. She goes a long way to make him think that she is, as well, in college.


Two college students named Josh and Connor interview Caitlin as a part of their assignment. After the interview, she starts making up lies about herself, Jen, and Nikki. Josh asks her out, and she immediately starts talking to Nikki. Nikki, however, does not think the relationship will work out, but Caitlin does not heed her advice. Later, Caitlin heads over to the girls while wearing college attire, drawing mockery from her female friends. She squeals about her first date with a college student, then puts on glasses only to draw more laughs from Nikki. Caitlin, however, cannot see with that pair of glasses, and refuses to take Jen's suggestion of getting non-prescription glasses.

The boys meet at Grind Me, where Jonesy discusses his job of escorting senior citizens around the mall. He likes his job as he gets to slack off and look for chicks to date while the senior citizens catch up to him. Jude finds out about a "Roll Up the Rim to Win" contest while finishing his coffee. He sees that he did not win, so he starts drinking Wyatt's coffee. That cup is not a winner, so an eager Jude orders ten more coffees in an attempt to win prizes. Back at the Lemon meanwhile Caitlin packs her bag with college-level textbooks, but her decisions are not supported by Nikki. Nikki tells her to talk about mind-stimulating topics, but Jen tells Caitlin to be herself. Caitlin, however, does not feel ready to go out with Josh, so Jen decides to "phone it in."

Jonesy guides an elderly woman named Gracie and wants to meet her in a half hour, but she reminds him that he is her guide then belts him with her purse. Jonesy gets a black eye and tells her not to describe the job to him, only to be belted again. He sees a hot girl and pretends that Gracie is his grandmother. Gracie however, refuses to play along and continuously strikes Jonesy, who still pretends that the Gracie his grandmother. The hot girl gives Jonesy her number, and he continues to escort Gracie.

The girls prepare Caitlin for her date with Josh, and Jen reminds Caitlin that she will be texted what to say next. Nikki connects to the internet through a laptop to research various items. They test the plan out by having Caitlin put her phone in her pocket to see if Jen can hear her. Josh takes Caitlin to their date, and Caitlin puts her glasses only to crash into a wall during the walk. Elsewhere Jude orders many more coffees in hopes of winning a prize and becomes hyper, starts shuddering, and becomes quite edgy. Wyatt tells Jude to slow down on his coffee consumption, but he fails to heed the warning. Wyatt tries a second time to stop Jude's excessive coffee drinking, yet a stubborn Jude simply ignores the signs. Jude waits for the clock to strike 4:15, then runs off to order even more coffee.

On their date, Josh talks about college curricula, and Jen texts Caitlin what to say. Caitlin, however, mistakenly reads Jen's message about a typo, but Josh likes the fact that Caitlin is quirky and spontaneous. Nikki and Jen grow weary of aiding Caitlin, but need information on Stephen Hawking. Running by, Jude sees a coffee on the table and takes it, only to drop the coffee and ruin Nikki's laptop. Jude only cares about the coffee, and slurps up the excess coffee lingering around Nikki's damaged laptop. He runs off to order more coffee with Wyatt chasing after him and Nikki demanding Jude to pay for repairs on her laptop. While Jen tries to type on the laptop, Nikki accidentally slams the lid onto her fingers, rendering them unusable for texting. Josh tells Caitlin that he is only interested into her and not Stephen Hawking, letting her relax about not getting information she needed.

Jude runs around the mall to find another cup of coffee, and Wyatt chases after him only to bump into an elderly man Jonesy is escorting. Jonesy claims that the citizen is his grandfather, drawing affection from a hottie and scorn from the elderly man. Elsewhere, while on a date, Josh talks about wanting to see Caitlin's friends, so she kisses him to distract him. After the first attempt fails, she kisses him several times to successfully distract him. Afterward Caitlin tells her friends (minus Jude) that he wants to meet them since her kisses are becoming ineffective. She tells them to act smart so he won't find out she is not in college yet.

