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Smithy (left) and Jonesy (right)

Smithy is a guy who looks just like Jonesy. He first appeared as one of six doppelgängers that Tricia tried to replace the gang with. In that episode, "Losing Your Lemon", he was the second-to-last person to sign the table per Tricia's instructions.

He later started dating Jen in "The New Jonesy". The gang all noticed that he looked exactly like Jonesy, but Jen denied it, saying she didn't see it. The resemblance was pretty startling; when Jude saw Jonesy and Smithy together while he was driving the Zamboni through the mall, he lost control and drove into a wig shop. This knocked over a rack and sent a wig resembling Smithy's hair sailing onto Jonesy's head. Jen then came up and kissed the wigged Jonesy, not knowing that it was in fact Jonesy. When she found out who it was, Jen became fearful that she was only dating Smithy because he resembled Jonesy. Jen's fear of this came to a head later in the episode, where she was unable to kiss Smithy because every time she tried, she remembered her stepbrother. Jen confessed this to him, and he left, disgusted. When Jen was unhappy about this, Caitlin and Nikki consoled her, with Caitlin saying that Jen may have gone after him not because he looked like Jonesy, but in spite of it. This cheered Jen up, and she tried to get back together with Smithy, but he refused, stating that things were too weird between them.

At the end of the episode, Smithy is seen going out with a girl (Jane) resembling Jen. This angers Jen, as there are no differences between the two apart from hair color (which, ironically, was pretty much the only difference between Jonesy and Smithy). Like Jonesy, he is voiced by Terry McGurrin; to produce the voice, Terry chooses Jonesy's voice and adds a slightly different tone.

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