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The Soft Rock Café is a modern casual dining restaurant located in the Galleria Mall. One of The Clones, Chrissy, ditched the Khaki Barn to work at this restaurant (along with Jonesy) in "Over Exposed". She ended up going back when Nikki took control over Kristen and Kirsten and made things horrible for shoppers at the Khaki Barn. In its opening appearance, it had Liza Lomen (a parody of Lindsey Lohan) as it's special guest celebrity.

The restaurant is run by Chuck Tamplifier. His name is a pun on the term "chucked amplifier", referring to going acoustic (aka doing soft rock). In his first appearance, he remarked that Jonesy reminded him of himself when Jonesy was out of earshot. He ended up firing Jonesy, though, as Jude puked on Liza Lomen's dog and Jen put a naked picture of a young Jonesy on the Café's TV.

Jonesy was once again hired to work here as a bathroom attendant in "Silent Butt Deadly". He initially liked the job, but later suffered a mental breakdown due to Nikki's messing up his bathroom in that episode, causing him to rethink his views on how gross women are. As part of this, he refused to let anybody use the stalls due to not wanting another incident to happen. When a man complained, his manager fired him (for obvious reasons). Since then, the store has only been seen in "Sweet 6teen" as the location of Tricia's and formerly Caitlin's sweet sixteen party, and in "Whoa, Baby", when Jen's mother took Jen there for lunch. This is probably because the restaurant is themed around soft rock and is likely expensive, unlike El Sporto's, which although is also a themed restaurant, seems to be rather inexpensive.


  • The restaurant is a parody of the Hard Rock Cafe.
  • This is the only time Liza Lomen is seen onscreen.
  • It is never said what is on the menu, or even what kind of food is served at the café.
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