Jude continues drinking coffee in a washroom in hopes of winning a prize. Even after he burns through cups that say to try again, he continues seeking a winning cup and ignoring Wyatt's advice to stop drinking the coffee. Wyatt decides to slap Jude repeatedly to get him to stop drinking coffee, then disposes the coffee against Jude's will. By the lemon, the college students meet Caitlin, Jen, Jonesy, and Nikki. The gang repeatedly lie about their college lives. Caitlin claims that Nikki majors in "astrology," Jen lies about an archaeological dig, and Jonesy claims to be an intern who is into female anatomy. Jonesy sees George, an elderly man, so he claims that he is a patient and escorts him. Caitlin agrees that the gang will meet Josh and Connor for a movie, and begs the gang to go with her. Jonesy tells the man that he is going too slow, and Wyatt takes Jude's coffee and gives it to the man to speed him up. Jude sees that the cup is not a winner, which disappoints him.

Caitlin brings her friends to The Gigantoplex along with Josh, Connor, and Jonesy's date. Wyatt accidentally leaks part of the movie plot to the gang, so he claims that his dad directed the movie they are about to watch. Caitlin suggests that they see another movie, which everyone else agrees to. The friends meet at Grind Me, with several of them bummed after seeing the movie. Caitlin continues making up lies, when Josh suddenly sees Jude banging on the window for more coffee. Jonesy lies about helping a woman give birth as George suddenly collapses, with the paramedics wheeling him away. Jonesy's dates find out about his scheme, and Gracie steps in and kicks Jonesy in the groin as payback for exploiting the elderly. Jude is also wheeled by the paramedics for drinking too much coffee.

Suddenly, Kirsten warns the gang that a pregnant woman is stuck in the Khaki Barn change rooms, and Josh claims Jonesy knows how to deliver a baby. Jonesy attempts the delivery in the change room. The delivery is successful, but a faint-hearted Jonesy is not in good hands because of it. Afterward at Grind Me, Josh dumps Caitlin because he feels her friends are too serious. He likes friends that are more laid-back, and adds insult to injury by claiming he found someone else. That someone turns out to be Kirsten, and they leave Caitlin alone to cry and scream. Later, after having gone a week without coffee, Jude finds out that he won the contest. He is psyched at first, but bangs his head in regret when he hears that his prize is free coffee for a year.


  • Connor: "I'm strangely reminded of the mating habits of the woodland baboon."
  • Josh: "Wow! The way you used the lemon to symbolize women's burden was unbelievable!"
    Connor: "I'll say."
  • Jude: "Hey! There's a bottom-of-the-cup contest on the bottom of my cup!"
  • Jen: "Remember. It's not your looks he's after; it's your brains."
    Nikki: "Yeah right."
  • Jude: (overstimulated on coffee) "Yes! Coffee break! I could use a coffee!"
    Wyatt: "Jude, wait up! You gotta stop!"
  • Jude: (reading a slip) "Please try again." (pushed over the edge) "Okay, dude! I said, okay!"
  • Josh: "Forget Stephen Hawking; it's you I'm interested in."
  • Jude: "Drink and peel, drink and peel, drink and peel, drink and peel..."
    Wyatt: "Jude! No! You're losing it!" (He bumps into an old man as he runs past.)
    Jonesy: "Hey, careful man, my grandfather has arthritis!"
    Girl: "You're so sweet."
  • Caitlin: "Josh wants to meet you guys. I can't fend him off anymore. My lips are chafed!"
    Nikki: "Okay, this I gotta hear."
    Caitlin: "Josh wants to take our relationship to the next level."
    Jonesy: "Alright! Going to second base!"
    Caitlin: "No! To him, the next level means hanging with my friends."
    Jonesy: "Yeah, I've done–what?"
    Caitlin: "Every time he brings it up, I kiss him. You know, to distract him. But it's not working anymore!"
    Jonesy: "How could that not work?"
    Wyatt: "Wait a sec! If meeting the friends is the next level, then I've gone there a couple times! Would that be considered second base?"
    Jonesy: "Hanging with the friends is not even on the base. I mean, you're not even in the stadium yet, buddy! You are still at home, digging in the couch, looking for bus fare to get to the stadium!"
  • Jonesy: "Would you mind going a little faster? We have a date at the Gigantoplex in ten minutes."
    Old Man: (shocked) "We do?"
  • Caitlin: "That was such a sweet movie."
    Connor: "Right. Like a guy would give up a trip around the world so he could bring flowers to his girlfriend."
  • Jude: (being wheeled away) "Drink, and peel, drink, and peel, drink, and peel."
    Connor: "Whoa. This is freakier than frosh week."
  • Connor: "That's okay. Jonesy's a fifth-year gynecology student."
  • Jonesy: "You won, Jude! You won! I found your last coffee cup on the floor back there. It's a winner!"
    Nikki: "Cool."
    Jen: "Nice!"
    Jude: "No way! What did I win, dude?"
    Jonesy: "Free coffee for a year."
    Jude: (looks psyched, then bangs his head on the table)
    Wyatt: "I'll take that."


  • Jonesy's job: senior citizen mall escort
    Reason for firing: neglecting the old folks to go off on his own
  • This is the first appearance of the Bickersons, and the only appearance of Josh and Connor.
    • Here however Gracie is referred to as Mrs. Bingham by Jonesy; George is not yet named.
  • The baby that appears at the end of the episode is later seen in "Labour Day - Part 2". It is the one Nikki calls "Redhead".
  • Jonesy pretends to be a fifth-year gynecologist. He is later called out on this lie and forced to deliver a baby in a Khaki Barn change room.
    • A gynecologist is a doctor for women's privates. Given Jonesy's personality, it's unsurprising he would choose this as a lie.
    • This may also be a reference to the video for Van Halen's song "Hot for Teacher"; at the end of the video, the future of the band members is shown. Alex Van Halen, the band's drummer, is portrayed as having become a gynecologist. If so, this wouldn't be the first time the show referenced Van Halen, as another, smaller reference was slipped into "The Lords of Malltown".
  • This is the first time Caitlin is seen wearing pants.
  • Caitlin's last name is revealed in this episode when she proclaims that she is "Caitlin Cooke, freshman."
  • Nikki references the movie Mission: Impossible when referring to how hard it will be to make Caitlin sound sophisticated.
    • This is not the first time a Tom Cruise film has been referenced in the show. Jonesy's favorite movie, Top M16s, is a blatant reference to his earlier starring role in the 1987 film Top Gun.
  • Goof: Connor asks what the gang is majoring in. Most colleges don't require you to declare a major until your junior year.
  • Jude's caffeine addiction develops to a point where, at the end of the episode, he doesn't care if someone dies so long as he gets his coffee. This is evidenced by how after seeing George Bickerson collapse, presumably from a life-threatening heart attack, he merely grabs the man's coffee and runs off to sip it.
    • Not only this, but Caitlin is shown to be irresponsible enough to put someone's life in danger in order to keep up the ruse, sending Jonesy into the change room to help the pregnant woman deliver her baby rather than admit she was lying about being in college. This is especially dangerous because someone untrained in delivering babies can cause the death of both the mother and the child if done incorrectly. (Naturally, this isn't a foregone conclusion; many women have delivered babies by themselves or with untrained help. However, the chances of survival for both are increased greatly when the delivery is done by a professional, such as a doctor or a midwife.)
    • In addition, the gang saw the paramedics carrying off George Bickerson for his heart attack. Given Kirsten's proximity to the scene as well, she probably saw them. Shouldn't she have tried to get their attention and get them to help the stuck woman deliver?
  • Goof: When Connor breaks up with her, Caitlin's mascara is seen running. However, she didn't cry until after he left, so her mascara shouldn't have run.
  • The episode was banned from airing on Cartoon Network in the United States because of the scene with George Bickerson's caffeine addiction, and it contained a scene where Caitlin lied about being in college to impress someone.



This clip was provided by 6animestar14 on YouTube.

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